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  • 2019
Table of contents hide 1 So why do you get sick? 2 Is it true that we are governed by the law of cause and effect? 3 Do you nourish your health or feed your illness? 4 In the end, is it a simple matter of personal choice? 5 Reflections

A projected state, a personal choice

How to stay healthy? On what and who depends? Is it a matter of good or bad luck?

The basic principle of existence is that the human body lives in a healthy state. This is how it is designed in origin, so this trend will be present throughout life; that is, homeostasis will work tirelessly to maintain health balance. It is the gift you have received from Creation.

So why do you get sick?

Although it is difficult to understand and complex to explain, the fact that one is simply an individual matter depends solely on oneself and no one else. However, they are usually found guilty in any external source at hand: inheritance, genetics, bad luck or actions of others become perfect excuses to stop recognizing the real cause that afflicts us. And this is hardly understood.

The real cause of the sick body is a compendium between what you generate in the present and what you have generated in the past, because we are simply a physical-material reflection of all our actions, current and past. That is why it is in our hands to live life with health or disease.

Matter, as indicated by various scholars, from current scientists to ancient thinkers, works according to the law of cause and effect. This is the basis of everything that happens afterwards, both for good and for bad. This knowledge is fully accepted in some cultures and is also known as karma. A good example of this is the biblical expression "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, " which defines the reaction a person will have (and will pay) if he executes the evil. Other popular expressions are widely known as: "do not wish for others what you do not want for yourself", "as you will do, as you will find" or "who to iron kills iron dies".

Even so, in order to satisfy the mental part, generally more skeptical, we have concrete examples that are the result of both personal experience and the study of physical and chemical sciences.

Is it true that we are governed by the law of cause and effect?

The technical argument principle is that any action, of whatever type or size, produces an immediate and opposite reaction in the same proportion, intensity and sense or a latent cumulative reaction of slower effect.

The fact that a cause produces an effect can be verified by observing the conscious actions, both physical and mental, that occur daily. Every comment or action taken, either aggressively or sweetly, will generate an effect of the same intensity and proportion emitted. If you analyze the small events that happen to you, whether they are satisfactory or adverse, ask yourself, have you done something the same or similar on some occasion?

Also in chemistry the same thing happens: every action generates a reaction, since the mixture, that is, the action of one substance with another, produces a new. This reaction can be: immediate, deferred (or latent, waiting for a new substance that activates it), or added. The examples of these facts cover a wide range of circumstances: from the nutritive chemical reaction of the organism that responds experiencing well-being when we participate in a good action, what we might call a reaction They are very healthy, even the one that occurs in nuclear power plants, which can be extremely dangerous, uncontrollable and produce a serious disease reaction.

The classic source to which the origin of numerous diseases is attributed is genetics, DNA. While it is true that there may be a predisposition in the individual, it will be activated exclusively if the original cause that installed it continues to be generated or ignored. But, as with the rest of the sources that originate the disease, it should be borne in mind that only the self inserted this cause into its own DNA: the personal and unique DNA. Inheritance only makes us bearers and transmitters of the cause generated in past lives, whose effect was latent waiting to emerge in time and form as determined by the law of karma, also called the law of cause and effect.

The reactions of the effects of a cause can occur immediately or be postponed in time, depending on one's conscience or understanding and the ability to assume the gravity of the situation; therefore there is always room to amend the altered order; In addition, the law will never break the rope of your possibilities, hence it appears just when one is prepared and when one has the necessary tools to amend it, neither before nor after.

Our esteemed physics teacher Albert Einstein, already gave us some clues about the law of cause and effect when he said: It is crazy to think about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You will get what you generate.

Do you nourish your health or feed your disease?

The human being is basically composed of three bodies: the physical, the mental and the energetic, also called subtle or spiritual. All three are closely related and affect each other. The human being, on a material level, is a physical expression with a constant chemical activity; at the etheric level it is a mind that projects, and at the subtle level it is pure vibrational energy. These aspects interact in every way and directions; Therefore, what we cause is what we will affect in one way or another. Hence the interaction of the three bodies can nourish all that complex composition and, thus, create health and well-being; or, well, feed the imbalance that leads to disease and grief.

Any disorder that occurs in any of our bodies, will end up affecting the physical body in the form of disease. The energy body, on the other hand, will always be free of affection, although its capabilities may be slower, or even inactive, and this, naturally, will have an impact on the physical body. When the mental body is affected, it, as responsible for connecting the subtle with the material, will cause disease in the physical body.

It should be remembered that the physical body is always the last stage of the reception of the law of cause and effect, both for the enjoyment of health, and for the punishment of the disease, since it is the end of the complex funnel materializer.

In the end, is it a simple matter of personal choice?

Feeding the physical body with dense, denatured or contaminated food will cause the disease effect; on the contrary, nourishing it with fresh, vital and related foods to your digestive system will cause the health effect.

In the same way, feeding the mental body with unbalanced thoughts or excessive emotions will cause the disease-effect that will eventually be reflected in the physical body; on the other hand, nurturing it with balanced thoughts or pure feelings will cause the health-effect in both the mental and the physical and that is when the energy will flow and nourish both.

Remember that the energetic body, subtle or spiritual, cannot be damaged, since it is alien to all disease; Therefore, in case of generating disharmony, he will humbly withdraw a good part of the pure and healing energy that he emits, waiting for you to decide to change the cause.


If you are dissatisfied in how you are or how you are, you must change some aspect, otherwise you will be bound to be and live the same, with illness.

A compendium of balanced thoughts, nutritional patterns and healthy actions will be transformed into physical, mental and subtle harmony; and that harmony will be full health and well-being.

You are solely responsible for nurturing your health or feeding your illness; The key to all this is to be aware of your actions at all times: stay tuned and heal.

«The original root of every disease is ignorance, ignorance of what we are and need and also what we exist for; the rest are just causes or reasons that materialize the disease. »

"Wisdom goes far beyond health - which is simply the opposite of disease. Wisdom brings the harmonic balance between the two poles and provides the joyful state of well-being and this is undoubtedly the highest form of material existence, what we really crave. »

Author: Josep María Montserrat - Cellular Nutritionist

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