Welcome to Nova Gaia ~ Message from Father God. Part 1

  • 2018

Channeled by Adele Arini, March 15, 2018.

My dear children,

With great joy I welcome you now to your new home, Nova Gaia.

It has been a rather challenging journey for Gaia, her Mother Earth, to reach this point in her evolution. I created and appointed the great and powerful living being who is Gaia as his guardian, his protector, his life giver, and as his temporary home while away from his true HOME with me.

Gaia, bless his magnificent Heart, has been extending invitations to all souls, to all races of beings of different civilizations, for eons. She invites everyone to live in His planetary body, without exception . Because of this, Planet Earth has been one of the most popular destinations in this galaxy, for any soul that wishes to experience a physical, three-dimensional life.

Before the physical birth, all souls who decided to incarnate on Earth were asked to sign a contract or promise with Gaia. You have all promised to take care of your planetary home in the best possible way, every day . They have also made the promise to treat all the inhabitants of Gaia who live in the same space as you, with much love and respect.

For eons, these contracts have been largely ignored. Once physically embodied on Earth, many souls forgot their promises to Gaia . Gaia and its inhabitants (especially those from the Realms of Plants, Animals and Minerals) have been suffering endlessly. Humanity thought that these living beings have no voice. Nothing could be further from the truth .

Everyone has a voice, but humanity has lost the will to listen.

Some people think that deforestation is normal, that it is okay to cut down as many trees as possible and leave many parts of the land barren. After all, humanity needs paper, furniture and has to build houses. And these trees are only a means to an end. Some people even gave themselves a "pat on the back" for planting a tree or two, for each mature and old tree they are cutting. You never realized that the existence of these old trees is the reason why there is enough fresh oxygen for all of you to breathe. These trees also contain a lot of wisdom from all ages . All of you who currently have the ability to communicate with the Plant Kingdom have found that these trees are living and divine beings so full of wisdom, love, joy and humor.

Cruelty and abuse towards the animal and plant kingdom must end, it is over in Nova Gaia.

Don't make me talk about the suffering of those who live in the animal kingdom. It really makes me cry every time I see Gaia, and its inhabitants `seemingly 'without voice being abused sometimes to the point of brutality every day; counting by the billions around the world. All this madness has to end. It will definitely end. In fact, it is over in the great moment of NOW where there is Nova Gaia.

What humanity has not realized is that when you look into the eyes of any animal for a prolonged period of time, you will begin to see me in all of them. I am omnipresent. I am in the same air you breathe and the water you drink.

There is no place where God is not.

In everything you see, you will recognize the presence of Divine Love, the Spark of God that also resides in every human being. Not long after, you can see yourself reflected in his eyes. You will fall in love with any animal when you have spent enough time with him as you would with your beloved pet.

Those of you who have a higher level of energy sensitivity have already realized that there is no separation between you and All That Is . Everything is so interconnected. In a nutshell: scientifically, energetically and spiritually, all of you are ONE, with Me, with every living being on Planet Earth, and with Gaia, Planet Earth itself .

You who have this highest level of energy sensitivities (the group of people who are sometimes called empirical) are those who have spent the most difficult times living on Earth . They can feel and be easily affected by the immense suffering of Gaia and many of its inhabitants.

You are ONE, with Me, with each living being on Planet Earth and with Gaia, Planet Earth itself.

Some of you who are reading this have even reached a stage where you have truly embodied the awareness of being One and being United and thus have been able to communicate telepathically with Gaia, and with everyone in the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms. You `know and feel very well the magnitude of the damage that Gaia and its inhabitants` without voice suffer every day.

And yet, because the Earth had previously been designated to be a planet of Free Will, everyone has been feeling that there was not much they could do to defend the rights of vulnerable groups. of people and / or other living beings on the planet.

You could participate in demonstrations, you could also embrace trees or become a vegetarian / vegan. But deep down, all of you who were already doing this still feel that these actions don't help much to change the world. After all, respecting the free will of other souls is also part of their path of Light and Love.

The following is my message to all of you who belong to the group of souls mentioned above:

“Please remain focused on the Light, my beloved children, and do not despair or feel helpless. The three-dimensional way of life is coming to an end . Very soon, LOVE will be the only name of the game. The path of violence, cruelty, abuse, intolerance, injustice, discrimination or abandonment will soon not be accepted or tolerated by the majority of Humanity that has longed to live in the spirit of Peace, of Love, Unity and Abundance.

The Light of Massive, Intense and Highly Vibrating Christ Consciousness continues to spill from the heavens, every moment of every day. No living being can escape the touch of My Light. In the darkest places, in the darkest corners of many parts of this world, there are infinite amounts of powerful Lighthouses that shine in ALL current activities that are not based on Divine Love.

Imagine as if there were countless lighthouses lit in a dark stadium and the whole place became as bright as if night had become day. This is what is currently happening worldwide.

Those who participate in low vibration activities can no longer hide in the dark. They will begin to question their ways and will be guided to change and choose the way back to the Love and Light of their true Higher Self.

Because of your high sensibilities, I know, my highly empathic children, who have suffered as much as the world around you, and for this very reason, you will all be called to be leaders of the fifth dimension in your own fields of specialization. Tune in every day with your own inner guidance, your own Superior Heart / Internal GPS, and we will work together to change all aspects of the three-dimensional daily life of the Earth, in the spirit of One and Unity.

They are destined to be wherever they are now, right in this great moment . Have faith that everything is going perfectly right now, according to Our Divine Plan. ”

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. Welcome to Nova Gaia: Father God. To post, keep the message in its entirety and provide the following link. Much love and gratitude. Namaste https://www.raphaelshealingspace.com.au

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