Saint Germain ~ Accept yourself as an Alchemist Master!

  • 2017

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And you, my friends, by choice have come as alchemist masters because they are changing the entire planet and people accordingly. It is a company of such substance… stop fooling yourself, stop refusing and say: ”I accept it. I AM an alchemist teacher. ”And you've already done it. You already work with that element that you are adding to change everything. … It is love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

Hostess: Suzanne Maresca

[Meditation from 6:57 to 14:48]

Saint Germain: Greetings, I AM Saint Germain.

Suzi: Welcome!

Saint Germain: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, welcome to the planet of the Gaians and welcome to the stellar beings everywhere, welcome to the archangels - and let's bow together to the Mother in great reverence but also in great joy.

Now you know that I have said many times: "I will not return, " and yet I say to you, my beloved friends, family, allies, what a wonderful time to be alive! You, sometimes consciously and unconsciously, sometimes knowingly and unknowingly, are in service - yes, of course, as we all are - but you are in physical service, the true implementation team of the Divine Mother.

Now I have a lot to share, discuss and play with you. But think about this for a moment. As I have often stared and yes, exhaled, exhaled in wonder throughout the omniverse, across the multiverse, in this arsenal of solar systems and galaxies and universes, you - you are the ones in the dream of the Mother and, I dare to say, where the Mother has put her attention in this framework that you think of as "time", that you are on the planet in the realization of her dream and yours as well. It is spectacular! It really is amazing!

You know, all of you have lived many lives, like me, and in some of those lives our purpose, our mission was not clear, or because of the energies or circumstances or those with whom you incarnated or your free will, did not fulfill what What they came to do . Now, that is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, because all this is growth and adventure - and they know that I am good for adventure! But often you came back home and said, "Oh, it didn't work out as we thought. I missed it! ”And of course, you came back again.

They tend to think - and they are right - to this planet as ... I will not say 'overpopulated' but certainly 'highly populated' with billions of people. Who would have thought of "billions of people"? And yes, some are aspects or emanations, but still it is highly populated. But, if you think of this handful, this handful, literally ... of beings who have said to the Mother: "I am going."

Why are there so many people on the planet right now? They are here because they come to fulfill their purpose.

Think about why there are so many people on the planet right now. Everyone has had a crazy rush to go out the door and come, because they want to fulfill the purpose ! Yes, it is the beginning and it is the end of a cycle, but many have wanted to come . And yet, if you compare that handful of billions with what exists through galaxies, it 's just a drop of water!

Now, I am not suggesting that there is no terrible chaos and abuse on your planet yet. But when others look at you, when your star family, your friends, your distant allies have come to help you and observe - and it is not that this is not known throughout the multiverse; In many cases it is - and they look at you and see the fascination and amazement that you are here, is that you are so lucky to be here that you are known everywhere. You are the ones who have to come and be part of this transition where what it means to be Gaiano, what it means to be human, will never be the same.

And then, even within that handful, you who are fortunate enough Oh, you say: I have worked, I have been diligent, I have been constant Yes, it's all that, but you are lucky to be awake is an experience of billions of lives. And you tell me: Yes, but Saint Germain has been hard and I just lost my job, my husband abandoned me, my children think I'm crazy and my mother is mentally troubled. . I hope you can laugh because you're blessed and you're lucky!

That is why I wanted to talk to you today about the nature of what you and we have called alchemy, magic, creation. Because as sweet Suzanne has said, all who listen to my voice, those who receive my energy, either tonight or within a year, are absolutely prepared, ready, willing and able this ability capable that you have denied for a long time!

Now, traditionally and certainly I seat my head to Dr. Einstein traditionally you have thought of what I have done, alchemy and magic, as in the realm of the 4th dimension, but in fact the Creation and where we truly work with such energy is in the 8th and the I AM is in the 12th . So I begin by discussing the fluidity of this expansive set of what you think of as fixed dimensions - which are not - [and] your ability to create and produce within this helium balloon of your life.

You know, when I walked the last time - but also in other lives, by the way - but when I walked like Saint Germain, I was often invited to the Court because that was part of my trip and my mission n purpose, no, I certainly did not refer to royalty or privileges; That would have been extraordinarily boring! but often, when they invited me, there were several reasons. And let me tell you about some of those so that you understand your power.

When I went, I want you not to think about the luxurious energy, quite hedonistic and certainly forgiving that permeated these meetings, but that it was often rancid and smelly. Think of many bodies that are not completely clean - yes, dirty, smelly - and the court and palace or meeting rooms that had never seen a bucket of water. And the smell of the perfume that ladies and gentlemen overdosed well, I could go on and on describing the air!

Now, one of the reasons why they loved to invite me and what they often said: Well, Saint Germain, when you are here the air is sweeter. and they said it literally because it was disgusting in many ways. And the air was not simply because of dirt, but because of attitudes and complacency. And so he went and cleaned the air, not only for them, but also to be able to breathe and enjoy the banquet or the party, although he rarely ate.

And how did I do it? What was the alchemy that I used? And I discussed it in the smallest group of the channel recently and I discussed it with all of you. What was he doing? What magical feat did I use to sweeten the air?

Well, first I prepared the way. And think about it and think about your own life: how much I liked the fresh air, a gentle breeze, the fragrance of an apple orchard or the richness of the grape, even the smell of fresh manure! This is the purity of Gaia and the kingdoms . I would embrace the air in its purest sense and communicate with the air - yes, as the I AM Carrier, of course I knew and would love it. And sometimes with those present, I played with them and said: "Let's write 'love' in the air!"

And that's what I tell you: "Let's write ' love ' in the air!"

Was there an element of love? Of course, for human beings, yes, and I don't mean only those who are sitting around the table; I meant everyone in the palace or in court. And I wrote, and sent more than likely, just love . And in that, the air changed . Sometimes in cooperation with the air I asked him to be a little spicy; sometimes, flowery because these people loved a good show. But above all, he let Gaia's breath sweetness be truly experienced.

And so they would invite me because the air would become sweeter . They didn't invite me because he was very handsome, elegant, witty - although I like to think he was! But that was not the reason. But they considered me handsome, charming and witty because they perceived my light.

I allowed them - and it didn't matter if it was in a town bar or in a big meeting - it allowed me to be seen. And they saw the light around me, and they saw love and I AM in my eyes . And in that allowing - what they thought was magic - to be seen myself, the agreement in that, the tacit agreement and the alchemical energy that you communicate to others when you invite them, you give them permission to be seen.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon. (2017). ST. GERMAINE ~ ACCEPT YOURSELF AS MASTER ALCHEMIST !. 9/1/2017, from Council of Love Website:

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