Anael: Journey to the world from beyond

  • 2019

Anael, dressed in white and with a light step, leaves his house in the shape of a dome. He embarks on a small shaded path lined with flowers and fragrant bushes. "Everything happened so fast, " he told himself.

The images of his physical death and his arrival in these places are still very much alive. When he left his body, he felt that this action was natural as if he had already experienced it many times . Remember the feeling of soft lightness when your soul leaves its carnal envelope and feels liberated from a huge weight.

His life on earth had been very simple, very “on earth, ” as they say, and the passage seemed natural and easy. Remember your surprise at the time of separation from your body . He wondered if that was death. The words spoken by the doctor at that time did not allow doubt. He was indeed dead.

He heard the doctor say: “He has breathed for the last time. Rest in peace."

He was surprised again to see that he continued to live while his body was inert. I could never have imagined that on earth! It was obvious that he no longer belonged to this body and that this body no longer belonged to him, since he was still thinking outside of it. He had hesitated for a long time, looking at the lifeless body he had been.

What should I do now? He had just died of a heart attack . While thinking about this, images had appeared. He saw himself as a child praying. He had forgotten, but it is true that he often prayed as a child. Then he realized that this image was resurfacing to indicate that he had already been in contact with this wisdom. Even if he had put it aside during his life, this knowledge returned to remind him of its pure essence.

After leaving his physical body he had the ability to feel all the emotions of his loved ones. He had felt his wife's great anguish when he heard the sad news as if they were in his heart. He would have liked to have his eldest daughter in his arms to tell him that he was fine, but that his body had crossed his. He felt so helpless in the face of his family's pain.

He also felt what was happening elsewhere, where other members of his family heard the news of his death. He had the ability to experience everything everyone felt. He saw at the same time and in several places . I was no longer limited by time, space or body. Everything was lived at the same time. He felt more alive than ever with skills he could never have imagined on earth.

I was sad to see everyone's anguish, but I knew it was time to start a new journey. He also knew intuitively that he would never be separated from his if that was his wish. He felt united to each of his friends and family as he had never felt on earth. It was a fabulous and very liberating experience.

Was it death? Death as heard on earth does not exist, so a voice replied: “ No death has ever existed and will never exist . It is just an optical illusion. Welcome to this new stage of your life… “He had felt involved in so much love and well-being.

This voice sounded familiar, so benevolent and pure

So he looked around and saw a light in the distance. He was naturally attracted to this light. He knew his new home was there now, but leaving his family was difficult for him.

Remember to spend time with your family and try to communicate with everyone to reassure them. It was easier to communicate with children who were very receptive to their message. He simply greeted his 4-year-old nephew, who responded with the same naturalness with the same gesture.

Some appeared in a dream telling them that he was well and that he would soon continue his journey. Some people consciously remembered this dream and others did not. He approached his daughter and looked into her eyes as she looked at her father's portrait. He stepped back when he saw the features of the image that seemed to smile . And then it was the turn of his beloved wife, who had been a wife and an extraordinary mother.

He went to talk to him for a long time in a dream. That night, she slept deeply and woke up with a sense of relief and lightness. She was ready to let him go and that allowed her to continue her journey more serenely.

Then and after saying goodbye to all his relatives, he felt that the time had come to leave this place where he had been since his death on earth. I knew I had to go to that mysterious light. I was excited but a little intimidated too .

However, this light called him. He could not resist it in any way. He also perceived the presence of other beings around him who seemed to support him and accompany him on this trip. He says to himself: They accompanied me, what luck, I am like a star. He heard small laughs that seemed to react to his joke.

Come on, he said to himself. So he felt absorbed by a tunnel where the light seemed to be the point of arrival. He had the impression of seeing some faces again and hearing voices, but all this was very stealthy. He was increasingly absorbed by the light. And finally he came to this other world.

He clearly sees beings of light around him. He felt all the love they had for him. Without really knowing them, he felt very close to them as brothers and sisters.

Welcome Anael

I heard these words echoing in his conscience and touching his heart. He responded directly with his heart without using the sound of his voice. This language was much more intense and true than words on earth that could hide many things. Everything here was transparent. There was nothing to hide.

It was a real relief to feel this truth among people. But in the next second, he couldn't help wondering if it was really better because basically nothing could be hidden. This language seemed much more demanding . Talking with your mouth didn't require much! Talking with your heart and with your whole being was another story! Was he only capable and lived up to this transparent communication?

The people around him had heard his questions and made him feel comfortable telling him that he would have plenty of time to learn this new language and that there was no need here. Everything was done to the rhythm of each one . He also understood that no one would judge him. He felt relieved and so welcome in what he was. It was amazing.

In the end a being approached him and ran his hand in front of his body. He felt that he was deeply moved, as if waking up from a long dream ...

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the

SOURCE: Channeled by Caroline Faget

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