What is the placebo effect?

  • 2017
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A placebo is anything that looks like a "real" medical treatment, but it isn't . It can be a pill, an injection, or some other "fake" treatment. Placebos have in common that they do not contain any active substance that affects health.

Placebos are widely used in laboratory tests when they are trying a new medicine. Some of the volunteers are given the new medicine and the others are given a placebo, but everyone thinks they are taking the medicine .

When the test is finished, they compare the results of both groups to know exactly the effects or contraindications of the medication.

What is the placebo effect really?

The placebo effect is when a person who is ingesting a placebo, says they feel different since they are taking it . You may feel better or worse or have other symptoms. But he feels that the treatment is causing something in his body .

Placebo is used in some diseases such as depression, pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and menopause. It has even been used in the treatment of asthma.

How does the placebo effect work?

It is about the relationship of the mind with the body. The placebo focuses on the mind, especially affects the person's psyche. Put in your mind the idea that with that medicine can be cured. When the person expects the pill to do something, his own body causes some effect.

The stronger a person believes that this medication will work, the more impressive the effect of placebo . It all depends on the patient's own belief . Hence the power of the mind is so evident.

The placebo is you

Based on the scientific facts of the placebo effect, Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of the book You are the placebo , inspires us to explore the miracles that our body is capable of generating . His own life experience has proved it. Dispenza suffered an accident in which six vertebrae of his spine were destroyed . At that time he faced the need to put into practice what he only knew in theory: that our bodies have an innate intelligence that allows healing . He focused on visualizing his spine regenerating itself every day, there in the hospital, motionless, with nothing but his mind and conviction. He accomplished what doctors thought impossible.

Once we understand that our bodies renew themselves we can steer the process intentionally . The renewal of cells, sugar and cholesterol levels, the proteins that our body generates, neurotransmitters. Our body is constantly renewing.

The transformation

Joe Dispenza invites us to use the power of our mind in our own healing.

We do not need to believe in something external, in something that is outside of ourselves such as a pill and a doctor who tells us that it will work . But we believe in ourselves, in the power of our being, our thoughts and our mind.

Through examples of people who managed to get amazing results, it leads us to understand that we can manifest outside, what we believe in our thoughts, and feel with our emotions .

Instead of letting the outside world affect us, we can change the outside if we focus on our inner world. Just as many of his students got it, they changed their biology with their thoughts . It was not just a mental experience, but it was reflected in his body and in his brain.

The meditation

The practice to achieve the effect that is sought in the body, which in this case is healing, is through meditation. Dispenza suggests that the most appropriate moments to meditate are in the morning as soon as we wake up and just before going to bed at night .

To access the unlimited potential you have you must shed your thoughts about who you are, what you do, what plans you have for today, forget your body, become for a moment pure consciousness.

This article does not give medical recommendations. Consult your doctor for any questions.

DRAFTING: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

REFERENCES: Joe Dispenza. (2014). You Are the Placebo - Making Your Mind Matter. California: There is House.

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