Bach flowers: Elm (Elm)

  • 2018

Be welcome to a new journey through the wonderful world of Bach flowers. This therapy was formulated by Dr. Bach years ago and helps people return to their balanced states when they have a personal or emotional problem. In the current entry we focus on Elm, also called elm . Can you come with us?

What is Elm?

The characteristic of Olmo people is their excessive self-demand . They are beings who feel overwhelmed by an excess of responsibility that overflows them and cannot control.

People who are in a negative state of Olmo generally assume more responsibilities than they can bear and come to be considered essential, which further increases their commitment.

Personality characteristics Olmo

Olmo people are perfectionists in their work and that leads them to stressful situations and difficult control, because excess responsibility causes them tension and fatigue.

Naturally and after situations of this type, it results in an intense discouragement because they prove that they will not be able to perform all the tasks with which they committed.

The corrected aspect that the taking of the Bach Olmo Flower achieves is self-confidence . Achieve the necessary control of situations to be able to see where you can really get overworked.

Generally, people who are responsible tend to take on tasks that do not really correspond to them . His personality means that they can carry many people on their backs, without realizing that they fully absorb all their energy.

That weariness overwhelms and the moment comes when they no longer feel able to move forward . That weakening corresponds to the negative properties of the Bach Olmo Flower.

Elm: the liberating Bach Flower

It is in the weaknesses of the negative state where the flower of Olmo helps those who give so much of themselves, with so much responsibility and commitment, and now they are in a moment in which they doubt deeply if they will be able to fulfill the immense responsibilities that have been self-imposed

The people who are included in the field of action of the Flor de Bach Olmo are very reliable . They are knowledgeable about what they do, very capable and constant in everything they want to undertake.

Entrepreneurs, professionals and organizers of all kinds who have staff in their care, or are in positions of high responsibility, may be surprised by a generalized burden characteristic of this flower.

Regardless of the activity performed, Olmo people cannot understand that it is an overload and not a disability.

This flower expands the heart center so that love can circulate in both directions, giving and receiving.

The Elm undoes the energy blockages of the heart area and in particular those of the spine in the middle of the back, so that normal flow to the coronary chakra is restored.

Elm ensures that the mind does not control the heart and that the intensity and power of the thought that these people generally possess does not nullify the power of their higher Self.

Bach called Elm "the surgeon's flower", as it is usual for these specialists to go through a moment in their lives where they are burdened with the responsibility of having lives in their hands.

Olmo is a flower of fire . Re-locate people on earth and give them the certainty that the help they are looking for will come from the depths of their own being.

Seen in Flores de Bach, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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