Message from Sant Germain: Open your hearts to follow the Divine Plan

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Thanks to the rebirth of humanity you will be able to be in direct contact again with your Higher Consciousness 2 These pillars are present with you in order to expand your Love in this world 3 We invite you to accept it since practice it by loving yourself, since in certain cases, you stop loving yourself and give importance to superficial things 4 Say enough and leave behind all that does not fulfill any positive purpose in your spiritual journey

We thank you for allowing us this new contact with you, beloved beings of light, who have taken the time to receive the following message.

We are together with you with the purpose of helping you and giving you certain guides so that you know what is to come and what you must do. Although, it is necessary to mention that we do not have the authority to interfere in the free will that you possess, since it is your choice, that this Transformation in the world and humanity will take place.

Understand what we want to tell you, since there are a lot of superior beings within the minds of those brothers and sisters who ask us and pray during their prayers, an answer that tells them what they should do. And it is precisely to respond to these requests, that we invite you to open your hearts to see what we place before your eyes so that you follow the Divine Plan and know what you have to do and what is the purpose you have when choosing to incarnate within this world and above all, during these times of change and rebirth for humanity

Thanks to the rebirth of humanity, they will be able to be in direct contact with their Higher Consciousness

We are always at your side to guide you during that inner journey that is part of your earthly experience. You could say that we are the "Masters" who are in charge of guiding your apprentices until they truly know how to fulfill their purpose and as Masters we instill in you strength of your will, encouragement in your Hearts and understanding so that you can understand us, of This way of being inner, you will reconnect with your conscience and what you really are.

Some of their brothers and sisters have managed to awaken and see the Divine Reality that is behind the veil that involves the duality of the Earth, they have the opportunity to send energies and promote the awakening of Consciousness in the rest of their brothers. Both the Word and Reality are being incarnated with greater force within their world, thanks to those Beings of Light who are in charge of awakening their peers, by becoming Pillars for the new world, that is, for the new Jerusalem.

These pillars are present with you in order to expand your Love in this world.

It is necessary that they be aware that once again they have to look face to face with the Love that the beings of light constantly offer us, which we find in higher planes of existence. They have to observe without feeling fear, since they are before a love that turns them into beings that are deeply loved.

We know that some of you feel fear when faced with this love and this is because you have a bad image of Love ; However, the Love we send to you is the purest that exists since it comes from the Source, so we ask you to accept it and experience it. It is not about the romantic and / or joyful Love that many of you wish to feel during most of your earthly lives, but a pure and innocent love that represents the great strength that the Divine Light possesses.

We invite you to accept it and practice it by loving yourself, since in certain cases, you stop loving yourself and give importance to superficial things

Speaking in terms that are easy for them to understand about the spiritual evolution they have had lately, we could say that they recently left adolescence behind and now they are waking up and understanding what it means to grow; nevertheless, we must ask them to be willing to become adults quickly, since as adults, they need to be aware of the Divine Reality in which they find themselves and, above all, the impact so great that they are capable of causing in human beings. They are around you.

To each of you who are taking the time to receive our message and pay attention to all our words, we tell you that for some time this powerful energy that emanates from Love has begun to emanate from you, since it has been throbbing within the center of their Being and being aware of it and opening themselves to the new Reality, they have managed to advance a little more in their spiritual journey and reach an energetic level, which allows them to have some impact on the people around them and, events that take place within your world.

We have talked about this very often, but unfortunately, as we mentioned and must repeat, in order to have the ability to change the world and have a positive impact on it and everything that inhabits it, it is required that you face love and accept it as essential energy for the functioning of everything that exists.

Many of you, unfortunately, continue to return to the low energies that inhabit your world, to try to slow down your process of evolution and ascension, in order to remain longer as prisoners of the low energy frequencies of the Earth, of the which have been slaves for so long, and now they are afraid to break free.

To them we say that it is enough, that in their interior there is the willpower they need to break those chains and move towards the liberation of their spirit, through the Light that lives within each human being. Enough is all they must say, when faced with those lies that do not allow them to move forward, it is enough to be imprisoned by ancient chains created by low powers, unable to feel Love.

Say enough and leave behind all that does not fulfill any positive purpose in your spiritual journey

Show the world that you want both Truth and Divine Reality to direct your lives within the Earth and that love be present every day you spend in this world. Make your desire evident that the Divine Light will pass and be reflected in you to allow you to radiate the Love that is in your hearts.

I ask you to really listen to this message and accept the Love that we send you daily, because through it, we want to guide you and make you feel how much we love you and not only us, but also the Great Source . Within you there is much Love, which you have left locked up as if it were a bird that is a prisoner inside a golden cage, so we beg you to open the door of that cage and allow that bird to fly around the world, so that he distributes his Love to each being that is along his flight no matter where he goes.

Do not allow such a powerful energy to remain enclosed within your physical bodies, but release it and allow it to shine with all the strength of your hearts.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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