Living the Christ Wisdom II - Master Marta

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Then you must get used to looking at the source for what you need. 2 Through this experience or this profound experience, you can begin to better evaluate all your concepts of exchange, of sharing. 3 Why do you seek the resources to balance your bodies and forget to find within yourself the best direction to balance them? 4 You have infinite strength within you. You can only size it, value it, through your own experience, and it is she who should be donated. Thus you relearn the value of exchange, of addition, of union, of sharing. 5 This action does not occur alone. You are doing this revolutionary work together with the great Christ Revolution. 6 Does the essence of this love need to be saved? Why stay closed? 7 You are part of this action. You are agents of this revolution that is ongoing.

Channeled Messages of the Masters of Light

In Portuguese the original.

It is a joy to share with you the wisdom of your souls . The soul has strength, the soul has light, it has love, it has peace and you are used to looking for those forces in the world around you, but you have to seek to feed on the forces present inside you and savor. Savor!
It is like when you are thirsty and drink water that comes from a pure source, you can taste the lightness of this pure water.

Then you must get used to looking at the source for what you need.

There is an immense spring of forces within you, in your spirit, in your soul, and at this stage of evolution you can more easily recognize these forces that were always present within you. However, you are more accustomed to looking for what is actually available within you. For this reason, they often do not know how to handle the real value of things. You don't know how to manage the real value of things in order to make a loving exchange, to share in a coherent way the divine principles that are within you.
Because if you recognize the real value of what you are looking for in this great spring of life that is within you, that is, in your soul and in your spirit, you can value the great strength that resides in the universe: in your inner universe and In the external universe.

This great spring is in your souls, but also in the souls of your brothers, of your friends and companions, and in many other souls, as well as on your planet, which is a being of infinite love, which is continually welcoming and nourishing all Your kingdoms of life.

This great spring is called life, love, light . Then you have to value everything that you live internally in your bodies, in your feelings, in your emotions and in the different levels of your sensitivity when you are looking to be fed by them.

Through this experience or this profound experience, you can begin to better evaluate all your concepts of exchange, of sharing.

Because exchange is common in your human world. You continually do that when they enter your supermarkets to exchange your money for something you need. It is necessary to pay the value with an exchange currency.
You know how to appreciate what is expensive, what is cheap, because you know how to evaluate what this represents for your bodies; You know what you need. When your bodies are lacking the energy necessary for a better balance, whether physical or emotional, you look for them. But for this you make a change according to your currency.
Therefore, seek to perfect your more subtle senses, seek contact with your soul, seek to develop your internal communication channels and receive a great spring of Divine Energies, through the innumerable and loving Beings of Light that give you the ability you will continually develop, to continually evolve, to move and expand the divine and natural forces that are within you.
The divine energies bring you more awareness to recognize this great spring that is inside you, your inner universe, because it is part of this planet, and it is also part of a universe higher; It is part of the communion with the group life and the Great Unity of souls and spirits of the planetary, solar and cosmic evolution.

You are a cell of a great body. As you are developing and valuing what you are and your inner universe, you recognize what brings you life, what fills you, or what moves you internally and attracts more energy that they purify you, they transform you, they bring you peace and essential and deep love. And you recognize your ability to be present and available to the action of the wisdom of your souls, who commune with other souls, who serve other souls that receive from other souls.

There is a continuous exchange that shares this great spring of life that is in continuous movement.
Then, from the moment they begin to value more that great wealth that is within you, you can also value more the wealth that is present on this planet and in other souls; and the value of life is transformed.

Life was not created to result in losing and dying continuously. Life was created to live forever, to expand the action of the soul and the spirit. Whatever the plane in which a soul is, be it the physical, astral, mental, or buddhaic plane, it builds a base of experiences for the continuity of life with the spirit. You are evolving souls and you are enriching with awareness, experience and you are a divine part of the life present on this planet.

Today we talk a lot about natural resources. There is a great action in motion bringing back the awareness of natural resources. But what are natural resources? You must look for these answers within yourself, because we are talking about this immense spring of life that is present within you and that has the strength to purify all the elements, such as, for example, the water that is present in your bodies. There is a correspondence between internal natural resources and external natural resources. If the sunlight illuminates all your inner nature bringing more perfume, more beauty, it also brings awareness of the essences of life present on the planet.

Your inner nature is immensely rich . There is a fertile interior land that produces life too. There is a great movement of natural forces within your inner nature, through the elements: water, earth, fire and air. They are integrated to maintain the balance of the bodies and are expressed through the respective language of each dense or subtle body.

Therefore, there are many internal natural resources that are in motion at the service of the continuous evolution of life and that you can search internally.

Why do you seek the resources to balance your bodies and forget to find within you the best direction to balance them?

How many times have you worn out looking for those resources outside generating imbalances that shelled your natural resources?

You worry with the water on the planet, the source from where you are drinking, you forget to purify your inner water, a force or one of the springs of life that you have within you.

Why are we talking about that? Because there is a life that needs to be preserved: inside you. She is part of the planet.

You are responsible for taking care of these forces that are within you . They are learning - with the wisdom of your souls - to take care of that inner land: your little piece of soil, we can say so. There is wealth in your soil, in your water. So how to care for this water to remain pure? How to make it rise and evaporate to bring rain to your plantations?
You must take care with love of these internal sources, because they are also of the planet. It will surprise you with the beauty of this learning, which teaches you to work with love to take care of this precious piece of the divine nature in you and at the same time so important for the whole.
Thus, you can look at your partners with much love and recognize that they are also looking to do the same as you . Each of you has a part of this great spring of life and when you help each other, when you contribute to your actions, they are donated with this love that recognizes the value of this work that so many Divine Beings are doing with you. When you donate your part with this love, you are adding an infinite, revolutionary force that opens all the floodgates that were supporting the natural force of your being.

You have infinite strength within you. You can only size it, value it, through your own experience, and it is she who should be donated. Thus you relearn the value of exchange, of addition, of union, of sharing.

This society where you are living is closed eyes with this reality . That is why so many suffer for the resources that are not reaching everyone, with justice and dignity, to meet the needs that everyone has to live within the conditions that the real values ​​of the soul need to be implanted on Earth.

If you are here at this stage, you are agents of this action, you are agents of this transformation. That's why we are here, happy for your presence. You know the objectives of this work. You know that everyone is going through difficult times and that this system - which you call financial - needs to be transformed into new values. And what are you but agents of this action when you work for your small part?
By valuing their internal springs they will know the value of the exchange, they will know how to implant in the external life new forces, fruits of your experience, fruits of your natural action. This natural action is necessary to reorganize the life of this society. She is in transformation, she is in transmutation, she is in purification.
When you are present in this internal action, you are being agents of this external transformation; but you must carry with you your humility, which has the force of expression when you value your real work.
Your experience teaches you to break through all the barriers that formed those true dikes, which closed the floodgates of your strength, that imprisoned the light that illuminates your nature, causing there to be a loss of notion of the force that is in the essences.

You have essences, essences that there is no way to compare; That is why you must always remember that unity, the force of living, natural communion, is a great revolution . She opens roads, she rebuilds the foundations in a society. Because she brings the strength of that divine essence that is in each one and that is enriched by the experience of each one: that it is odd, that it does not match any other.
Your experience has the beauty and richness of your career; That is why every tiny action that teaches you to share and take care of this nature strengthens your abilities, your wealth, which there is also no way to compare: it is unique and essential for the evolution of the Earth. The Earth needs this force for the world to be transformed, for the world to be renewed. Thus, the essential values ​​of the life of the soul will be rooted in the Earth and will rebuild a new society, a new civilization, where new pillars, new principles are firmly signed on Earth.

This action does not happen alone. You are doing this revolutionary work together with the great Christ Revolution.

You have been called for a long time! Your human consciousness is growing, your sensitivity is growing so that you can recognize that the action of your souls is implanting a new life force in your inner land.
They are your pillars that are being built.
There is no storm on this planet that can tear down a life that is being built with these pillars. They are the pillars of the divine principles that are in the spirit, in the soul, and that are basing your eternal, infinite life, bringing the necessary strength to house love unconditional.

This unconditional love cannot be conceived by theories, but you can feel the drop of this love present inside you every time you pick yourself up or when you are in connection with your teachers or connected to the love of your angels or other beings of Light. It matters what is the Being of Light that touches you to rediscover the strength of this love. This Being of Light helps you in the continuity of its construction because you are building a true temple internally to house the light of this love.

Does the essence of this love need to be saved? Why stay closed?

We are talking about the great spring of life, of love, of peace, of light! They are building your inner temple to receive all your companions.
Through him you traffic all the ways that help you work, act, learn, donate and share this great love that moves the life of this planet.
It is a great source of strength, of love.

Today I would like you to get out of here by reformulating your concepts of this natural, internal and divine life. The planet is needing its children to resume the natural life of the soul.
But you have to get out of the labels, the concepts that have been sold by the outside world and reconstruct your experience with the real experience of your inner life, with your own nature, with this great source of life, strength and love. that is within your being.

This is the little piece of land that you need to take care of. By learning through this experience, you will be helping the planet to rebuild, to retake so many resources that were destroyed, taken and torn from this Earth because of ignorance about the value of this natural action we are talking about.

It doesn't make much sense to be impressed with the news from the outside world; They are the result of what we are talking about.
Many resources of the Earth have been uprooted by the ambiguities of the experience with natural life, which is sacred, divine, and that gives each one the great wealth of rediscovering all the true potentials that nourish life.

You are part of this action. You are agents of this revolution that is ongoing.

You dialogue with your teachers on this subject; Share with your classmates about this topic. It is time to share everything that has nurtured you internally, that teaches you and that strengthens you. It is this wealth that you need to share. The dividing and destructive forces will weaken the life of this planet and also its sacred soil; they will contaminate the waters of the planet and also your inner water. They will create shadows in your sun, in your nature and will make you lose even the notion of the perfume that this full life has.

Then you have to value what you have inside of you. And that is what you need to share again. Earth needs these forces.
That's why we are happy for you. For responding to this action, for recognizing the true sacred and divine nature that is within you.

Share these experiences so that these energies have the strength to expand and transform the world out there.
You take care of yourself, of your land. It is your house, it is the construction of your temple, it is where you welcome all souls and commune with all souls. That is why we are proposing that you dialogue with your teachers, with your angels, with the souls they are teaching you, orienting you to reconstruct the value of life.

May my love be with you!


Part 2 - of the channeled class “LIVING TO CHRISTIAN FLAVOR”
Escola da Síntese - Granja Viana - October 30, 2016
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PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of


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