Mother Earth via Pamela Kribbe: Receiving the New Earth in You, Part 1

  • 2019

Dear friends,

I am the voice of Mother Earth . I welcome you from my heart. Feel my presence alive in you; I am here with all of you. I am literally present in the cells of your body. I flow in every little cell: in his blood, in his organs, in his limbs I am in everything . I share my consciousness with you and I share this life with you.

Open yourself up and experience my healing power and take your time doing it. Allow my power to flow from the ground under your feet through your being. Imagine the sound of the splashing of a stream and let pure water flow through you and bring that refresh and that renewal to your being.

Feel my energy flow up through your ankles to the lower part of your legs. Know yourself as something sustained by me, know that I protect you. I know the rhythms and steps of nature, I live by those natural rhythms and not by those created by humans according to the time of the clock. I feel the time and the rhythms that are born from the inside .

I ask you to receive my love

Before saying anything about this new era, and the arrival of the new Earth, I ask you to receive my love. Let me go deep within you with each breath. Let my energy flow through your legs at your waist, so you feel you can rest and detach.

They can relax deeply as a child who is not living completely according to the time of the clock and the standards of society. At the beginning of his life, a baby is more a child of the Earth ; It moves with natural moods and emotions, with the rhythm of day and night, of play and rest.

Allow my energy to flow into your heart, then fill your breasts, your shoulders and arms with that gentle energy of naturalness, rhythm and relaxation. And then let that energy flow up in your poor heads - so full and overloaded. You think too much, and thinking puts you under pressure as natural beings, as an organism that is connected to Earth.

Pushed by fear

Feel how your thoughts are like electric currents in your head, like that constant mental agitation deprives you of your consciences, in the sense that you consume too much of your attention. Think, worry, reason; wanting to think about the future; Planning, need, control. Those currents in his head are often driven by fear: a sense of threat that tells them that things will go wrong if they are not continually making an effort to control everything.

Now, imagine my energy, the gentle energy of Mother Earth, the natural rhythms of the soil, animals and plants. Visualize how this energy rises to the top of your head, your crown, and brings relief there. Let excess thoughts run out and notice that you are not part of what you sometimes identify with excessive thinking.

If you want to know who you really are, then go with your conscience and attention - literally - to your hearts and feel the space there. There lives in their hearts a desire for greater calm, greater fluidity, greater dedication. But at the same time, they stagnate in the grip of fear that is the engine behind many thoughts in their heads. ”

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCE: Channeled by Pamela Kribbe


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