How to charge yourself with good energy, eliminate negativity and prevent energy imbalances

  • 2019
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"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting with old things, but on building something new."

- Socrates

Do you know why it is important to know how to charge yourself with good energy ?

In these times, we are completely subject to the energy exchange with everything that surrounds us, whether spaces, objects or people. This being such, we must learn to clean the negative energy that influences us and build a more positive environment and personality to be able to travel our lives in the best way.

Fortunately, there are many practical ways to carry out such an important task, attacking this problem from all possible angles. So get ready, we are going to take a trip through the world of energies and see how this exchange affects us and builds us constantly, so that anyone can understand how to be charged with good energy .

Things that affect our energy

The human being is a social being, we all know that. And it is in this state of community that we constantly exchange our ideas, our emotions and our thoughts. In this way we connect with our peers to form links and functional groups within which we can develop as a person .

What we often neglect is that these thoughts, ideas and emotions naturally have an energetic charge that is spread, and that can be fed or weakened according to the interactions of our environment.

That is why it is necessary to know how to be charged with good energy to restore the state of equilibrium after any influence that can get us out of our balance, and believe me that we are vulnerable to these types of situations all the time .

Any situation of violence, any pessimistic comment, any environment in which vitality is scarce, are examples of things that can affect our energy level .

Keep in mind that each one has a certain amount of energy per day that is also recharged through sleep and feeding hours. But the energy limits that are managed are also flexible, and can be stretched or shortened according to the exchanges that one favors throughout his life.

And that is where the ability and knowledge that each one has to come into play to find out how to be charged with good energy, and free yourself and avoid bad influences.

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How to get rid of bad energy

If you feel down lately, it may be a good idea to put some strategies into practice to clear yourself of the negative energies that may be acting on your person.

For that, some of the recommendations are:

- Take care of your body . Fundamental, anyone who wants to know how to charge good energy, should keep in mind that this is like the fuel under which our body and our mind will carry out their daily tasks. Try to start at the beginning and make sure you include rest hours and eating habits in the focus of your attention. If you have trouble sleeping, relaxation audios can be great allies. As for food, be disciplined.

- Clean and order your space . It is known that when our environment is chaotic and messy, it is a reflection of chaos and disorder in the state of our mind . Start with the easiest and put everything in its place, you will see how comfortable you feel when your environment is in harmony.

- Print a big smile on your face . However counterintuitive it may seem, and as difficult and stupid as it feels at the beginning, this is a golden rule. No one could talk about how to charge yourself with good energy without mentioning the smile as one of the most efficient weapons in the field. And it is that laughter causes changes in our physiology. That way, it has the ability to cause a change in our mood and in the frequency in which we vibrate that would leave most therapists out of work.

- Avoid negative people . This is also a golden rule: If the energies are exchanged, take care with what people you see every day. Filter those whose conversations always revolve around everything that is wrong in the world, or how they are victims of circumstances. Eliminate people in your circle that cause changes in your mood for the worse. And for this it will be good to trust your intuition and pay attention to how you feel after each interaction.

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How to charge good energy

Now, once one succeeds in minimizing the external sources of his energy discomfort, the second thing to program are those practices that favor and strengthen positive energy .

Here are some tips for this:

- It involves the movement . Think about starting recreational activities that circulate the blood. Remember that energy also flows into our body, flooding each of our organs and tissues. Physical exercise will be a great ally. If you are not the athlete type, go cycling, or walking. End sedentary lifestyle.

- Surround yourself with those people who have a positive outlook on life . Those who laugh, play and ultimately make your day brighter. Listen to them, ask them questions, and try to flood yourself with their way of seeing the world. Remember that you are the result of the 5 closest people in your circle, so choose wisely.

- Meditate . If what you are interested in knowing is how to charge yourself with good energy, we cannot stop talking about this practice. Meditation is the most direct and effective way to get in touch with oneself . And you don't need more than two minutes of your time every day to get started in this practice (eventually, after a reasonable time, you will feel the need to increase your time yourself). Close your eyes. What do you hear? What sensations wake up inside you? Two minutes, you don't need more.

- Keep your spaces ventilated . Don't let them get addicted with old, heavy air. Let the air circulate, so you will prevent accumulation in your environment that can stagnate.

- Again, keep your diet and rest up to date. This is a one-way road, which departing from will always be a potential trigger of discomfort.

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Attracting good energy to your life

When one begins to look for how to be charged with good energy, it is inevitable to talk about the internal processes that are going through. Since bad habits, if repeated enough time, will be programmed in our brain to perform automatically. However, these can also be rescheduled, although it is not an easy task. The recommendations are as follows:

- Learn to be grateful . Spend about 5 minutes of your day to thank what you have, the skills you enjoy and the people who love you. Thanks for the rest, for the new day, for being able to learn new things, because you are alive. While at first you may not think of many things to be grateful for, it only begins and soon you will not believe how lucky you really are.

- Learn to love you . When we think about how to charge ourselves with good energy, we cannot ignore this point. We all have difficulties and defects, we all make mistakes and get hurt in the process. We all do what we can with what we have. Welcome to the club. Identify those things that make you unique and celebrate them, as well as those that you would like to change and get down to work. Take time for yourself, because if you don't take care of yourself, you don't know yourself and you don't love yourself, nobody will do it for you.

Learn to forgive . Forgive people and events. Life is not easy, it is not fair, and it is totally beyond our control. Life is suffering, as the Buddha says, and adds the cause of that suffering is attachment . Let it go, get over it. Life is much brighter on the other side of fear, anger and pain, and it is waiting for you.

The world awaits you, until you decide to go for it.

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