Message of the Archangel Michael: Follow the meditation of the sisters in the circle of white fire

  • 2019

This day is marked by the opening of a cosmic portal that sheds an extraordinary Light on Planet Earth to help Humanity. This meditation will allow to open Sacred Hearts and to receive Energies of Light that arrive at the Planet.

Sit down and breathe deeply. Take three deep breaths, and while you breathe, descend gently with great sacred respect, with much Love in your Cathedral of Light . Go down slowly, this glass staircase that leads to this Cathedral of Light that is in your Sacred Heart. You enter with great Love in this space of Light to welcome this Moment of Eternity and to make contact with this Holy Divine Presence that you are.

Imagine that immeasurable Being of Light, of an unprecedented beauty that awaits you, that takes you in his arms to welcome you. Feel the energy of protection, tenderness and security that surrounds you. Feel that the Light is crossing you. It spreads and reaches each of your cells, each of your atoms. It is the joy of who you are: a Child of Light who walks on Earth in this dimension to learn, discover who you are and discover your brothers and sisters on Earth who they are. We all belong to the same family: the Sons of the Creator, the Divine Mother, Eternity.

Sisters of the White Fire Circle

They bless you, they are currently forming a circle around you and bring the Flame of the Joy of Eternity, of Love, of Wisdom and especially of Humility so that your Heart and each of its cells can open and receive this Light that it spills over all Humanity on this great opening day of a Cosmic Portal.

Brothers, feel this radiance that we send to each of you. Feel that Light of Resurrection full of tenderness and Love that brings the Truth and anchors the Eternal Truth throughout your whole Being. Feel this Light that passes through you and brings transformation. We form a circle around you and we also form a circle around the Earth / Mother. Now direct your children of the Light of great purity to the kingdom of the animals that populate the surface of this Planet. Feel that each animal receives this Light, this golden / silver glow that shines in every atom, every cell in its body and feels a wave of joy, peace and love to cross it.

Now extend your children of Light to the ocean and send this Love / Light to all the people who live in the waters of the Earth / Mother. Imagine these bright rays of Light of extreme purity that reach the Heart of all your brothers and sisters of the Water Realms .

Now, trees, rocks, mountains, crystals. Feel a vibration that travels throughout the Earth. It is a vibration of sacred respect, recognition and rebirth. He feels that life is deeply rooted in all the consciousness of the mineral, vegetable and animal world . Now, send your son of Luminous Light, shining to the stars, to the planets, to the entire Galaxy. Feel an extraordinary wave of Love that unites all the planets, all the stars, the entire Galaxy to Planet Earth, your ONE consciousness with the Spirit of Creation, the Spirit of Christ manifested in matter.

Everything is light. All is love. Everything is bathed in the Light of Creation, the Light that supports all life. You see this pulsating Planet, which lives in the Love of Creation, the Love of God, the Creator Father / Mother, the Love of manifested Christ, the Love of the Divine Mother .

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Desir

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