The Eternal Light of the Universe, Yeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

  • 2017

January 12, 2017

Dear friends:

I AM Yeshua that I speak to you; I love you all deeply. Please feel my energy surrounding each one of you as I greet you ... I respect you deeply. While you open your heart to me, remember that I am there within him. When you recognize me at your deepest level, you recognize your own Essence that is of the purest Light; you are Eternal Light; and the universe is made of it. Some of you see that my eyes or those of other teachers shine with Light, but I am here to remind you that this Light is also yours. My deepest desire is that you see and experience your greatness and your inner Light ... This is the one that will change the World that needs change. You are here to make a difference, but you can only do so when you truly trust who you are; This can be difficult if you were raised with ideas that you are not good as you are. In many of you, your natural life and your knowledge, your intuition, are hidden as you go through childhood.

Most children have a deep intuition, they know spontaneously when something is right or wrong.

Some children still have a close connection with their Soul and the origin they come from; and have the desire to connect their parents with their childish Light; I am talking about many of you who, as children, made your parents heal. When you were young, you were still aware of the joy and natural flow of life; and you wanted to radiate that vibration around you. That is like being a Lightworker; it really is to share the vibration of Joy and Love that is the Essence of the Universe; Being a Lightworker is not about teaching principles or theories, it is about sharing energy and remembering who you are.

When you grew up, your natural Light and understanding became dim and vague because you doubted yourself, it is almost inevitable that this will happen; and that's why I respect you. To enter this World, in the three-dimensional realm of the Earth, a great deal of courage is required; you know that you will temporarily lose your guidance, you will lose consciousness of who you are; and this comes in its most extreme form when a "dark night of the Soul" comes into your life, which can take you back to Home. The reason for this is that in the dark there is a kind of power, it seems to you that dark emotions such as fear, anger or sadness should be avoided; but the origin of these emotions is part of the language of your Soul.

The Soul speaks to you primarily through your feelings; and when you suppress these feelings, which society often tells you to do, it is really when you disconnect from your Soul and its language. You are trying to obey the rules of society, to work hard and to be a "good person"; but in doing so you lose contact with who you really are; and finally you are lonely frustrated; and you feel that joy and inspiration are absent in your life. You think: "Why can't I hear the language of my Soul?" You could begin to feel increasingly dark emotions of frustration and depression; If you feel that way, it's because your soul is knocking on your back door. In fact, this darkness has power, because there are hidden the emotions that you once suppressed ... That is why it is so important that you face your inner darkness, that you look directly at the negative emotions inside you.

When a "dark night of the Soul" arrives , in a way you are forced to confront your emotions, you can no longer avoid doing so. This encounter can also occur when you lose something really dear to you, when you lose a Loved One, or when a relationship is broken. With these profound experiences of loss, you become aware of the desolation and despair within you; you may feel that the pain you are going through is absurd, cruel and meaningless; and I understand that deeply. I will never underestimate your pain, but I urge you to please do not see darkness and pain as merely negative.

Search inside for an emotion

Now I would like to invite you to explore this process a little more deeply. Search within yourself for an emotion that frequently disturbs you or makes you feel bad; You may feel that there is a lot of anger within you, or you may feel that you have to face fear. Now I ask you to let the energy of that emotion appear before you, welcome it; and ask him to show his face in the shape of an animal; Don't judge her regardless of her appearance. Say "hello" to the animal and look into his eyes, feel how much vitality and how much power there is in this animal. Perhaps for a long time you have thought that it is bad to have anger and that it is bad to feel fear; but it is important that you listen to the message within anger, fear or any emotion, because then you begin to cooperate with your natural energy, with your Soul. So ask the animal what it wants to tell you, what it wants to express to you; and how that can help you achieve what you really want. By nature, animals are very spontaneous creatures, they don't have a mind that analyzes everything; so they can show you your feelings in a direct way; they also show you your innocence ... Because animals are innocent and so are your emotions!

When you suppress your emotions and do not accept them, they become dark and unmanageable. Spirituality consists in truly accepting who you are, right now, with all the emotions you have now. As you develop Compassion for yourself and your worst emotions become your best friends, you become whole ... Nothing has to hide behind closed doors; you are authorized to be totally Human ... And when you allow yourself to be Human and imperfect, you begin to approach other Human Beings; You can see his fight, his pain. When you stop judging yourself, you can accept others more ... This is what it means to share your Light.

Feel the kindness of this energy; He doesn't tell you to change, or to be a “good person”; It tells you that you are a miracle, right here and as you are . Look like a miracle this whole game and all this dance between the Light and the darkness inside. Do not judge the darkness. Please allow the energy of Light that is present here to be poured over you to elevate you. Relax, not only physically but deeply; and feel good about yourself; What you really have to offer this World comes spontaneously out of your heart as the radiance of your natural Light. Making friends with the dark is part of your mission.

Darkness has been misinterpreted in your traditions, especially in religious traditions. In fact it was considered that the darkness was not Human, so it was condemned; and you have had to live according to an ideal that is not Human. But I am here to stimulate your openness to your humanity, to your true magnificence; and appreciate your beauty and rejoice in it ... To have joy in your life.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.


Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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