Message from Mother Mileila: The opportunity of chaos. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2018

Welcome to this joyful moment of meeting all of you ...

Remember that day by day we have the opportunity to change, to evaluate, to transform, to renew, but above all to admire and live human existence as something wonderful.

It is true that in the quantification we make of our day, of our time and as we measure this reality, we come to draw conclusions which are not always what we expected; But what do we really expect in the way of life? And above all, how is the crisis understood? How is the process of dualism of reality understood?

Suddenly we are somewhat unfair when evaluating this process, we consider that everything that does not conform to what we had raised then is completely incorrect, erroneous, unpleasant, bad, sad and endless qualifiers that we give in a negative sense, in a negative Abstract sense also and very shallow to all those events that in the end do not occur by chance but because there is a cause which will end in the end in an apprenticeship.

Absolutely every one of the seconds that the human being lives is the opportunity for learning and in every small detail there is a great lesson, however, we are not very creative to observe this learning that moment by moment is presented to us and we consider that they are only the great changes are what make great learning, when it is the set of all those small events that make learning truly true.

But well, we will talk about the opportunity of chaos today ...

How is it possible that we can give it a chance or even better entrance to the chaos in our life?

All those situations that we deny or that above all we say should not exist in our reality are precisely those that make us stronger; All those beings in our life who appear as detractors are our great teachers. All those episodes that seem difficult are precisely those that bring out the best in us, because chaos and crisis make us take the best weapons and get ahead.

And in this idea, all those beings who want to observe the sun and admire it will have to know the darkness to truly value it. There is beauty in sadness, there is beauty also in anger because it gives us the opportunity to balance what we truly deserve to live.

It is important to know the sadness so as not to give it strength and not give it continuity, it is important to know the anger to understand that in the end it wears out, it makes us sick, it takes time, it takes away life and that is when we choose a little more for balance. It is true that we cannot be happy all the time, every day; We can live in happiness but not in the euphoria of happiness. A happy soul is one who is satisfied with everything that is in his life, even in the crisis, because he knows that something big comes after everything that wobbles life itself.

I can tell you that the great experiences are not precisely those that we say we have concluded but those that are in the way and in that struggle to understand and understand each other.

The anger of course that detracts even the human body because it intoxicates the same cells of the body. The body is accustomed to vibrating in a reality, but it is the happiest and without the euphoria of happiness, it is accustomed to being in a normal state and anger is a great concentration of energy in the same space as its physical body, So let's say it's an unnecessary compression of something that should flow openly.

Give the opportunity to the crisis, the one who gives the opportunity to the crisis can grow because it grows through chaos and chaos makes us understand that it is there when we get our true lessons. In happiness we forget to learn. Look at the life of beings, when suddenly small events also unpleasant knock on your door is when they try to deepen them, to think, to intent, perhaps to approach some theory or ideology to. You don't need the chaos to get closer to yourself but in the end those analyzes we have of the chaos in the present, in the past and in the future make us understand and be fair with this transformation.

Yesterday is a concluded learning that has made us what we are today with the absence and presence of yesterday. Tomorrow is an idea that motivates us but that should not press us because we can only work in the now, our situation of the mind is concentrated in today, the memory is that, something that is not You can change just learn. Tomorrow is an option but we don't live on options, we live on facts, only by living in today can we transform.

Every time the crisis knocks on your door, recieve it with the best options you have in your reality, put it on the banquet, put the women flowers, put on your best, put on your best face and then they will ask you: what do you come to tell me that I cannot answer you? Or even better, tell him he has to go.

You have many more weapons to be able to fight everything that you think is stronger than you, the one who thinks you are capable, grows in every crisis.

I will be working with all of you

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified therefore, without observing at what moment of reality forever enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) Puebla, Mexico November 16, 2017.

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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