Jesus Sananda: I'm With You To Relieve Your Burdens

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, November 28, 2018

I remind you that even when you need to face negative events, they don't have to drag you down ...

Jesus Sananda

Greetings dear! I AM Jesus Sananda, I am your brother and close family, always with you and by your side. Our bond is strong, and our loving connection is unbreakable and untouchable because wherever you travel, I am with you.

It doesn't matter if they are floating and swimming in love and everything is developing in the way they want, in an expected way. Or if they are traveling on a more rocky road where there are chains of unfortunate events that come one after another in their lives.

Know that I am with you, not to take away the lessons, but to take away the burden, that self-imposed heaviness that comes from you that you feel that these events are not meant to be present in your lives. As you know, what matters is not what happens, but how they allow themselves to perceive what is happening.

Know that I am with you, not to take away the lessons, but to ease the burden.

The most important thing is their perspective of what is happening, and the desire to see more clearly within it, instead of accepting what the old conditioning has taken root in you, and in the rest of humanity, leading you to judge it as good. or bad They may not be able to see much at first, but when they call the mental body to help them look deeper into the subconscious and unconscious, they will find the reasons and the understanding.

But to see and hear the truth, to get that clarity, they need to work on the emotional body and let go, as soon as possible, the burden, especially when they feel that pull of disappointment and other feelings of low vibration that arise.

To get clarity you need to let go of the load.

I am with you to remind you that even when you need to face negative and less pleasant events, because you have planned them as such, you do not have to allow them to drag you down and thereby attract other incidental side effects of low vibration experiences. That does not mean that they will not shed tears of sadness, that they will not feel frustrated and impatient, or that sometimes they will feel exhausted and exhausted.

But don't let that consume you! Return to your place of balance, return to me in the sanctuary of your heart so that I can assure you that you are all well and that you are following the straight path of love, as you have promised. It is your intention to be the fullness and brightness of love that you are in every moment of your trip ... and that is what you see from where I look at each and every one of you.

Don't let low vibration experiences consume you.

And how are they doing it? Keeping consciousness constant, and letting go of any falsehood, and even the need to fight. Being powerful, as they are, does not mean that they have to fight against others to prove themselves, or that they can control what comes into their lives.

To be empowered is to have the knowledge that even negative situations are there to help them grow and accelerate their evolution and that they have a real choice in how to respond to them.

Seeing them ask the questions and looking inside for the answers on how to free themselves more, in the freedom of their true beings - pure love - is what makes me sing and laugh!

For my dear brothers and sisters, they are doing wonderfully well!

I leave you now with my hug and my love. Goodbye!

Jesus Sananda

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Jesus Sananda I am with you to take your burdens away away /

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