Message from Master Ritzua: "Light the torch of optimism and happiness." By Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Grateful for the call and happy to be here ...

There is an opportunity in the distance and that distance is so close that it results then from the new idea they can conceive. What happens when failure comes to mind and considers that there is no option but to restructure everything again? . There is no failure for the one who tries on the slope where he knows that everything that is worth living, is also worth suddenly going through what costs work.

And what does work cost for the human mind? Suddenly, when things and situations are not exactly as beings expect with respect to time, they consider that they are losing something valuable, which is the opportunity to truly crystallize something tangible; But what is tangible for what everything can achieve? What everything can achieve, is the same being that will use the same energy of action both for a situation in the monitoring of intentions, as for everything that considers it is simpler.

The Classification of situations, circumstances and beings are made by their own minds; That is why with wisdom there is a practically simple or practically impossible situation, everything is in the way that wisdom wants to consider it .

At the crossroads and labyrinth of the ideas of defeat, the torch of optimism and happiness must then enter. When the torch of optimism and happiness comes in is when you know that you don't have to have everything defined in the present, nobody needs to have the precise answer in the now, because you know that life is a constant learning, where in each different and diverse questions arise; but that in the same way life is so wise and also its conscience, that it will give the necessary answers to all those questions that arise in learning.

Life itself is a great questioning where you suddenly consider: what to live and how to live it ?. How to live it is just a surrender situation, to dare to live everything that you often fear to practice. There is no defeat for the one who continues, there is no possible or tangible situation when the one who wants to achieve occupies the same energy of action; they should only be specified in what is truly possible and what is truly possible, is the triumph.

All situations use the same energy but not all classifications wear them in the same way. It is hard enough to think about failure, it is quite wasteful to think about the possible error. Everything is a possibility the moment they think about it, so it is much more feasible to consider as fact, what they really want.

Within the desires they can mix and intrude certain emotions that can cause them to divert attention from the true; but the true will never be isolated from the welfare of others. In the individual concept of learning you should always keep in mind the balance with other wise people around you, always fighting for the same goal as you: well-being and happiness.

When you have suddenly reached the crossroads where you believe there is nothing more, light the torch of optimism and happiness. He who wants to be as he knows he deserves to be, that way the path will open. It is so simple to look for the exact way just thinking about what you have that is: will.

The wise person does not need to question how many times he will try because he knows that second to second is an attempt and not always failed. The intelligent think then, what are going to be the slopes of this learning to mark the concrete route. There is no concrete route to an uncertain life; But that uncertainty that suddenly exists is the magic of being able to surprise with great learning.

Give yourself the opportunity to live without having everything defined. The great feats were not always as they thought them; but they always realized that they were writing something better and that is what you can know now.

Grateful for the call and happy to be here ...

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes (Puebla, Mexico. December 2016 ( )

Published by Geny Castell editor of the great family of the brotherhood

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