The sacred is love, love for yourself, the discovery of who you really are, even as a human

  • 2018

"Long ago, far beyond the schools of wisdom, the sacred word was taught." This word includes the " sacred in you ", which means respecting it completely, having the notion of your life and not underestimating who you are, whatever it is, whatever the shape of your body, whatever the suffering that you may cause.

If you consider your vehicle, this perfect tool that they gave you when you were born on planet Earth, it is sacred, you will understand much more and you will grow in this idea. The sacred was a little taught by the churches, but in the wrong way. Imagine a school where the notion of the sacred is taught to students, whether children or adults. How can a teacher explain to students what is sacred?

He may ask you: Do you like him? You will answer: " I love myself ". Then the teacher will ask you: How do you like yourself? You will answer: “I love myself when I am beautiful when I can fulfill all my wishes, when I am happy to have a beautiful car, a beautiful house… I love myself because I am happy”

The notion of the sacred

The teacher will say: “That love is not Sacred Love! You are not in the sacred, you are in the will, in the power, in the pleasure. You are the opposite of the sacred

The sacred and the profane are two notions that only make sense if we oppose them. The sacred is what is no longer profane and the profane is what has not yet been consecrated. Men who are not trained are laymen because they have not been prepared.

The profane is the vulgar, and the believer in his temple is in a separate, reserved and inviolable world. It is assumed that the sacred is superior to the profane, since sacred things are prohibited by the same prohibitions, in addition it must be said that the laity submit to these prohibitions (or rather, are subject, bound, to respect these prohibitions) .

Then you will ask: “But what is the sacred? The teacher will answer: “ The sacred is the concept of total respect for yourself . Love what you are, love the happiness that gives you the relationship with the other, but the right relationship, not the wrong relationship, not the relationship that one wants to instill, that relationship of competition, of false beauty. .

What is most important: outer beauty or inner beauty? When you have the notion of what is sacred, you love your inner beauty and say to yourself: After all, how important is it? I am like that, very thin, less thin, but how important is it? I'm fat, I'm brunette, I'm blonde ... That's not important!

The important thing is the feeling that the being has about himself . If he can perceive in him the notion of the sacred, then we will talk about sacred love, you vibrate, you are happy, you love yourself. If you have learned what the notion of the sacred really is, it is automatically in a much higher vibration and out of physical suffering.

Physical suffering is due to the fact that humans generally do not like each other, that sometimes they are too emotionally pushed and that they are in duality with themselves and with others. If they are in love, they cannot have the notion of the sacred ... The sacred is not the sacred of the churches, whatever it is. Once again, the sacred is love, love for yourself, the discovery of who you really are, even as human. There are many humans looking at each other in the morning, smiling in the mirror, simply saying: “I love you, and the love I have for you is unconditional love, a sacred love. Whatever your appearance, I love you!

At that point they could begin to understand what is the notion of the sacred

This notion has been a little scratched of all teachings for thousands of years, to prevent man from being free. When you are in the notion of the sacred, you are free, free within yourself, free to think what you want; You are not permanently influenced by the thoughts of others or by what you absolutely want to instill. You are free!

In this freedom you find the notion of the sacred, The sacred is everywhere: in the relationship with the other, in respect and in the possibility of perceiving the sacred in the other, that is, in the most beautiful.

The sacred can be compared with the universal beauty, not with the beauty that is the human criterion, but with the universal beauty impossible to describe in words: the beauty that is simply! Universal beauty touches very closely the highest parts of being, the highest parts of life, whatever. Beauty blooms in the universe, it approaches the Source of all Life.

We repeat, the notion of the sacred, freedom, beauty, respect . If you learn it, it will quickly bring you closer to Sacred Love, the relationship in Sacred Love.

In your time, sex is considered a pleasure. It can be a pleasure, but if you go beyond pleasure, you reach the sacred. You can reach the sacred without sex, simply in touch, with respect. You've lost this idea and it's a shame! It has been perverted by the pleasures of matter. Not to mention sexuality, we say you can caress your body. The Love you give yourself is also part of the Sacred Love.

The more evolutions, the more you will feel the notion of the sacred . In Egypt, more than ten thousand years ago, sacred love was taught in special schools. Teachers in Sacred Love learned about sexual intercourse, learned to raise energy from the center of the root force to the center of the coronal force and beyond, so that it completely flooded the entire body to the center of the strength, to enlighten consciousness.

This teaching has been lost. This notion is learned but not accessible to everyone . The man of tomorrow will find this notion in gestures, in words, in emotions and in feelings, because he will no longer be the same and will have another vision. He will always have the human vision, but he will begin to integrate the vision of the spiritual consciousness, the higher consciousness.

The future of man may seem quite dark at the moment because a veil still obscures your consciousness. Suddenly, like a huge gust of wind, this veil will be removed . It will not always be easy to live! Some human beings will feel naked, they will not understand what is happening to them and they will be afraid because they will discover too many things for which they were not prepared.

You yourself are prepared to remove this veil, otherwise you would not be on that path. You expect it, but the veil will be removed, individually or collectively, when the time is right. Withdrawing it too soon would be harmful to human beings; it won't be too late, if not when the time is right, when humans are ready. ”

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Monique Mathieu

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