Message to the Craftsmen of Light: Now is the time to find and celebrate your own higher self

  • 2018

The last advice of the Ascended, Galactic, Elemental Masters of the Earth, Ancient of the Fairies, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, great introductors of a new day, a new era in earthly life!

This week, a Lightworker wrote a question about a problem that affects many people on Earth now, as he heals or releases anything that is not his own to use while wishing to preserve the wisdom that can be acquired from experiences. Earthly:

QUESTION : My question is about how humanity treats old wounds, and how we, as Lightworkers, treat them in our collective consciousness.

Last week was the 50th anniversary of the murder of Robert F. Kennedy after winning the vote of the California delegates in 1968. I was only eight years old at the time and I have little or no memory of what happened.

Last week I heard people talk about the great promise and empathy that RFK had for all people and how much it was loved and seen as a beacon of hope at that time.

I was moved to mourn again and again because I felt the loss of this man who promised so many good things to mankind, but that he was taken from us before he had the opportunity to bring us freedom, justice and equality .

My question is: Am I treating and releasing these old wounds, brought to the surface so that humanity realizes that this promise can be revealed once again? How can we, as humanity, remember and celebrate the long and short lives of those who have worked to advance us ?

While we seek to bring the New Earth and a heavenly vision, how can we interweave the lives of the heroes of our past, who sometimes had failures, but were always focused on a better world, on the conversation and awareness of our changing world ?

JFK was never in the deepest thoughts of my psyche, but at first glance , I see the deep wisdom that these people had for all of us back then, although we couldn't hear it. In fact, you and billions are dealing with much of what you are dealing with and releasing something that is not yours to process or transmute.

However, you experience everything you find that has to do with you, because you have entered this earthly life and each earthly life with almost no energy frontier. It is the three-dimensional state of life that, although it is now rising above you, however it has left a powerful mark on how you see life and how you see the goal and intention of your soul for this earthly life.

However, we would say, can you realize that what this human being and many others have given the world has not disappeared? Can you use, as you would use the work of John Lennon or Martin Luther King Jr., the beauty and brightness of their lives and their message, even knowing their inner struggles and honoring them by living their message without feeling that it has been lost?

This is one of the most difficult parts of the human being in the physical, to realize that what you call "life" is not a matter of being awake and moving. In reality, it is a great flow of unconfined energy that crosses your Earth, your consciousness, the galaxy, the Universe, moves towards an increasingly high expression and purpose at every moment.

So nothing precious is lost simply because it changes form, from the physical to the pure etheric. The message and example of Dr. King, the music and the message of John Lennon and the work and ideals of John F. Kennedy, are all celebrated and considered valuable.

Perhaps it is a source of fun or at least irony for some, those who would extinguish the bright light of a candle discover that in doing so they create the illumination of many thousands more, in increasing numbers and increasing brilliance, as the years go by. Therefore, the message and example of these beautiful Beings of Light, whose soul power was much greater than what their physical body could hold, is not lost at all, in fact, they are magnified many times in the context of their apparent "loss."

All these good people and many others less known to you, knew the intergalactic nature of life on Earth.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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