Maitreya's message: Love gives itself, shares and enlightens every being

  • 2018

Beloved Hearts of Light, I invite you to enter the Splendor of the Triple Flame of your hearts, to visualize the Splendor of light and love within you. Know these three llamas, blue, golden yellow and pink . Let them expand, multiply in your heart chakra and in your body. Let this energy of Love connect you with the superior understanding of Soma Christou, the Body of Christ in you .

Dear hearts of light, this energy is that of the Mother's love, of Shekinah, you cannot imagine the splendor and brilliance of such a power of love . I invite you to connect to the Heart of Crystal Love of Mother Earth, Gaia. A connection to earth through the heart chakra, and you will receive the splendor of indescribable pure love Ain Soph O, to activate your physical, mental, emotional, etheric well-being and Urim Thummim, the Crystals of Light of Love.

I invite you to visualize the Star of David, the pyramid up, Ain Soph Gold, and the pyramid down, towards the Heart of Mother Earth. Stand inside this Star of David. Watch as the Metatron Cube calls the archangels in your own heart, so they can transmit, power, strength, courage and perseverance.

We make a call to the great Archangels to surround this Metatron Cube, in the Star of David where you are. We will say four times:


Uriel Yod Hey Hey VOD



With this energy you also raise your Third Eye, where the Seven Flames of the Elohim, the Creator Gods, shine

Use the infinite love energy of the Creators of Life in you, so that you can receive the understanding and manifestation of the Divine Plan. For estome show the Eye of Horus in rainbow colors. It is this radiation that the B'nai Or, the B'nai Elohim, uses to transmit through you, an energy of Love more powerful for Humanity .

This energy is that of Ain Soph Gold's love that, through Shekinah and the Cosmic Christ in yourselves, reflects and realizes a vibrational elevation of your physical body and your Light Body. It is necessary to anchor this physical body in Love of the Heart of Mother Earth. Understand that this anchor is necessary so that you can access the Light of the Christian Super-I within you .

For your body to become a Christified Body, the Divine Love of Ain Soph Gold is the key to transformation and vibrational elevation. There are currently many techniques used to activate the energies, whether Kundalini or the repetition of the Divine Names, of the Christian Super-I region. It is a Grace that is transmitted to you and given by Love, when you recognize the same principle of Life, of the light in you, who gave you life, who maintains your life, allows you to change and raise vibration in the dimensional Ascension.

This world is now destined to transform and rise vibrationally

The feminine Divine Names have an activity of transformation and vibrational elevation, of which you are not yet able to understand the true meaning of what their words can achieve. That is why the energy of the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Presence of the Mother in all its aspects, allows you to integrate, understand and perform a vibrational transformation of your Being, so that your mind can open up to an understanding superior to through the wisdom of the Triple Flame .

Melchizedek is present with you to protect you from the lower energies that try again and again to destabilize you in the realization of your own inner Light. Melchizedek as a Paralemptor, they are also assigned to collect the energy of light from all these beings, from all these souls in transformation.

Dear hearts of light, it is necessary that Michael, the protector of faith, be present every day to understand and transform your life, in an environment where the entropy of this world tries to discourage you and take you to the personal ego that always wants to be right and seeks to reject a higher understanding .

In ancient times, the energy of the fallen has always tried to avoid the illumination of the individual and collective soul . And now, the time has come when these energies of Light of Ain Soph O, manifested throughout the Celestial Hierarchy, are ready to help this humanity to rise and transform itself vibrationally and be in this Dimensional Ascension.

Beloved Hearts of Light, you are among those who are destined not only to help this Earth to transform and rise, but also to be Pillars of Light for its Brothers and Sisters.

Then they give you this energy, courage and power to realize it

Understanding that you are from the Source of Light of Ain Soph Gold, and you are on this Earth to experience in a school of Light and not continue working in a physical body, or return to reincarnations that will now stop Enn, in this cycle of experimentation. When we talk about reincarnations that have to stop, it is about understanding that at some point the soul passes a graduation exam, not by judgment, but by the ability of what could have worked, performed or manifested in the past and in the present.

The Celestial Hierarchy provides immense help so that each soul can find its place in the higher worlds, regardless of past experiences. The being that is driven now in Love and Light, has the ability to work in worlds of Light whose beauty and splendor you cannot imagine.

And it is up to you to bring this Light, not in a kind of demonstration of strength and power, but in which Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Peace, Serenity are transmitted through you and encourage beings to accept to open their hearts and seek salvation within themselves. The energy of Mashiah, which is the Messiah that has been anchored in us, is also that energy that allows beings to open, transform and rise vibrationally.

The Angels, the Archangels, the Brotherhoods of Light, the Beings of Light, all those to whom they appeal in their hearts, respond to your request and that of humanity. Beloved Hearts of Light, you are offered the hand to rise and transform yourself . The Love that is transmitted to you, either by Mother Earth or Ain Soph Gold, is always a Grace, a Gift, a Light that develops in you.

Simply, transmit, share, illuminate, project that Love . The love that is given and shared enlightens each Being. Beloved Hearts of Light, you have the opportunity to radiate all that Heavenly Hierarchy invoked in your Hearts. Maitreya sends you this love, accompanied by the love of the Cosmic Christ and of Mary, Queen of Heaven.

Beloved Hearts of Light, be blessed. They are loved beyond what they can imagine . It is the energy of Love and Light of Maitreya that are expressed in the words pronounced by Orionis.

Adonaí Amen. Thank you.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Bernard Fuchs


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