"Activate and improve your psychic abilities", by Lady Portia

  • 2019

Our Master Lady Portia wants to share with us an extraordinary message: "Activate and improve your psychic abilities", I am absolutely sure that this message Channeled by Natalie Glasson will be of amazing help to you. You are welcome!

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"Activate and improve your psychic abilities", by Lady Portia

With the realization of yourself as an extension of the powerful soul of the Creator, you realize that you are a bright light with immense and powerful flames. (Psychic Skills)

I, Lady Portia, wish to present a new method or thought process to allow you to open, activate and improve your psychic abilities and sensitivity to the Creator's energy .

In truth, this is not a traditional way of accessing their psychic abilities, it is a way that will also help their spiritual development, soul expansion, unity with the Creator and expression of their divine truth .

I simply want to explain my thoughts and the way in which I usually proceed to help many within my ashram to accept their sensitivity, allowing it to manifest itself in true abilities and in a way of existing.

I simply wish to alter the way you approach this issue, allowing you to invent or discover a new, more appropriate way or method of accessing your psychic abilities when ascending energies are anchored on Earth .

I think that if you can understand how I see you, from my point of existence in the internal planes that look towards the physical world, you will realize how easy it is for you to advance spiritually . I think this key will awaken your inner truth and your enlightenment .

Lady Portia's Method and Illumination

Remember that you have the most loving power and protection when you anchor the light of the Creator in your being, practicing this will awaken your spiritual senses. (Psychic Skills)

Your reality or the way you perceive your reality is the tool to improve your sensitivity and spiritual abilities .

With the word sensitivity, I am talking about the receptivity and openness of your senses.

As a physical being and body, most have the ability to see, hear, feel emotions, smell, touch and interact with others.

As a physical body and being, you are focused on your physical reality, it is very real and solid for you, everything in your life has a meaning and influences the way you feel and exist.

In some cases, you may feel as if you are trapped and locked within your reality, it is all that you know and understand.

You are aware of your physical senses, the skills in which you overcome and those that limit you.

If I had to tell you that everything you now understand and feel comfortable within your reality is false, like a scenario with one of the main actors, how would you feel?

If I also told you that there is a life and an existence beyond your current reality and that you are only playing a role on Earth, how would you feel with this realization? Would you be fearful or euphoric?

I know that many of you already understand this, however, I think that by understanding how you would feel it demonstrates your attachment or detachment to the Earth and the internal planes.

When you are focused solely on Earth, then you are aware of your physical senses.

When you are able to accept that the reality you lead now is not your truth, this can really bring greater meaning and purpose to your reality, helping you understand that your true self is much more powerful than you can imagine today and that the world in which you exist it is much more magical, wonderful, loving and expansive than anything you have experienced on Earth.

With the realization of yourself as an extension of the powerful soul of the Creator, you realize that you are a bright light with immense and powerful flames. ( Psychic Skills )

You also have a family and a community of friends and loved ones that extends beyond Earth.

Another embodiment is that it has a desired destination or result to reach on Earth that it is promulgating, such as the guidelines it is not always aware of.

Your life is a work of which you are an actor

If we go back to the analogy that your life is a work of which you are an actor, you can realize that if you focus only on the play, your character and the guidelines, you will probably be confused with valuable ideas and experiences that you lack.

When you allow yourself to act almost as a spectator or audience member, seeing yourself as a powerful being of light with many wise and loving friends around you to support and advise you, everything seems much easier, you understand your destiny and can learn how use and develop your strengths or abilities to help you advance to the end of the work .

Through my explanation, I try to say that sensitivity is manifested through your own accomplishments and the way you see your life and your abilities.

If you consider yourself extremely sensitive to the energies of the Creator that are around and within you, then this is the reality that you will manifest. ( Psychic Skills )

With this realization, you can take advantage of your spiritual abilities and your sensitivity to help you through your personal, spiritual and Earth growth lessons.

When you focus on your physical reality and your body, using these resources as resources, you almost instantly reduce your sensitivity and connection with the most powerful and wise beacon of light that is your truth.

People who enter the Earth and who are naturally capable of expressing themselves creatively or who can easily access their spiritual abilities have arrived on Earth while maintaining the understanding or understanding that they are sensitive, connected and a beacon of light.

For example, artists realize and have faith that they have creative abilities, while channels have the mentality of being connected in a divine way or sensitive to the energies that surround them.

The accomplishments you have at birth and the accomplishments that you accept throughout your life naturally influence your sensitivity to the Creator's light, allowing you to embark on a unique and sometimes challenging journey to enhance and realize the true potential of your sensitivity to the energy of the creator or psychic abilities .

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Practicing the Realization

With the realization of yourself as an extension of the powerful soul of the Creator, you realize that you are a bright light with immense and powerful flames. (Psychic Skills)

First, I want you to feel peacefully in meditation, allowing your body to relax and your breathing to expand.

I want them to visualize a room; It is a white room almost like a box that is expansive with only the visible white walls.

Imagine yourself as your physical being standing inside the white room; You have entered through a visible door on your left side.

Understand your abilities and senses as a physical being, your physical body keeps within its molecular structure and the DNA of your past history on Earth, so this is extremely evident as long as you remain as your physical being. sico in the clean room.

When you feel you have explored everything you need, I, Lady Portia, invite you to imagine yourself walking towards the door, opening it and closing it behind you.

You enter a safe refuge of your choice where you can invoke the Creator's energy to flow into your being with the vibration and intensity most appropriate for you.

Imagine that you now embody the powerful and loving energies of the Creator ; I know you have the truth of the Creator within you .

Now I invite you to imagine yourself walking back to the white room, except that you no longer exist as your physical being, you exist as your being of light, your true being and the energy of the Creator .

Allow yourself to understand how it looks, feels and exists, allow yourself to enjoy this experience, accepting it is your greatest truth.

It may take a while to get used to this existence. Remember that you are free from limitations, you are a powerful beacon of expansive light and you are the Creator in the white room, which acts as a clear canvas for your truth.

When you feel that you have explored your existence as the Creator or a superior aspect of your being, then I invite you to return to the door and close it behind you.

Maintain your control over the connection and unity that you are experiencing as Creator while realizing your physical body.

Allow a synthesis to occur between your body and the Creator self . Now you cling to your sensitivity as Creator, channeling it into your physical body and your senses.

Imagine walking back to the white room with this new expansion and existence, you are your physical body and yet it is much more due to the connection, the divine bond or the acceptance you have allowed.

Give yourself time to explore yourself as this incredible, expansive and sensitive light that exists within a physical body. Expand the energies within you to fill the entire white room and beyond.

This is a wonderful method that you can use every time you want to anchor a greater light of the Creator to your being, to understand the amount of light you have, increase and explore your sensitivity.

When you have completed the meditation or visualization, do not disconnect, allow yourself to continue to exist as this combined energy of your physical body and the light energy of the Creator . ( Psychic Skills )

This is your mission and will allow you to integrate it into your way of living and living.

Remember that you have the most loving power and protection when you anchor the light of the Creator in your being, practicing this will awaken your spiritual senses.

I hope you have now realized that you are naturally spiritually sensitive and that there is a need to simply adjust the way you look or understand yourself, to manifest your psychic, spiritual abilities and light sensitivity of the Creator in and around you .

Understanding and accepting yourself as a spiritually sensitive being when you are so focused on your physical reality can be difficult and yet, once you hug, it makes it much easier for you to awaken your senses and psychic abilities, using them in your daily life.

As the Chohan and a mentor within the seventh ray ashram it is my purpose to awaken people's senses and abilities, as well as the sensitivity and psychic abilities of their soul, I use the process of realization, cleansing and contemplation of the abilities to Activate and improve them.

This is a unique process, since it allows the person to grow and develop to understand more about himself as a personality and a soul.

It is more appropriate to ask to sit within the energy of the seventh ray and the ashram to allow contemplation, meditation and reflection of the process of realization, cleansing and contemplation of your abilities to take place .

This allows healing to take place, for your energies to stabilize and gives you time to discover how the Creator's energy manifests within your being.

I hope you honor my words and take time to consider them, since I believe that over time this will bring you greater enlightenment that will allow you to get away from traditional ways of expressing and accessing your additional psychic or sensory perception, instead of understanding that you are what you are looking for.

By simply using my method of realization, cleaning and contemplation within the 7th. Lightning Ashram, combined with faith and self-confidence, you can easily activate and improve your psychic abilities and your sensitive consciousness .

Realization is the key to all aspects of spiritual development, it is something that dear Saint Germain and I have discovered; It is similar to a magic wand that grants all your wishes.

The realization is deeply integrated into the seventh ray of light.

In constant support of your truth,

Lady Portia

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Remember that you have the most loving power and protection when you anchor the light of the Creator in your being, practicing this will awaken your spiritual senses. -Physical skills-

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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