Back to the essence of Education: Holistic Education.

  • 2011

Holistic Education brings us the return to the essence of Education, because the meaning of this last term is: [1] [ ] Etymologically, education means, on the one hand, conducir ; educating will be as much as conducting More also etymologically to education means to take out of . And the insistence on this education will be extraordinarily significant for us, in this to extract or sacar, according to which education would be the action n to get something out of man [ ]

Holistic Education proposes us to return to the source (which is implicit in its meaning) since there is the key that should be the guide in this new educational process that is arising, since it is necessary for the human being to exteriorize all his potential, which is intrinsic. But: What does this potential consist of? The answer to this question is: Give love, explore the inner world of feelings and see that there is the answer to our needs, integrate linked knowledge to the theory with spiritual notions, develop multidimensionally (from the levels: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), discover creative capacity, ability to know from intuition and perception as new tools for building new knowledge, empathizing with others, discovering an interactive experience based on cooperative rather than competitive ties, etc.

The central issue is that Holistic Education contributes to the human being taking from within himself all that potential mentioned above, so that he himself grows and evolves not unilaterally (from the fragmentation and separation) but in a holistic way, acting and thinking with an integral view of the human and spiritual processes that escape our palpable and visible dimension. But all that potential should not be reserved only for the individual himself, but must be externalized as a product of deep introspection, to be shared with the like, being able to generate cooperative and solidarity ties.

The Holistic Education reminds us of the return to an original point, since the essence that was contained in the etymological meaning of the term Education had been lost. With the advent of the pedagogical current of Holistic Education, we allow the current context of Education to be renewed, by linking it with the original meaning of the term (educere), the which admits the fact that it always returns to the original source that for a time had been relegated to oblivion, since educational practices have followed another lane, which is not criticized, but it is true that it is It is necessary to bet on a transformation, since the educational system can no longer meet the demands and interests of children and young people that reveal other ways of capturing knowledge and have a high degree of evolution from the spiritual.

Holistic Education invites us to rediscover the meaning that had been diluted, since it refers to an internal look to extract from the depths of the human being a potential that is latent, waiting for it to be manifest, but it is necessary to undertake the action of discovery of it, through the exploration of the inner world of feelings and thoughts.

Lic. Luis Alberto Russi Gerfó.

[1] García Hoz, V. Principles of systematic pedagogy. Rialp Madrid-1970.

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