The language of love

  • 2019

Angels Messages

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The language of love

The melody of Love will help you to know the language of Love.

This is made of emotions, feelings, vibrations.
You will know how to use the language of Love when you will join your Essence to the Essence of the one who is listening to you.

You have chosen the Way of the heart and by this your language may be the emanation of the energy of the heart, of the energy of Love, of your Luminous Essence.

With everyone and in everything, be aware that your words are an expression of pure Love.

When you find someone, show their beauty, their luminosity.

Make the words of the heart flow, watch it come out of your heart accompanied by the energy of Light and Love.

Keep your mind far away, make every word flow only from the heart, always express your understanding, compassion, freedom, respect.

Donate with your words the sweetness, the peace.

Accompany the words with your smile, in the calm that the expression has to have.

Use clarity in everything and everything.

If you have to be kindly determined, always express yourself with the clarity attached to the sweetness.

Let your gaze make you feel the Love you have in your heart.

Accompany each your expression with the wisdom of the Soul.

Make the Light of your gaze reflect: it will confirm the candor of your language.

Use only the necessary words: this will help you to understand everything beyond words.

You know that each word encloses a world, that each expression encloses the Universe: therefore, each word, each expression can become a creative force, but it can also be a devastating force.

Remember that this happens with your attempts, with your thoughts.

You feel like your only desire to donate pure Love, to express the Light.

So you will feel, that although using few words, they will be sufficient to make the whole understand, because they will be accompanied by the energy of your heart, the energy of your Light, with the sweetness of your whole Being.

Author: Satya, editor of the great family of

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