You have been preparing yourself through the experiences of many lives for these Ascension times

  • 2019

Dear readers,

In these turbulent times of confusion and conflict, we remind you to never lose sight of the fact that the real Self and the real world are present at all times, despite any external aspect. When the qualities of love and harmony are absent and chaos seems to reign over people or situations, know that this can only be the personal and collective three-dimensional consciousness that manifests itself.

Many concepts of duality / separation do not go lightly at night, even when the person understands that three-dimensional creations based on duality and separation do not have a law that maintains or supports them. That's why sometimes you ask yourself: “Have I failed? Why do I still have problems that I thought I had solved and forgotten? "

Never resist, never claim or never exercise the power of unwanted thoughts or actions that may occasionally arise unexpectedly during your day.

On the contrary, simply recognize them as the impersonal thoughts that float in the collective consciousness or the remnants of energy still present in cellular memory. As your consciousness becomes more and more enlightened, these experiences simply vanish.

When fears and negative emotions arise, talk to your physical cells and tell them that this is a new time when they no longer need to retain intense energies, often full of fear of the past, to warn you. Inform them with love that these old energies are no longer necessary and that you want them to be replaced by frequencies of Light that reflect the Divine plane of the physical body.

Never be impatient when you experience emotions that you thought had dissipated because the intense experiences of your different lives often dissipate in layers, which gives you time to be spiritually ready for each subsequent layer.

Know that God never formed himself as fear, anxiety, hate, disease or lack and limitation. If God, the only substance was not formed like these things, then they cannot exist as reality.

Where do these things come from?

You who are awake know the answer, which are the manifestations of personal and collective states of consciousness imbued with beliefs of duality and separation.

You are ready to realize the truth of your state of consciousness and begin to live it instead of allowing it to remain an interesting conversation at the table. Many of you still live with one foot on both worlds, but this only works for a limited time. The truth must be lived once it is known, otherwise, it is only information to hang out from time to time during intellectual discussions and the spiritual journey stagnates.

Fear and anxiety are never yours personally. Only the sacred qualities of the Source are yours personally . Everything else represents the energy accumulated by the masses of hundreds of lives lived in ignorance that have created a consensus consciousness based on good and evil (duality) and separation.

Often the energy wastes from previous intense life experiences (burned at the stake, war, etc.) will remain firmly anchored in physical cells and in consciousness, even highly evolved, until a state is reached, in consciousness. that lower resonant energies simply dissolve into nothingness that they have always been and become light.

You who resonate with these messages have prepared themselves through the experiences of many lives for these times of ascension and are ready to claim your experience of Christ. The word Christ does not only refer to the teacher known as Jesus as many believe, but rather Christ refers to the Light, to enlightenment and to a conscience .

Much of the world will soon celebrate Christmas, as it represents the birth of the only child of God. Take with you in your Christmas celebrations, the understanding that true Christmas is not the birth of the only child of God, but the birth of the consciousness of Christ that takes place in each soul when it reaches Consciousness with God / Source.

How could an omnipresent God be limited to manifesting himself through a person? Since IT is all there is, where will the rest of humanity come from ? This myth, a false concept still perpetuated and accepted by many, represents the belief in separation and promotes the idea of ​​being less than que by those who seek power.

Each soul and at any given time, will live a personal Christmas, the birth of Christ's conscience in her. For many I will not enter this life, but sooner or later it will come because of who and what each person is, always has been and always will be, a single divine consciousness that manifests itself in a form and An infinite variety Each soul embodies the fullness of all that is God, regardless of the number of lives lived or lived under the veil of duality and separation.

Never doubt that you live forever. Can an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God die ? The lives you have chosen to live in the energy of the third dimension are and have always been mere educational interruptions in your eternal life to take you to where you are now prepared.

Allow the truth to penetrate your thinking in every situation, realizing that only God is power, not a power over another power, but simply the only power that exists. This awareness automatically relegates all apparent powers to their rightful place as misconceptions and relieves great concern.

You have graduated beyond the research that was necessary at the beginning of your spiritual awakening. Now you understand that everything you've been looking for throughout your life was and is already present in you. Instead of continuing to search and search, it is time to live the truth that you know in all aspects of "ordinary" life a day and stop judging certain experiences as good and others bad.

If you move quickly to the new higher states of dimensional consciousness, but some of you continue to search and look for the belief that because you do not experience the fullness of your divinity, you must continue to seek your Rituals, practical and supplicants of God.

Once you know where the Key to Everything is hidden, continuing to search for it outside simply acts to block your access because the belief in separation is still alive and well in consciousness. Does the university graduate feel the need to continue learning lessons in elementary school ?

Go on the search for research out of what you know now, it is and has always been completely present in you! Let your own Christ be born, as humble as you can believe it is your stable.

No one is more worthy or deserving than another and nobody can and can never live their own Christmas because it is eternal reality. In recognition of your experience of Christ, we honor everyone's true Christmas .

We are the Arturianos Group.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele

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