Take the road back home

  • 2017
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It is really important to ask ourselves from time to time if we have found the way home in our lives. Not only from a physical point of view but from within.

Where is our house?

But where is our house really? The answer like everything depends on the point of view from which it is approached, for example, in the case of some theistic religions our house can be God or the Holy Spirit, in other spiritual currents Theists is our ultimate nature or Rigpa.

It is said that a house in the ideal style is one in which we feel comfortable with ourselves, safe, loved and respected, this applies to physical places and also to internal states full of peace and tranquility.

When we discover ourselves attentive and aware of ourselves and what we do, we are at home, no matter if what surrounds us is adverse or not how we expect it, the important thing is that we are present internally.

When are we not at home?

And then when we are not at home? It is when we are experiencing an internal earthquake, so to speak, of emotions, thoughts and non-constructive actions that generate stress, neurosis, anxiety and a feeling that we are but at the same time not. In fact, if we analyze it a bit, it is very unpleasant to experience this state even when we have become accustomed because our environment also develops like this.

There are very useful tools to settle down and somehow find ourselves, calm, helpful, kind and generous.

The first of course is meditation, from its simplest point that is to attend to our breathing or in its more advanced options such as settling the mind in its natural state or attention attention.

the mind and the heart n ..

Meditation in its deepest state is something like being at home, rested, attending to the fresh and not conceptual moment. So somehow our mind and heart are our home. Returning home means recovering all of ourselves.

the importance of recapitulation.

The recapitulation retrocognition is also a tool for clearing, so to speak; The road to ourselves. When we do it, we must find chronologically the events in our lives in which we have deposited more energy and release it. It also allows us to see each other face to face, observe what we have done, thought and talked over time, all our actions have brought us closer or away from home and ourselves. The goal is to observe us in a generous and constructive way to grow.

So when we decide to return home, we are referring lastly to undertake the journey towards who we really are, it is not a physical place, nor is it our environment, it is simply the set of our states of consciousness that have shaped the person we are today .

absolute owners of ourselves ...

Sometimes we can affirm that we are absolute masters of ourselves and the point here is that this statement is true only if we have controlled or handled our emotions and circumstances more wisely, if we are more willing to observe our performance leaving free to act at all around us, without judging just letting them flow in their own process. If we have not yet achieved it, the safest thing is that we need a little more effort and time to get home or inside in a naked way as it is.

It is never too late to find the way to ourselves, to our generous and conscious nature of everything that surrounds it, like all inner growth the only thing that demands us is to determine to do it and insist again and again, to practice and learn what is He needs to grow and thus enjoy the difference between having a common human life and a precious human life. The distance may seem enormous but it only requires our willpower to travel it, the rest will appear along the way. Just because it is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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