Message from Quan Yin: The Next Great Change of Gaia and Humanity

  • 2018

Channeled by Linda Li

Dear hearts, I am Quan Yin . Today I come with important news. Divinity has decreed that the great change of the planet is going extremely well. In all aspects, the Ascension of Gaia is going quite well. According to the Divine plan, at this moment, Gaia and the Ascension of humanity are about to change, a change we have all been waiting for.

For that, Divinity has given all lightworkers a warning. The Divine warned all lightworkers to remain vigilant, alert, and to watch over Gaia and humanity with great compassion and await the changes that would come. That is the call, and that is why I am sending this Divine decree today.

I love you, dear hearts, I am Quan Yin. The reason why the Divine has received enough warnings is because literally Gaia and humanity have reached a turning point. In other words, things can change overnight. We have to know and wait.

Gaia and humanity have reached a turning point.

All light workers need to hear this call and remain vigilant. The planet has reached a place where everything is possible. In other words, the Ascension of planet Earth has reached a point where all kinds of changes have to occur and we hope they happen soon. Therefore, the key is to stay alert and pay attention to upcoming changes. That is the message.

In recent changes and movements, the Divine realized that all the changes that have occurred over the past two years have led us to this point. In other words, we have successfully brought the planet to a higher realm ; that is, the changes had to happen, we had to go through it so that the new could come. As a result, Gaia rose significantly, and now she is very happy and happy. That is why, Divinity and the company of heaven, are extremely happy with our work, and feel very happy with the result.

It is necessary that Gaia release stuck energy.

That said, we still have a lot of work to do . Gaia still has a lot to release so that healing can occur. Yes, now he is safe. Now he is happier. But, in a broader sense, it still has many energies stuck, which means it needs to release many souls, and that part has to happen soon.

Gaia knows that he needs to let go of the old, especially the old energies that do great damage to the planet . But due to the complicated relationships that these old energies have with Gaia, Divinity and humanity, Divinity and Gaia had decided to wait until the end to release those old energies.

And now is the time.

Now is the time when Gaia has to release these old energies so that we can raise her another bit, raise humanity, so that the Divine plan can move forward. We are at the moment when Divinity has decided to let go of these old energies. Gaia has to listen to the call and release these energies. You have been holding these energies for eons. Now is the time for Gaia to let them go. That is the message. Once again, Divinity is ready, as is humanity. Gaia knows it, and we need to work with Gaia to let them go and let it happen.

I love you dear ones. In the coming days, we expect many changes to occur, especially changes related to Gaia and humanity. In terms of how these changes will manifest, I would say, stay tuned, dear hearts.

Stay in your heart center, let the changes come, go with the flow.

Everything is in divine order, everything will be fine. Relax and let it happen. That is all they need to do, and that is what is needed right now.

I love you, dear hearts, I am Quan Yin. So is.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Li (2018) Quan Yin ~ The Upcoming Great Shift of Gaia and Humanity. 04/09/2018. Love has won.

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