The Hidden Work. Channeling of 03.17.1988.

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Channeled Message from the Masters of Light.

In Portuguese the Original.

We are trying to bring to your consciences a series of information that we believe are necessary about The Hidden Work of many beings who, silently and spiritually, seek to raise and expand the consciences, minds and souls of humanity so that each one achieves, as quickly as possible, attain his own liberation, enlightenment and spiritual realization and also so as not to let humanity slip towards the abyss of animal passions and for their self-destruction.

The workers of the Great Hidden Hierarchy are everywhere in human life, fulfilling their individual and collective missions.

Each of you can be a worker of the Hierarchy that has not yet emerged. You must expand the consciousness and the mind, awaken the mystical-spiritual senses, clean and open the mental channel that unites the soul to the mind and this to your brain, so that all of them consciously tread their own hidden path.

There are processes, exercises and methods to develop the human being spiritually, opening the spiritual channels, the most important of them called in the oriental esotericism of antakarana.

This is one of the activities of the "New Schools of Wisdom" or of the "New Mystical Orders", which the Hierarchy is gradually installing in the physical world. They will be led by the Masters themselves and by highly prepared initiates and chosen for these missions.

And a work of souls for souls and will not be directed by human personalities, who like to impose and manipulate at will.

Everyone has great potential inside, the result of past lives; it is enough to search with sincerity and perseverance for the correct means of developing them.

Certain people are needed, who have experience and true teachings to help them find the inner path, the one that leads to real spiritual liberation, and not to the subjugation of any personality or institution that manipulates and imposes their truths, not leading to a side.

The Aquarian era is full freedom, not subjugation. The Great Masters (The Hidden Government of the World) are not inaccessible, they help everyone. No magic keys, secret words or any complicated ritual are necessary to reach the excellent Beings of Light, the Masters, who are nothing more than your elder brothers, since we are all children of the same Divine Father and the Divine Mother .

Enough, sincerely and humbly want to reach them, with the pure intention of serving humanity and planetary and solar evolution . After finding the correct spiritual development processes, you must work inwardly in the awakening of one of the higher mystical senses, to open some of the multiple spiritual channels, which everyone has, so that contact with the Masters is established consciously.

This is also one of the tasks of the World Servers Group, the Workers, and the New Mystical Orders.

No matter the mystical or religious organization you are serving, the important thing is that there is an expansion of feeling, mind and conscience, about to have an effective and conscious link with your soul and this with the Masters and Spiritual Mentors.

Human lives are directed by personality. This is the result of the experiences and learning of this present life, while the soul is the result of the experiences and learning of all past lives.

So, the truth is that the soul is really the leader of your lives, and personality, the vehicle of expression of the soul. It is never too much to remember this.

The confusion that exists in the human world, of giving greater value and importance to the personality, placing the soul almost in the field of speculation, has been the main factor in the multiplication of the misfortunes that fall upon humanity today and The main divisor in the human being .

You are not a body that has a soul, but a soul that has a body to better manifest itself in the third dimension, in the tax world, to be able to evolve more rapidly into eternal life.

At the end of this first part, we hope to have contributed to increasing confidence and certainty in their inner capacities, knowing that there is a large team of hidden workers who are actively acting in favor of the general evolution of humanity, the Earth and everything the solar system.

Maestro Zanon (Also known as Maestro Jupiter) 03/17/1988.

Spiritual Channel: Henrique Rosa.

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of

SOURCE: Book “O Hidden Government of the World. O Trabalho da Hierarquia Oculta ”, Editorial Portal. Second edition. Author Henrique Rosa.

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