The Spiritual Meaning of Life on Earth - Yeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Have respect for yourself in the same way as you respect the other attendees at this meeting. 2 The Human experience, with all its ups and downs, is necessary for your Light to shine here ... 3 Help another Human Being to be enlightened from within, to become a Being through whom miracles can occur ... 4 This experience can be called also "the dark night of the Soul"; And it's scary. 5 What part of you will not admit the Light?… 6 Ask the child if you can take the place of that protection; just tell him: 7 The intention is that you grow through this child by wrapping it with understanding and Love ... 8 You are brave, you act mightily ... So recognize your own Light!

June 22, 2017

Dear friends of similar mentality:

Yeshua speaks to you, you are my brothers and sisters. I meet with you here as an equal, not as someone exalted above you, but as a friend, as a comrade ... Feel the common Source through which we are connected ... Feel the vital flow between us, the connection That heals us and frees us.

Have respect for yourself in the same way as you respect the other attendees at this meeting.

To respect you means to value yourself by realizing who you really are and what you have assumed to make this trip to be in a body of flesh and blood, here and now, on this Earth ... It was a leap of faith; Deep within you is a trust, a strength, a deep awareness with which you chose to be here. Each of you said "Yes" to this incarnation, to your current life. That moment of saying “Yes” was based on a very deep knowledge, however since then doubts have arisen due to old memories of experiences of other lives on Earth; such doubts have veiled the obvious and clear "Yes"; and they have clouded it and darkened ... In this earthly adventure you have felt lost, alone and abandoned ... I know this pain for having experienced it.

Too often I am presented as a saint, as an enlightened one who knew everything ... That was not so, for I knew deep doubts and fears. That was part of my trip as it is part of yours; So see me with my imperfection and my brokenness. The Earth inspired me a Light of which I wanted to bear witness; a Light that transcends words, which contains Love, wonder, beauty, humor and wisdom ... That Light did not come from me but was offered through me, just as it happens to you ... But I also had moments of deep despair when I experienced the lack of understanding of those around me, not feeling recognized; as it happens to you ... That is why I could reach people who felt very lonely; to desperate people who felt pain, both physical and emotional; people who were in a spiritual desert. I could understand these people because I had experienced the emotions, moods and thoughts they experienced.

The Human experience, with all its ups and downs, is necessary for your Light to shine here

What you now experience in your life as dark, as gloomy, as obstacles, is all part of your journey. They are not obstructions that you should try to avoid, it is more about your ability to accept these things and bring them the Light of your heart, such as a stone that can be illuminated from within and turn it into a beautiful gem. This is the task to which you are destined: Experiment the darkness, understand it from within; and then enlighten it and go through the full range of Human experiences; to wrap them with consciousness and feel them completely Then the Creative Energy awakens in a Human Being; and it is required to be Human for this to happen. In the highly ethereal realms that lack resistance and the depth of the Human experience, you cannot develop that unique and particular energy, that power and brilliance of the Critical Energy Look at what apparently stops you, what causes you to resist, what discourages or bores you and what you can hate, look at them precisely as your destiny, as the purpose for which you are It's here.

Help another Human Being to be enlightened from within, to become a Being through whom miracles can occur ...

It is a magical experience!… Stories about me are told about miracles and sudden physical and mental healing; but the power that I had was not to be a magician, miracles did not happen through some mysterious trick ... Thanks to my deep understanding of his Humanity, I was able to reach people who were ready for that, who were about to experience a great advance in its internal level; I did not make any judgment regarding who they were, nor their negative or positive aspects; I was simply there ... And there were people who, having contact with me, experienced Love; and that Love made them whole; it was as if his true nature was suddenly called to wake up; and that is what happened in such magical moments ... It really was not something that I did, it was something that happened in the interaction between us.

The fact that I was open is what made it possible for me to receive the Christ Light and be able to pass it on to others ... And this opening of which I am speaking frequently is obtained by the Human Being in an experience of crisis. Before you are really open to the Christ Light, you are usually caught in all kinds of beliefs about what should happen and what should not, or what should be and what should not. You are full of ideas and thought patterns that create a multitude of emotions and moods. From such ideas and thought patterns you try to shape your World; until you find something so huge that you can't find an orderly way to avoid it; and then all your certainties, beliefs and thought patterns are eliminated ... You fall into a deep hole; and this can produce an overwhelming amount of fear.

You can also call this experience "the dark night of the Soul"; And it's scary.

At the same time there is the possibility that you can open up and realize that you no longer know the "right" way; and then a part of you surrenders, while another part opens; the part that surrenders is the defensive one, the part that resists, the one that always thinks that it knows more, the impatient one, the one that requires and demands of life all kinds of things… Often in a crisis that part dies; and if you dare to let her die, the Light can begin to shine within you ... You can see that an experience of crisis, something that seems to be too much to be digested, also has the potential of an opening to the Light; but it is a very intense experience because the part that dies does not want to die, wants to hold on, resists to die.

I ask you to bring to your mind the part of you that opposes your Light and that is against the Light in general: The Light of the Cosmos that wants to flow through you. In you there is something that wants to protect itself from that possibility; so if you can, feel the hesitation when I ask you to imagine that the Light flows very easily and freely through you, through all the parts of your body and into the World ... What causes that image in you? ... Can you admit that possibility? ... Do you even feel that this is possible? ... Or ... Is there something in you that wants to protect itself, find itself? ... And observe before you that part that protects you as a defender; and ask yourself: “ Why do I need this protection?” … Take this defensive attitude seriously, because in you there is something that feels the need to have this protection… Respect that part of you because protection always has a purpose; It is there to protect a very vulnerable part of you.

What part of you will not admit the Light?

What part of you experiences it as an excessive request, or as a threat, or even as a danger?… Gently approach that part, as you would with a child; look at her like a heartless child, a child who has directed her vital energy inwardly ... Approach him very gently and see how beautiful he is; Even with such extreme vulnerability and defense, it radiates beauty ... Kneel before him and wrap him with your generosity and kindness ... Kneel with gentle acceptance, without wanting the child to change, or wanting to impose anything on him ... Sit with him calmly, calmly; and feel that you can take the place of that protection ... Until now the child has felt protected by this defensive barrier before the outside World, but this defense is also a barrier between you and your deepest feelings.

Ask the child if you can take the place of that protection; just tell him:

Will you allow me to take care of you, does that seem good to you? ”… Ask him openly and honestly:“ Is the protection I give you enough? ”… And then let him speak freely. He may say: "No, I don't feel safe enough, I'm afraid" ... Ask him what he needs or what you can do to make him feel safe. When you do, give it time, because you can have this conversation with your Inner Child again and again; he is a living Being, a part of you that has a quantity of Love; an amount of Love to give ... But you must feel safe on Earth; and that is why your kindness and your confidence are necessary.

When you have built a defensive barrier, a shell to protect and hide your Inner Child, you are no longer consciously connected to it, it becomes hidden from you: For example, at certain times in your life you get defensive or close; And you don't know why. You can get furious, or disappointed, or discouraged; and when this happens it is because there are automatic reactive patterns that work and are between you and your Inner Child ... Renewing the connection with this vulnerable child inside you; and starting the conversation over and over again, you can gradually find a way to solve these automatic reactive patterns, the defensive barrier; But that demands patience and gentleness. And he asks you to understand very deeply that this vulnerable part of you is not an obstacle that should be avoided or overcome; and that should not be eliminated.

The intention is that you grow through this child by wrapping it with understanding and Love ...

And then the Christ Light awakens in you ... Fixed ideas, judgments and beliefs are over; and the permanent effort and struggle for something you think you need ... Instead, there is now a willingness and an openness to find yourself again and again through attention and wonder, without thinking that You already know what you need and what is good for you; so you allow yourself to be surprised by the responses of your Inner Child.

Your path is this because the Soul has something to learn from the Human experience ... Sometimes you consider that Heaven, the World to which the Soul belongs, is a perfect World; and also that it is a place from which you were expelled, forcing you to survive in an imperfect and often strange World, the Earth, where many emotions overwhelm you; and you feel this as a punishment ... But the kingdom you come from, the World of the Soul, is not perfect either ... It lacks something essential; and that is why you have always taken the leap of faith towards the incarnation ... It is life itself, this blind search, this intense and profound way of experiencing, which is possible especially on Earth, in which your understanding becomes deep and substantial, your patience, your discernment and your Compassion ... This is the spiritual meaning of life on Earth ... The glimpses of perfection that you can experience here, often in moments of simplicity, through discernment, with an experience of pure joy and beauty ... Such glimpses are more important than simply having for years an euphoric state in the Heavenly Realms.

It is certainly wonderful to be in an atmosphere of harmony, with less resistance and less ups and downs; And you love that, but don't deny the beauty and deep spiritual value of life on Earth that you're going through. Bring the experience, the wisdom to the Kingdoms of Light. And the advances you experience here; and because of that these kingdoms will gain more substance and more life There is a constant interaction between the Earth Kingdom and the kingdoms on the other side Value your life as a treasure

You are brave, you act powerfully, so recognize your own Light!

I enjoy when we are together here; when I am here, even though I am not in a body, I become a little Human in some way; and I remember again how it is to be Human: The burdens, yes, but also the moments of lightness, friendship and solidarity that deeply touch the Soul The bonds of friendship built two on Earth endure in the Soul and continue to do their work forever ...

I thank you all for having met; and from my heart I congratulate each one of you.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

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