Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 4)

  • 2019

Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 4)

But it is also possible that in some situations you encounter a "no" of other human beings, and that "no" may be full of anxiety, prejudice or resistance, but that does not matter. What matters is that you see what that reaction does to you. Does it lead you to fail? Does it affect you deeply? Do you find it difficult to stay true to yourself, to your heart, when you encounter resistance?

These are the deepest challenges you face as a human being. It is quite an art to be able to receive a "no", a rejection, and then say "yes." To accept you with your uncertainty, your feelings of inferiority, and say: " I see where I doubt myself, and that is allowed ." The challenge is to answer "no" with a "yes."

Your conscience is the Divine

It is necessary that you help yourself to say “yes” surrounding these feelings of uncertainty and doubts with acceptance and understanding. You don't need to resolve these feelings, you just need to feel them and observe them. Your awareness of them is healing, because your awareness is the Divine . You do not have to intervene; you just have to say "yes". Once you say "yes" to your own dark fears and feelings, everything becomes lighter, in and around you, and you become more powerful.

You will see more and more that the judgments you find of other people are probably rooted in their fears and uncertainties, and that their judgments do not really have much to do with you. You can leave those judgments where they originate: in the other person. And this process takes you deeper within yourself . The path outward, letting your light shine in the world, immediately leads you to the deepest part of yourself.

Dare to be who you are

Actually, in this sense, there is no external or internal. Everything is a way inside . The more you dare to allow your light to radiate to what you call “outside, ” the more you will encounter your fears and face your doubts, and that will give you the strength to descend ever deeper into yourself so that your light can shine fully there.

The two currents, that of going inward and that of going outward, are actually and essentially connected to each other. My message today is: dare to be who you are and don't be afraid of any resistance from the "no" you find . A “no” of resistance is just one step in the inner path, and it can help you be even more powerful.

Eventually you will experience the "yes", the acceptance from outside, because your energy is more than welcome on Earth. There is a need for people who live from their heart in an honest, spontaneous and authentic way. Your energy is welcome here, and I encourage you to continue believing in it, no matter what. Thank you.

Jeshua. ”

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCES: Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe


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