Muriel's Message: To know your mission you must look consciously within yourself

  • 2017

Each existing being is traveling its own path and has its own missions ; several are activists, some help to clean the mass of ancient energies, others are dedicated to sharing the light with human beings and there are others who are responsible for illuminating their path, in addition, there are some that have the purpose, extend and spread the love within the planet Earth and there are many different paths and missions in life and although each of the existing beings in the Universe is unique in what it shares, the truth is that we are all One, regardless of the plane of existence in which we are.

Each of you, like us, share in our own way, consciously and unconsciously

Consciousness is the key, since the moment we realize the nature of our mission and accept it, no matter how we decide to share the Light that is within us, we will simply be aware that we are doing in a unique way. Whenever it seems that someone has a banal job and is still a cheerful and passionate individual, it is necessary to know that this is because that person is fully aware of his mission.

Your mission as beings of light is not about magical knowledge, something that is evident to those who are aware not only of their mission, but also of reality. To know the mission that has been granted to them, they should only consciously look much deeper within themselves, so that they can know from their heart, what their mission is and how to share their light. Those beings who are awake do not feel the need to compare their mission with that of those around them, since they are able to understand that all missions are equal and that none is less or more important than the others.

Each of us has made progress in terms of the expression of our souls and we are getting closer to the divine awakening within ourselves. During the month of October, there is a greater integration with your divine being, which will be in charge of preparing them for the following year; We can see this month as a transition time.

Together we have been doing a great job with the purpose of explaining and integrating higher energies and knowledge in their lives, so seeing how we were in the past we would not be able to recognize that person. It is essential to appreciate how certain things have ended within their lives, since in this way, they will have the opportunity to start over .

The answers to the “why” are within you, in the deepest part of your Being, so you must look to be able to find that inner gift that is the consciousness of your Mission

Focus on your mission and don't be distracted by the duality that surrounds your world, since what you focus on is what you generate and allow it to manifest. Stay true to what you really are, to your divine essence and do not allow duality to absorb and prevent you from moving forward. As you move away from the negative things of your past, you will find the answers you need to continue moving forward on this divine journey, so don't worry brothers, just discard the past and get carried away by the superior energies we send you.

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