Message from Lady Portia: How to know that the future is a failure if it still does not happen? Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2018

Receiving from my arrival the best of beings and giving in commitment the best of my Being ...

In my essence and in its essence I have found great qualities, all those that can be expressed and also described, I have found beauty in the human being and I have also found the rarity of a mind that suddenly becomes the enemy of its own reality.

And in that idea of ​​the enemies of the mind certain thoughts have arisen which are my detractors in the path of life; I have those thoughts that make me give up continuing and I have all those thoughts that, being negative, make me continue. It seems to be a constant challenge with my mind, a part of me wants to continue and another part knows that the next step has been a failure; But how will you know that the next step is a failure if you have not already taken it?

And it is that my mind is so predictable that it tends to consider fateful everything that has not even lived is then, when it becomes my enemy and I have given my life such a fateful sense that I rarely dare to live it because I already know that has been a failure; But how do you know that the future is a failure if it still does not happen? That is something very complex and it is something that the mind should move away from.

You think so much about tomorrow and you even think so much and so badly that you rarely dare to achieve it because you know it won't happen. They consider that everything that is going to happen depends on so many things that they don't even know, that they don't dare to rid them without even knowing if they will even appear along the way.

And in this giving and receiving of life, of what I give to my own life and receive from my own life, it is such a complex situation that I rarely stop to think about it because it is easier to continue on another path than to face to my own inefficient reality that I myself have provoked. If you analyze what is happening in your life, you can realize that two beings live in your mind, those who are told to continue and those who are told that it is impossible to continue. We need both sides to move forward, a part that gives us the confidence to move forward with full force and with all faith to say that it is possible and a part that makes us fear a little so we can be cautious, but only that Be cautious, do not say that it can not be achieved and much less that it will not happen.

The future is a precise magic and is so moldable that it can be as perfect as we want to see it but we make it so difficult, so magical, but on the contrary, we can neither discover it nor mold it, let alone live it in a perfect way. .

The future is something that everyone thinks and that although many say it does not exist, we know it will come and become our present but we are so afraid and hopeful at the same time that we do not do something concrete.

If we have already let our future be fateful let it be complete, do not give our minds little hope of something we are not going to do; but if we are willing to make it perfect and be so precise and so moldable in the way that we decide to make it happen, then we must have the strength to be able to give it everything it needs so that we truly receive what we want.

Life is a gift in the present, if we give in the present confidence, wisdom, tranquility and hope to everything we want to receive, we will perfectly receive everything that we ourselves propitiate, that that conscious part of our mind and that part of the Being that needs to exist in the precise, I already grant.

We ourselves give and receive life and even more, we give and receive all those beings that surround us; We have the power, the ability and the gift to give all those a bit of the future they need. We are creators of the future of the beings that surround us and it is that those who consider themselves wiser tend to classify it as easy and difficult, possible or impossible and that is when they contribute to our future, when we We tell them that this is possible, when it is a strong voice and is a voice of those who have the authority in our life, we consider that it will be possible, but when those consider it impossible, we also We consider impossible. If you create a future in those beings, you create an easy future, you create a happy future and you create a precise future .

And when I speak of the future, I only speak of all those positive intentions and thoughts that reach beings; the future in the end is not something that exists but there is the reality of hope to know that something we have designed will come.

We are designers of our destiny, what do we ask for in our destiny? What do we need in this destination? Nobody has told us that a destiny created by a community is needed, it is we who are the creators, those who give to this life and those who are going to receive in this reality. The conscious thought and the happy thought must exist in each one of the beings, to surrender themselves the best pleites as of a pleasant life. There is so much to discover in the now and there is so much to discover in what is coming, that it is important that all this be exalting the true virtues of what inhabits us.

The spiritual, mental, energetic process of transforming a thought is a somewhat complex process for those who do not believe in themselves, but it will be an easy and precise process for those who truly love the virtue of existing in happiness, for those who they love the simple reality, for those who love sharing through their wisdom and their knowledge and the depth that exists in their soul, that virtue of being.

Be all that you need to live but above all be what in your thoughts you need to transform. Project your thoughts to your destiny, draw on your destiny the reality you need, there is no reality that cannot happen, nor is there a reality that is possible in that Being who does not want to think about the possibility of the facts.

If you have already decided that your future will be fateful, no longer give you a light of hope, but if you know that you need a perfect future with the light of hope, what do you need in the present ?; What are they giving in now? And what do you expect to receive?

Giving and receiving is a process of a moment, in the end it is neither present nor future, it is a constant, it is a perfect cycle of energy that is given through thought, through its evolution and through evolution aware of reality. The thought of evolving to the point where it is not based on a time but simply on a moment and to say a moment, I mean the thought that flows at this moment.

When the mind evolves and when the evolved thought materializes, it is when they do not live in moments but live from great events, when that giving and receiving has materialized in their existence and where they know they have been the best builders and architects of this reality, because they consciously build everything they need to live in joy, because the best plans are of those who are in the tranquility of their memory, in the awareness of their present and in the joy of their future.

They must be calm with the memory because they have learned enough, be happy with their present, be calm to be able to devise the best reality that will be called future, a future that we say does not exist but exists in the events of the phrases, ¡ What better phrases does our future need to be received with joy! What better phrases do you need so that by existing and being present, that magic of the alchemist can now be transformed!

There is a small process between the present and the future come together and that future becomes present, it is the moment of God, it is the moment of the Great; When the future becomes present, there is magic, truths collide, facts and intentions collide, everything we call time, space, unique, two collides; it collides everything and that little moment of creation ... exists and that little moment of creation is called ... God, it's called Magno, it's called Everything.

It is a feast when the future becomes present, what feast do you want to receive? What joy do you want to receive? Or what fateful moment do you hope to transform? What do you need today? What are you generating in creating to receive? At what time will you give magic for that Great to occur?

When the future becomes present there is a great universal feast, it is the touch of God, it is the eternal touch, because eternity becomes a fact, the future is present.

I hope that all those whom I have given them receive from me that, the great feast, when then all that they hope to live becomes a fact, becomes present.

Today for me it is a great feast because everything you think about right now, in a set to create, I will materialize it, I will generate it, I will create it ... What do you think now?

A conscious thought materializes, think about it now ... an opportunity, an intention, a creation, a fact ...

There is a moment of feast now, the Great, the Eternal has given a touch to reality, our future becomes present and in eternity we will transform the feast of happiness.

Sharing with happiness, excitement and tranquility everything that I have received from you and I begin to create ...

I am Lady Portia, one day I was someone else, I have come to the feast of materializing, my future has been my present and in sharing with humans I like to transform.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. February 7, 2018.

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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