Master Kuthumi: The Change towards Ancestral Activation

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 2, 2018

Master Kuthumi

Blessings of love and truth, I, Master Kuthumi, bring you. I am the Instructor of the World together with Master Sananda, and together we supervise the spiritual education and ascension of all beings on a planetary and earthly level.

It is our purpose to serve you, to give you information and knowledge, as well as to awaken the transformation and enlightenment within you.

We create contracts with each of you before your incarnation on Earth. In these contracts his soul declared the reason for his incarnation and what he wanted to discover and wake up. Then we shared how we could serve and support his soul. We want you to know the contract, so that you realize that you can call us to activate the wisdom within you, awaken the knowledge and instigate the transformation to be at the service of the incarnation of your soul on Earth.

“Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda , I call your energy, love, wisdom and presence to be with me now. Support me to open myself to receive everything you feel guided to share with me, let me receive you with a clear mind, heart and being, so that I can fully benefit from the experience.

Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda , please begin a transmission of energy to me so that I can receive and awaken the wisdom that my soul desires to be aware at this moment of my ascension. Please print on me to be the energy and enlightenment that will serve me in the future, so that I can take this to my present manifestation at a greater speed. Please support my soul and the existence of my soul on Earth now and in my ascension. Thank you and so be it. ”

Take the time to experience the transmission of energy by fully anchoring in your being. This practice can be done as often as you want and throughout your ascension process, we want to be present and serve you always.

The ancient energy in its center

As we reestablish our connection with you and awaken the service contract to your soul so that you access ancient wisdom, knowledge and truth within your being, a deeper activation is taking place . Within your soul and the core of the soul, even within the core of your soul group, there is ancient wisdom and truth stored.

Ancient wisdom and truth are knowledge, techniques, energies and understanding that no longer exist on Earth and, sometimes, even in the Creator's Universe. They are the civilizations, the purpose and the teachings that the soul and even its group of souls have forgotten.

This wisdom and truth can be so old that it contains keys of energy and even remains of DNA of light that manifested during the original expressions of the Creator.

Although part of this wisdom and knowledge is no longer essential or necessary on Earth and in the internal planes, there are aspects that need to be rediscovered to create fullness and integrity in the knowledge of humanity and of beings in the internal planes. Similar to key pieces of wisdom that complete the larger picture of everything the Creator is and that is waking up and discharging into his being.

This ancestral and much-needed energy is hidden in the center of his soul, has long been forgotten. When activated, it will also awaken a new wave of energy and cycle within your being that will help boost your sensitivity and awareness of your spiritual abilities, your guides, your ascension process. and the internal planes of the Creator Universe.

When one aspect of the Creator is hidden, even if it is wise or conscious consciousness, it creates a blockage in its energy system that restricts the total flow of its power, vitality and light.

While this may go unnoticed by various incarnations, generations and civilizations without causing any problem to your ascension process and expanding your being, there will come a point where your vibration It will no longer be able to tolerate the blockage, causing healing and release to take place.

That time is coming.

I, Master Kuthumi, together with Master Sananda, have set in motion an energy assisted and magnified by the Creator to bring the ancient wisdom and truth to the surface once more, and so that the blockage is released . We believe that many lightworkers are ready to experience a profound liberation and freedom of their energy flow within their being, resulting in ancient wisdom and truth unfolding in their conscious consciousness.

The energy we have set in motion will only serve and work with those who are ready and willing, it will not cause any trauma or distress of any kind. Instead, it will be like a bursting bubble, an illusion that disperses with a general sense of freedom and relief in its flow of energy .

You will notice that your energy field expands and grows in power, which will be inspiring.

The energy that Master Sananda and I have set in motion will also cleanse and purify the ancient truth and wisdom awakening from its core, this means that all unnecessary energy or wisdom will be dissolved eternally. Therefore, there is no need to worry about being distracted by unnecessary energies or worrying about being confused, the awakening of wisdom will be perfect to inspire them and wake them up even more .

The result of this activation is to feel and recognize the totality and fullness of your being as an expression of the Creator in your physical incarnation on Earth.

“I call on the presence of Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda to discharge their loving, wise and high vibratory energies in my being now. Let me feel your presence beating in my being, anchored in my cells and conscious awareness. The purpose of the synthesis of our energies is to prepare me to receive the new movement of energy that you are bringing and to awaken the old wisdom and truth from within my being. ”

Breathe deeply, enjoying the sensations of our integration with you and while preparing your energies to receive activation.

“Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda , please align me to the new transmission of movement energy that you are now bringing to the planetary level. Let me receive the energies, the frequency and the light, entering all my being and soul to awaken the ancient wisdom and truth that are in the center of my soul. May the awakening of ancient wisdom and truth free my being and any or all of the blockages within my energy and flow system.

I am liberated, empowered, magnified and enlightened . The purpose of this activation is to increase my energy flow, strengthen my sensitivity and connection with the Creator, as well as support me to recover and remember what I need to recognize the completeness, integrity and totality of my being as an aspect of the Creator. ”

Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda, please help me move through this sacred activation process and wake up from the original energies of the Creator with ease and perfection now. Thank you and so be it. ”

This activation can be very deep, drawing them to the center of their being and essence, they may find that they are falling asleep or unaware of what is happening.

This is natural, just allow whatever is necessary to happen.

Allow all expectations to fade and be present with the deployment of energy within your being.

You may feel guided to experience activation several times to fully receive the ancient wisdom and truth that are within your being.

In the loving guide and the truth,

Master Kuthumi

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) Ancient Activation Shift by Master Kuthumi

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