The arrival of the era of Love and Peace is about to arrive, be welcome

  • 2018

My children,

It is with great joy that I carry in my heart when every day I see you waking up, when every day you remember Me and our eternal connection. Once upon a time, where all of you had expressed the desire to play this game of separation, this game of life in illusion, this game full of drama and darkness. All of you have been playing and sleeping for centuries.

And now the human group, all my dear children, have decided to move on, evolve and stop playing . You have collectively decided to live in a higher dimension; live with a higher consciousness. You, my loves, announce the arrival of the era of Love, Unity and Peace . You have decided to consciously invoke this golden age on Earth and now the time has come for you to manifest your physical reality with your concentration, thoughts, words, feelings and actions, Because your vibrations create your reality.

The arrival of the era of Love, Unity and Peace is about to arrive

Always act as if you had already arrived and were living on this utopian planet called Earth, in a reality that will manifest itself even faster, because time does not exist. Time is a concept of lower dimension ; It is an illusion. In this eternal moment of NOW, the New Earth already exists and you all already live in it with great joy and purpose. Decide to actively listen to the New Earth every day and align your whole being with it. Follow your inner guidance and your feelings because they are your navigation tools, your own GPS.

Now I know it is a difficult challenge. I can already hear many of you asking the same question: “Father, how can I pretend and act as if I lived on a happy planet, full of love and peaceful when reality is the opposite? Just take a look at the news to see violence and other tragedies. There is so much suffering and so little happiness. Chaos is everywhere and sometimes I feel that the world is coming to an end. ”

My answer is: “My dear children, the world as you know it at this moment is coming to an end . What you see in the news is the last position of darkness against the light. Those who are and hide in the shade, who like to play the game of separation, a game of "power over others", are determined to fight until their last breath.

They know they are on the losing side and yet they are still fighting for domination

Then let me tell you a secret, my son. These souls that play the role of darkness have already lost, but they still don't know it! I have sent legions of angels, billions of helpers, guides and brothers and sisters of Galactic Light of highly evolved civilizations to help each of you to move to the fifth dimension. Failure is impossible. The event of the collective Ascension of humanity is inevitable . The change is in the air.

Don't forget that your main media only reports news that reduces your vibrations. News that aim to keep humanity alive in fear, lack and awareness of separation. There are so many things happening around the world, so many unreported positive changes that have gone unnoticed . All you have to do is set aside time to be “still” and go “inside” to discover this Higher Truth.

Most people in this world pray and choose Peace, Love and Unity

So don't feel sorry, angry or scared. Now is not the time to despair. It's time to celebrate! The chaos you see today is in fact the norm in a civilization like yours, a civilization that suffers a massive displacement of the smallest dimension to the largest. All aspects of human existence, from education, governments, energy, banks, commerce, monetary systems, religions and everything else, are undergoing changes Massive positives that will improve your way of life in the spirit of Love, Unity and Abundance for all.

It will begin to see more evidence of this in the near future.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento
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