Melchizedek: How to Experience Harmony at the Physical Level, channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 It is necessary for you to contemplate the following: 2 To further help you understand, I want to offer you the following: 3 For me it is safe to live in harmony with me same, with the Creator, with Humanity and with my reality . 4 How to Experience Harmony at the Physical Level 5 "I live in harmony with all aspects of the Creator."

August 4, 2017

Luminous blessings on Earth! ... I know all of you in this way ... You are a blessing to the Earth and to all who are on it. Luminous is your Soul and luminous the Ascension process that you are going through. I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to connect with the inner luminosity of your Being and to observe the energy, the Light and the consciousness that you are in this very moment. In doing so, you will observe inside the Being the magical Universe of the Creator.

When you look at the Creator's Universe, that is, Everything that is the Creator, you observe that there is an energy and a quality that you will recognize as always-present: Harmony ... Harmony exists in all aspects of the Creator and among all aspects of the Creator. Creator ... It is often an energy that is not recognized; However, it is a powerful force that passes through everything. It is important that you contemplate the ever-present harmony in the Creator's Universe; and consequently in your Being. That will not only awaken the harmony within your Being, but it will guide you regarding how to exist in your physical reality in natural harmony with everything. Harmony is a natural quality of your Being and your Soul; and yet sometimes you can feel that the energies in you and around you are inharmonious. Many people experience disharmony daily, perhaps without realizing that instead they can experience harmony.

There are many ways to stimulate the awakening of the natural vibrations of harmony within your Being and to root them in your whole Being.

It is necessary that you contemplate the following:

  • What does harmony mean to you?
  • Do you prefer or are you attached to experiencing drama or experiencing harmony in your Being and in your reality?

To further help your understanding, I want to offer you the following:

  • Why does disharmony manifest?
  • How to experience harmony on the physical level?

In my opinion, harmony is the link that connects as One to all aspects of the Creator; similar to invisible golden filaments that connect the truth, the core and the Essence of all Beings, creating a flow of Light, Love and Consciousness from the Creator. Harmony is always present at the core of your Being and at the core of your relationships or your connection to all aspects of the Creator ... Harmony is an eternal bond and alignment that can never be broken.

Disharmony only manifests when you stop recognizing the truth within your Being ... Distractions are drama, illusions, blockages, limitations and boundaries; in truth, anything that encourages you to ignore the Truth of the Creator ... If you find it more exciting to experience drama and illusions in your reality, then you will continue to manifest these experiences ... You need to recognize that harmony is not boring or mundane, but that it energizes you, it rejuvenates you, connects you with your power and aligns you with your inner wisdom. The Truth of your Being is the one that must be recognized.

"For me it is safe to live in harmony with myself, with the Creator, with Humanity and with my reality."

Because many people are accustomed to having disharmony in their Being and in their reality; and to its acceptance of disharmony as a way of life, it is necessary to reaffirm that it is safe to live in a state of harmony. Disharmony is familiar, it means that you can hide, not assume responsibility for your actions; and exist without internal observation or transformation. Disharmony allows you and encourages you to blame others and seek out answers and guides outside of you ... While harmony is a natural aspect of your essence ... To incorporate harmony it is necessary that you align yourself with your truth, that you accept your power, that you realize that you create your reality, that you are responsible for your reality; and that everything you require is inside you. To achieve this requires courage, not because being aligned with your truth and with your Essence is challenging; The challenging thing is to abandon all illusions, as well as everything that has been familiar to you in your physical reality.

The energy that creates more disharmony in your Being, in your reality and in your relationships, is fear ... When you recognize that fear is only a reaction to being misaligned with your inner power and truth, you realize that it has little power . When you connect with your Love, your inner power and wisdom, fear and disharmony dissolve. And yet disarmament is the result of your fear and can take many forms, including an energy of its own development in your reality. We can recognize that disharmony in relationships, with oneself and with the World, is caused by existing and expressing ourselves from a situation of fear, projecting fear and all its manifestations towards the World. Fear in your Being means that disarmament is present in your mind, your emotions and your energy bodies; Your inner World is reflected towards the outer World. This is a reason for chaos, anger, pain and suffering to manifest in the Earth World, causing many people to abuse others mentally, physically and emotionally. Frequently people are afraid of connecting with themselves as powerful Beings of Divine Love; and connecting with others in the same way It is much easier to close your heart to yourself and to the World, than to take actions from an expansive loving heart.

How to Experience Harmony at the Physical Level

I live in harmony with all aspects of the Creator .

It is necessary that you observe what you are projecting towards your reality, towards the World; and towards others when you think of them or come together with them Spend time of your daily reality to contemplate this What is happening inside your Being Are you experiencing fear and disharmony, or are you predominantly recognizing your Love and your power? Remember that you do not have to be in a circumstance of Love and power at all times, it is natural to experience fear; it is simply about the way you handle fear, if you immerse yourself in it if you change your perspective towards Love and from there examine the fear. This requires focus and determination on your part. Realize that if you are negatively approaching people, situations or yourself, this is creating disharmony in your relationship with people, with situations or with yourself. When there is disharmony, there is also a lack of Love, trust and acceptance; the flow of the Creator is limited or repressed.

Approach each person, each situation, including a conversation with yourself, with the perspective that you are creating energy and consequently the result ... With this perspective, it is not necessary for your ego to use manipulation, control or dominance … Instead decide what energy you want to share; this energy is infused into the experience and lovingly influences it, creating a result aligned with the representation of your Inner Truth ... You are constantly giving and sharing energy, you are constantly creating the World around you and within yourself in the way you want to be; either from your Love center, or from the negative programming / fear that are based on the programming of your subconscious ... This is the time to take responsibility for the energy you share, creating an intention for your energy in each new situation and in each new experience of your reality ... Normally which energy do you express when something negative happens (mainly if the expression is without words or actions) and which one would you like to express? ... Each situation will be different ... When you connect with another person, I know aware of which energy you express from within ... Is it an energy of Love or is it based on fear? ... Would you like to express another? ... Which one?

More than your words and your actions, although they express your energy, I want to encourage you to commit to your feelings, your emotions and your internal reactions, observing them and recognizing them with Love ... Then, when in the core of your Being you choose the energy you want to express and project, take time to go deep inside, find the energy, feel it accumulating in you, immerse yourself in it and incorporate the energy ... Then project and radiate the energy from your Being to the situation, to the person, or to yourself ... The original feeling will dissolve and will be replaced by the energy that you have activated and with which you have committed ... This will naturally and positively influence your actions and your words, further amplifying the energy within you ... Disharmony will dissolve ... You will notice in you a new sense of harmony with yourself and with the external World ... Your inner harmony will be activated and expanded to all or who you are, helping many to do the same.

You are a Source of harmony!

Mr. Melchizedek

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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