Third Eye: The authentic awakening of the Senses

  • 2017
How to open the Third Eye

" Every man on the face of the earth,

he has a treasure that is waiting for him ”

- The Alchemist-

We have all read about this mystical and enigmatic, invisible and almighty organ, the essence of our participation in divinity, the source of arcane wisdom that comes from the nebulous stage before birth. The Third Eye has the ability to open our mind and lead it to the same gates of Paradise .

But does it really exist or is it just the fruit of exalted imaginations?

We will try to approach the answer throughout this short article.

FROM PHILOSOPHY TO MYTHOLOGY. The Third Eye has always been present.

In ancient times it was thought that the eyes were direct channels leading to the soul. This was believed by Leonardo Da Vinci, affirming so poetically that " The eyes are the mirror of the soul "

For his part, Democritus declared in his " Doctrine of Images " that visual perceptions were caused by external objects that threw images or molds of themselves . These images, after entering through the eyes, caused the soul to shake, and consequently the man experienced all kinds of sensations.

That is, in past times it was believed that emotions emerged through the eyes. Also these would allow the exit of forces and strange inner powers.

Such belief seemed plausible to the ancients, because the eyes in their expressions can reveal very deep human emotions, even if the facial features or the rest of the body remain absolutely still.

In fact, the famous ' M al de O jo ' has its origin in the conviction that feelings are intense as hate, are transmitted through the eyes creating an invisible and ethereal substance that continues to exist independently, even after the death of the transmitter.

On the contrary, " The Eye that sees everything " of Horus personified for the Egyptians the consciousness that penetrates everything, the Divine Vision of God, out of which nothing exists and from which nothing is hidden. This is one of the most used symbols of man, with a meaning that has been perpetuated over the centuries.

On the other hand, the Greek legends of the three Cyclops are famous: Bronte, Steropes and Arges . It was said that they had a large, flashing eye between their nose and eyebrows. The first artistic representations of the Cyclops show them with a ray of light emanating from this unique eye, revealing that the fabulous organ could not only see, but also radiate some kind of power.

Thus, the stories about the Third Eye have very old roots.

WHAT IS THE THIRD EYE EXACTLY? Reference to the Pineal Gland

In short, the Third Eye is a door that opens to the space of consciousness and inner worlds, allowing man to perceive the existence of things not visible to the other two eyes.

It is located exactly over the bridge of the nose, and is the main organ to govern and awaken the body of higher energy .

In practice it acts as a radio transmitter which, when activated, tunes higher frequencies of energy and, consequently, can lead to higher states of consciousness. .

Traditionally, it has been linked to the Pineal Gland and the Sixth Ajna Chakra, which symbolizes the connection of the soul with the body .

In our world there are many important factors to lead a good physical and spiritual life.

Nature has not deprived us of means to use these factors. Among them, the endocrine glands and the psychic centers stand out .

One of the fundamental glands is the Pineal Gland which Descartes called: Great Soul Seat .

It is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres; stuck in a groove where the two tymos meet, in the region called Epithelamus .

Science considers it another endocrine gland, which simply affects the modulation of sleep patterns, denying it any kind of metaphysical quality . However, all spiritual philosophical disciplines attribute an essential role to reach elevated states of consciousness, just as they study the mystical meaning of dreams and other phenomena that Science is not able to explain.

We can learn to expand the Pineal Gland through Meditation exercises, and by expanding it we get physical sensations, such as a pulsation, a small beat or a sensation of heat. These sensations are usually transferred to the front of the head, more or less between the eyes.

Hence his identification with the Third Eye .

His work is as vital as it is to serve as a bridge through which Divine Wisdom passes into the mortal mind of man, being translated into understandable notions and concepts.

That is, the Third Eye transmits to us the understanding of the wonderful realms far from the physical, and helps us to absorb its Wisdom in terms that the human brain can assimilate.

HOW DO WE OPEN THE THIRD EYE? : Spiritual Exercises

Exercises to open the Third Eye

Some people seem to have a natural talent for it, or they are even said to be born with extraordinary intuition, esoteric sensibility, psychic powers etc., because they were born with their Third Eye open .

On the other hand, it takes a lot more effort to reach such a degree of consciousness.

The most important thing before taking the first step is to be completely sure of it.

Bear in mind that the opening of the Third Eye means being aware of the reality that surrounds us in a way that in no way resembles what we already know.

Ultimately, fear can play tricks on us that would seriously harm our physical and mental health, so we must know very well what we are doing before even thinking about trying.

But if you are determined, go ahead!

First of all, we must remember how the world is divided into seven interpenetrating planes or strata : solid, liquid, gas and four kinds of ether.

The physical eye can only perceive the vibrations of the first three planes. The Third Eye records the vibrations of the other four.

Physical creatures have their final outer expression in solid form .

But many other beings, such as angels or elemental creatures, have their final outer expression in the form of ether or " etheric matter ."

When the Third Eye opens, the individual begins to see all these creatures around him, and his activities in the ether, approaching reality in a way that would be disturbing to the poorly prepared student.

However, for those who have strict control over themselves and hold their fears with a firm hand, the Third Eye is an extraordinary tool, since the mind has power over everything it can visualize.

For example, you can better understand your thoughts and see what happens to them using them for better and greater purposes, and understand the life of the ethers, by being aware of the activities that are done there.

At a more advanced level you will access the knowledge of the Fourth Dimension , study the records of earthly history existing in the ether in a photographic form. and will even get to get the power to consciously penetrate in all directions in unison and in advances and setbacks over time (remember that according to the Laws of Physics, Time and Space are attributes that human beings only perceive in a limited way and distorted ).

The seeker of Truth who has awakened his Third Eye and wants to reach such high levels, must learn to discriminate all this complex of sensations and master such interpenetration, movement or change activities . The task is extraordinarily difficult and unimaginable for an ordinary man and instruction and help from expert hands is required.

But it is also possible to wake up the Third Eye simply to increase our perception and become better people.

Pursuing higher goals is in the hands of each reader since no one can put limits on our dreams, except ourselves.

Very good. What can we do to wake up our Third Eye ? Let's see some basic exercises.

-Choose a quiet room where no one bothers you at least in an hour. This includes pets, children, neighbors, music, street noises or phone calls.

- Sit in a Meditation position (it is necessary to first master the technique of meditation even if it is in a basic way) or lie on the floor; how one you prefer. Close your eyes .

Remain for several minutes focusing only on breathing . Relax, get rid of the tensions and problems of the external world; Let thoughts flow freely. Right now it is not about visualizing or concentrating on anything, but about flowing with energy in a natural way.

- Little by little, without forcing the mind, to divert attention to the area between the eyebrows . Continue with eyes closed .

Very slowly, become more aware of the area that interests us. Let the breath happen naturally and remain calm. Focusing on the area of ​​the eyebrow does not mean moving the eyeballs upward if one tries to observe it, but simply being aware of that area. If there is excessive tension in the eyeballs, the flow of energy will be blocked.

- Slowly place the palm of the hand in front of the eyebrow area, without the hand touching the skin, at a distance of about three to five centimeters . For a few minutes, stay in this posture without your fingers touching your forehead.

- Wait for the appearance of a vibration in the eyebrows; It can come in the form of itching, pressure or feeling of weight . Do not force it. Stay still and allow it to arrive. Continue with eyes closed .

- When the slightest physical sensation in the eyebrows is perceived, bring the index and middle fingers to the forehead; gently touch between the eyebrows and make light pressure as if we wanted to open an opening .

- To brir the eyes and blink sometimes. Now close your eyes again and visualize an opening where your fingers are touching.

- Open your eyes and start blinking again, but this time displaying the Third Eye that also flashes. Close the eyes.

-Repeat until you really feel the opening of the Third Eye at the end of the fingers.

-Now remove your fingers, visualizing the Third Open Eye .

-Stay at least ten minutes with your eyes closed, aware only of the opening of the Third Eye .

You have to be absolutely still, feeling the energy around yourself. The more still you are, the more intense the tuning will be.

- Open your eyes and observe. Maybe your head hurts a little at first, but it's perfectly normal. Slowly your vision will sharpen and you can distinguish lights or colors ; perhaps you will see luminous silhouettes that surround the contour of things and that constitute its ethereal body . Over time, you will get to see the auras and the etheric creatures we talked about before.

As you practice, not many steps will be necessary to open the Third Eye . It is enough to desire it and visualize it directly.

If the experience is too intense for you at any time during the process, simply open your eyes and think of something else to return to the normal state of consciousness . Do not be afraid. Fear is the most powerful enemy of the Truth seeker .

Always remember that the ability to understand is the greatest attribute that the human mind can cultivate.

MORE INFORMATION in the Manuals: " The Third Eye " by Rampa Lobsang, " In Search of the Third Eye " by Vera Stanley, " How to wake up the Third Eye " by Samuel Sagan and " The Super-View or the Third Eye " by Ralph Lewis .

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