The road to peace in the world

  • 2017

Is peace a real possibility?

Over the centuries the most evolved human beings have experienced the deep desire to achieve peace, but until today it has only been an unrealized desire.

Is peace possible or is it just a utopia?

I want to believe that peace in the world is possible, but it is impossible to achieve it based on war. It is impossible to achieve while we have ideas, flags, religions, soccer teams and other things to fight for. It is difficult to achieve as long as we have to defend something before others. While we want to be right or impose our truth, peace will depart from us and the world in which we live.

Peace can only extend in the world from the inside out, that is, from the inside of each individual to the outside world that surrounds it.

The ego and the peace

It is the ego of the human being that needs to prove something, it is the ego that needs battles and wars in which to fight. Our spirit, the divine part in each one of us, has no need to defend anything or to attack anyone.

Only when we stop listening to our ego a little less and observe more closely what our soul tries to tell us, can we begin the true path to inner peace and towards the creation of a peaceful world.

Our ego prevents us from seeing how easy a life would be in which respect for ourselves and others will guide our steps. It would be enough for respect to be imposed above opinions and judgments to generate a much more peaceful world than we have now.

Peace, today, is shown as a utopia of difficult realization, it is an illusion, whose realization does not seem simple. But that's because we look at the world and think that something has to go very wrong with him to be as he is. It is not really the world to look at, it is ourselves, because that is where the key is.

We cannot impose peace on anyone who is not willing to embrace it, but we can generate it and be its ambassadors. The seed of peace is within us, within our hearts. It is up to each one to pay attention, take care of it, nurture it and make it grow so that it extends, first to our closest environment, and then to the rest of the world.

As Gandhi said:

«Become the change you want to see in the world».

Become a peaceful being and peace will increase throughout the world. Doing that depends on you, doing that depends on me and also depends on each and every person who wants a peaceful world. We can continue to blame the world for being as it is or we can decide to change it, changing ourselves.

Do we want to be happy?

Philosophies such as the one proposed by A Course in Miracles already make us question whether we prefer to be happy or to be right, because wanting to be right offers us a reason to fight and therefore distances us from any peaceful state. On the other hand, if we choose to be happy, we have no need to impose our opinion or our truth on others.

Peace begins with each of us.

It begins within us every time we choose thoughts of love and not of fear and war. If we begin to relate to everyone else as if they were part of ourselves, as they really are on a spiritual level, peace would not only not be a utopia but would be a reality.

Over the years there have been different demonstrations for peace, but they don't seem to have given much result. To reach it is not enough to wear white and shout pacifist slogans in a demonstration, otherwise we would have achieved it long ago.

Can we really get peace? Are the demonstrations useful to achieve it? Find out in this video that I shared on my YouTube channel:

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