Elohim - Super Human DNA Updates

  • 2015

They are being updated, beyond what your human mind can understand. His physique has activated sleeping codes that will totally transform his Being as he was once known.

Everything they saw out there in their human reality has always existed inside.

Their human machines are just a fraction of what they possess inside. These updates move many of you beyond the human and your human treatments only interfere and deplete your system for what is being done now. These encodings were programmed into his Etheric Adam Kadmon Template, now activated to create a superhuman race.

His previous abilities were only one aspect of what is coming while activating and integrating.

Your human perception is interfering and your attempts to "fix" what is being repaired and restructured only create a reverse effect while you repair. Their human "fixes" overload and deplete, and to update them they must be turned off to allow purification to occur.

You perceive that something is different, that something is happening, yet you may not know exactly what. Trust that you have within you the ability for everything to be healed. Their job, if they want to, is to help and allow, instead of continually interfering (inter-fear) (T: "inter-fear" "in the midst of fear). Yes, fear is the underlying human need to control, to fix what was diminished by your human experience here.

However, you are entering a time, where repair is as instantaneous as you allow your stellar particles to restructure at the sub-atomic level . When repairing and restructuring its interior, its “exterior” must also be restructured. Your physical world is nothing but a holographic transmission from within, then materialized into particles of light at the same frequency that your Unified Being sustains it.

These updates are part of the original design, one that is accelerated with each energy update after what you called Ascension . Many of you have expanded beyond this “stadium” now, and receive and integrate new “parts” that will evolve as you do. Their minds will connect like a computer, and they will not sleep as they once knew him. Now they clean old human timelines and turn off to receive, remember and re-initiate. Your human will try to hang on to the old programs, and this will continue as their frequencies increase, more than they have seen so far.

This is your original programming . Nothing out there is a threat to you now. The only threat to face is the lack that still exists in human minds. Those who have come to realize the lack is a human condition, they have transcended this mentally and now dominate what seemed before out of reach. They also bring to light old memories and knowledge to share with others to create what many perceive as "new." You understand that this is not "new", although your human words limited you to this use. Sharing their knowledge with each other is how they will give birth to what will "save" their Humanity.

In the coming days they will connect "a" and we will become visible as well. First telepathically, as many of you have experienced, then holographically to facilitate this transition. Its vibrational frequency is how you see us, because we have always been here. The more they focus on integration, the more "soon" visibility will happen. What materializes is done from a transmission within you, so you will see what you activate so that it appears in your hologram. They have always had that access, but only now have they reached a "time" where they can do this at will .

For now we finish this transmission, to resume it very soon. WE prepare them to see what they have the ability to activate, transmit from within. By linking with others, this transmission will become stronger and create the new hologram that everyone is looking for. From your human perspective this materializes, however from our perspective you evolve now and have finally arrived here.

We have used their human words, so that they can relate and understand them. These are only terms in your human language, and WE ask that you keep a detached interpretation when you read and absorb this. Don't get stuck in specifications, because understanding is everything WE want to translate here. We offer this as a guide to assist you in your expanded evolution now. WE are also within all of you, encoded in what is now activated.

End of stream. WE are You - WE are The Elohim

TRANSLATION: Aleojah Silah (Shanti)

AUTHOR: Lisa Transcendence Brown

SEEN AT: https://www.awakeningtoremembering.com

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