What is crystal therapy and what crystals are used

  • 2018

Today there are many treatments that employ a large number of natural elements to perform therapies for relaxation, healing, or regulation. Crystal therapy is one of these treatments, where natural crystals and stones are used as a basic process for healing. We know her.

What you should know about crystal therapy

This type of therapy performed with stones and crystals focuses on balancing the aura of people, in order to achieve a harmony between our mind and our body.

For the practice of crystal therapy, various types of stones are used. Then we will talk about the most used and what are its main properties.


Agate is a stone used in crystal therapy ideal to fight insomnia and heal discomforts at the throat level. Additionally, it has properties to achieve mental peace and psychic balance.


It is used to create harmony in emotions and improve communications and relationships . In addition, at the level of health, it is an excellent cleanser of the kidneys, thyroid and liver.


In amethyst therapy, the stone is placed in the forehead region to purify the entire organism and repel all negativity .


In the therapy that concerns us today, amber is an ideal stone to renew vitality on a physical level, and increase people's optimism . Additionally, it is also used to reach the balance of some areas, such as the lumbar, stomach and heart.

Transparent quartz

This stone is used to improve the focus of people towards their goals, in addition, it is an excellent enhancer of both physical, mental and emotional energy. In the therapeutic process it is placed in the body region that needs energy balance.

Rose quartz

It is applied to people who need peace and spiritual well-being . This stone causes the wonderful feeling of peace, which is why it is ideal for people suffering from insomnia.


The diamond is an energy activator par excellence, and is effective to let out all the characteristics of a person. It is also a great energy purifier.


The emerald encourages creativity and allows the balance of feelings, to break down barriers that prevent love from entering. It is also characterized by having an effect that conveys tranquility.


Jade stone provides people with a sense of tranquility, as well as allowing anxieties and balance and harmony in sensitive people.

Lapis lazuli

This stone is used to renew the vital forces of the organism . In crystal therapy, it is placed at the level of the third eye.

Tiger's Eye

It is known for its properties for relaxation . It is an excellent sedative, and allows balancing the solar plexus in the abdomen area.


This stone is used to renew all the energies of the body, and is known as a life stone.


The ruby ​​at the therapeutic level is used to enhance the vitality, safety and self-confidence of people . On a physical level it also improves circulation problems and hypertensive conditions.


In this type of therapy the topaz is used to purify the organism, specifically when it comes to the nervous system, the gallbladder or the liver.


The effects of turquoise make it possible to decongest the respiratory system and strengthen the natural defenses of the human body.


Finally, add that sapphire allows to control people's anxiety thanks to its properties that provide the feeling of tranquility. On a physical level it is ideal to combat problems in the kidneys and in the heart.

Seen in Alternative Therapy, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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