Message Archangel Anael: Beloved incarnate souls we will help you to open your hearts much more

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 During this time we wish to invite you to come into contact with the consciousness of Mother Earth, with Gaia, Mother of all humanity. 2 I do not like the world the way it is today, it has ceased to please me ... 3 No Divine Law indicates such a thing! 4 They must take the movement and remain centered!

We bless each of you, dear angels of the Earth, beloved incarnated souls, and this time, since you accept us and come to us with confidence, we will help you to open your hearts much more .

In the past, their souls were suffocated because of so many fears, and now they scream to be completely free; This is because at this time, they are really ready to fully open the doors of their hearts . At this moment they are truly ready to see directly towards their ego and not feel the desire to judge and / or judge themselves; since they are ready not only to understand it, but also to understand the reason for their reactions, as well as their attitudes .

During this time we wish to invite you to come into contact with the consciousness of Mother Earth, with Gaia, Mother of all humanity.

Are you aware that each of your open hearts generates an immense wave of energy that comes directly from Love? It is a great wave that promotes the rise of human beings towards a level of higher vibrations, where they can reach a greater consciousness to accept, and understand another type of reality different from what they know.

Because of your creative intelligence, you beloved brothers, have a great responsibility within the planet you inhabit and with every kind of life that exists in it. Although minerals, plants, animals and the Earth itself can continue to exist without you, the truth is that you, the human beings, are the only ones capable of creating live experiences, so you have the right to say:

"I don't like the world the way it is today, it has stopped pleasing me"

Dear brothers, no matter who you are, where you live or in what way or how you live these experiences, you all possess not only the opportunity, but also the right to say: “ What I have generated throughout my life together with the other beings that are around me have stopped liking me . ” Remember that there is no divine law that establishes and / or imposes that you have to live suffering, difficulty and fear .

No Divine Law indicates such a thing!

Obviously, there is a law that establishes that what is sown is harvested; it is a law of attraction that indicates that when exhaling fear, everything that is harvested is related to that fear, however, it consists of a law that is more general if compared with respect the law of fear, since it is a law of cause and effect .

Currently, this law is subject to a really strong energy, at least within the planet Earth and that great energy provides the opportunity to move quickly between the time of the cause and that of the effect. There are causes that are really distant, ancestral causes that do not belong to the being that they are at the moment, but that they are karmic causes, which are part of the human luggage that you all carry.

These causes are subject to the same energy impulse and the same speed, so in this period of existence they have the opportunity to completely get rid of them! leaving behind what they were in the past, and fully understand, that their thoughts are creative agents.

The speed of configuration of these causes, consists of an acceleration that is a completely natural phenomenon, since it allows the next phenomenon to occur, that is, a harmonious transition between one and another vibrational frequency. Now I send them the following image, they have been away from home for a long time and finally return home. There is some impatience in you, you are happy to return home, so as you get closer to your houses, your pace increases more without you being able to perceive it.

During this process of evolution that they are experiencing, they have managed to get closer to their Origin as they go on this journey, and then some kind of haste is generated. It is a rise in energy, so it is necessary that they remain perfectly centered in their hearts, in order to accommodate acceleration and precipitation, without getting caught up in this movement.

They must take the movement and remain centered!

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to welcome that energy that will be present during this day, accepting it with total confidence and giving you the opportunity to open a path of communication . Allow yourself to be shaken from your beliefs and your truth, understanding that shaking does not refer to suffering or losing all the ground traveled, on the contrary, being shaken, you have the opportunity to remember that you are very well anchored. Being shaken means having the opportunity to wake up.

If we appear before you more and more and through numerous messengers, we do so with the purpose of inviting you to join with the higher vibrations that are around you, so that you can get rid of all those feelings of inferiority that have. All of you, like your ancestors, have been looking for a merciful, forgiving and almighty God in heaven for quite some time.

However, through the experience of separation within you, known as " Duality, " you moved away from your inner God allowing other beings to take power and keep you within the belief of an almighty God who is not only very away, but also outside of you.

You must see and understand that that God who so much seeks in heaven is within each living being and through the energetic vibrations around him, they have the opportunity to get in touch with him, to acquire greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Superior Plan of humanity. In the name of Almighty God, you must understand and accept that all of you are Divine Vibration, and as such, you have the ability to change the world you inhabit and transmute the energies that surround you.

We are next to you to illuminate and guide your path, so that you can reach ascension more easily; each of the interventions we make in their lives and the messages we bring to them, are intended to illuminate their path to allow them to easily meet the God within them and the Great Source, from which all the divine power that He has every way of life, we are here to help them to meet their origins again.

Beloved souls, the radiance they possess is infinite ! since within this radiance is the Infinite Source that belongs to the Unconditional Love of the Great Creative Source. Beloved beings of Light, we bless you greatly and send you our Infinite Love, which belongs to you.

We love you unconditionally and thank you for the welcome you give us.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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