Quantum harmonization of the energy field.

  • 2017

We understand harmonization as an act of balancing, cleaning and ordering to the maximum extent that our imagination allows us to interpret. Getting where we focus our action, not only clean, but there is an increase in vibration and direct action, awareness. As when we meditate we wake up and activate lethargic abilities, by harmonizing we begin the same evolutionary process.

Vibration increase

We understand quantum as an action in all possibilities. Each one will have his own and will move in his field and with the margins that his knowledge allows.

The Field refers to a delimited space where we focus the action and finally talk about energy to define the type of field. This includes on the one hand the physical field ; that goes from a few micrometers above the epidermis to our center or essence. And on the other hand the etheric field, which has different layers that start from the end of the physical field to an oscillating distance of between one and a half meters to possibly three meters.

Etheric Field and Physical Field

Both fields are divided into circular layers that vary in shape, thickness and color according to our current state. This state depends on the sum of the factors of our reality as they can be; emotions, thoughts and interactions with both the exterior and the interior. The latter may be conditioned by our usual vital spaces as they are; the home, place of work, place of leisure, and also people with whom we interact consciously, unconsciously or causally. Food and awareness about this.

Once we have the concepts we can be systemic and enter this wonderful world of quantum harmonization of the energy field . If we are harmonized we can face what comes to us from our harmonized central axis. It is not the same to act from a moment of anger than from a moment of internal harmony. Things will affect us differently and the outcome will be very different since our starting point in this situation is different. If I get up restless, nervous, upset or even in a bad mood and when I stumble in a corner with a person who, like me, I have not seen, she does not even me, then the reaction may be challenging, intolerant or aggressive if I am in an unbalanced state, on the other hand, if I get up harmoniously and turn that corner and stumble upon the same person, it is most likely that a smile and a concern of my inner being will come out, I will interpret it as something anecdotal and surely funny. In some way and by reactions of cause and effect, I will infect the other being, whether my first reaction is hard or soft. I'm going to spread it for a reason, because I live in consciousness, and that infects many times more than the unconscious and programmed contagion we had.

In this way, with our whole being, and in our day to day, we are crossing situations and circumstances that depend on how we are internally, we will address them in one way or another. The harmonization exercises help us to integrate, to feel, to transmute in a practical way the harmonic state or as a habitual state from which our starting state becomes and based on this we can face the same situations with a good inner peace. They will always be very grateful for our being a few minutes daily to become aware of the present moment.

Live in conscience

Just as thermal equilibrium tells us that if two bodies of different temperatures come into contact, they tend to balance with an average temperature of each other, something similar happens vigorously ; We are constantly interacting with everyone and the end result is the addition and subtraction of all those interactions. Today there is more harmony and continues to grow.

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