Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll: Tour of the Goddess in Greece - Temple of Athena in Delphi

  • 2017

Dear Greetings, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I want you to have only a moment of reflection, of validation of what we have been telling you for years about history. From the beginning we told you that women were the Shamans because they were the givers of life and were intuitively connected to the Planet. And you see that here, even years before the Master of Love whom you call 'AC', you see Athena and you see Gaia; And that's how it was. Dear ones, I want you to reflect on this because it is returning; and what is returning to the Planet is a more maternal consciousness; and again you will see women in a role that respects their intuition and their shamanity on the Planet, in a more equitable way than now; All this comes with the higher consciousness and with the change.

Right now I want to do something very left brain and something very right brain. Let's talk for a moment about where you are; Now, those who are not here are going to miss some things because I am going to talk about specific things that happened to the oracle and Apollo. Right now I want you to reflect again on where you are in Greece; because few people use the expression 'Greek history', one almost always speaks of 'Greek mythology'; and that indicates that much of what is being studied was completely mythical, invisible, non-existent; and yet, the seeds of what did not exist created great civilizations, wonderful wisdom, won wars, created music, created poetry; something that did not exist: The mythology of the Greeks . So there are always real seeds; I would like to talk about that in a moment.

But first about the left brain. This is for fun, just so you can see how things evolve. If you have ever been in a situation where you tell someone a story; and he tells it to another; and finally a year later you listen to the story and it has nothing to do with yours, something that happens all the time: Can you imagine what happens to the stories for centuries, for millennia?… Not only do you mix superstitions, but that you make big exaggerations and introduce big differences with what happened. We believe one: A man is walking through the forest and whistles; a good day is happening; He doesn't look where he is going and bumps into a branch and falls into the mud. He makes this simple story to a friend, who tells other people; And you are to others. After a few years he hears his story again, which is now as follows: “Don't you dare to whistle in the forest! (Laughter from the public) because the trees are going to oppose that, they are going to make you trickle and you will fall into the mud as a punishment for whistling ” (laughter from the public and Kryon).

Dear ones, I would like to give you an example of this mythology and also of superstitions:

Until today it is still inappropriate to whistle behind the scenes at any theater on the Planet; And this is the cause.

You may have a name for that, but let's call it 'the story improvements'. Right here you have a case: Apollo and the Oracle. They gave you all kinds of information about what was happening with the oracle; literally, step by step, the way the oracle was involved; how the snake, the python was involved; How the crack was involved. They also told you a part of this that has no relation, that makes no sense: that cold water is poured on a sheep; and then the reaction of the sheep affects what happens with the oracle.

Let me give you a possible explanation of the left brain: This is a volcanic region; More than 2000 years ago it was even more so, as you walked you saw smoking fissures of sulfur gases and vapors ; this is typical of any active volcanic region, just ask the Kahuna (NT. Female Shaman of Hawaii), because she literally has this next to her house; so you can see the scenario of oracle mythology. Let me ask you a question: What happens when you pour cold water into a volcanic crack? You get a hiss that could be the snake; so instead of cold water on the sheep, it is cold water in the crack; the hiss is the snake; and the woman, the priestess who interprets the hiss, is interpreting water, heat and Gaia's voice. Additionally, the priestess had a tripod over the crack, which meant she was sitting in the middle of it and she was breathing the fumes; and that affected his mind, so that he could ` ` improve '' the message appropriately or inappropriately, depending on the amount of gases that flowed through the crack (smiles of Kryon and the public).

That could have been the real story . But now I will present something of the right brain: If all this was mythology, if it had nonexistent entities: How is it possible that this region and Greece had such good results? They were successful in battles, they had poetry, the first musical notations; here they obtained many things from a mythological source . Or not? And now we give you the principle that you see right here in this place in Athens: You have feminine intuition precisely like that of the priestess who gave intuitive information from the Creative Source of the Planet. It was accurate information; Not only that, Humans deposed their logic and allowed the priestess to say what she had to say. And when as Human Beings you do that, very often you get channeling and the information is accurate; Many times the potentials and the prophecies are accurate. And that is how the Spirit honors Humanity; even if you get it wrongly from who you are talking about, the Spirit honors the right brain question.

What are you doing now?

Dear ones, you are listening to this, I will tell you that no matter what belief system you have brought to this circle; the Spirit is prepared for Love, prepared to answer questions accurately and truthfully; If you present yourself with superstitions, you will still get good answers. As you can see, mythology often leads to superstitions; and even today you see it in many cultures; the Spirit avoids that by loving Humanity; no matter what you think, no matter what you are right or wrong, the Creator is within you; And this is good news, they are positive. The change you are seeing now on this Planet will improve your intuition; and the first Old Souls to feel it will be women, that's why you're here. Does the circle not close? You can hear the laughter of the Forest Devas, those of this territory, this soil, checking that after All this time the circle is closing?… And they say: “It was time!”

And so it is.


TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Lee Carroll


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