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I come on the wings of love! As their world continues to change in all areas of human existence, many people find it difficult to sustain themselves, to feel a base around and below them, so to speak. Everything is changing, everything is changing and while that happens, human consciousness also fluctuates and changes. This change that humanity is experiencing is difficult for most of humanity to understand and consciously experience. For those who have been doing the work, following their inner guidance, their spiritual guidance in their spiritual path, it is a time of acclimatization to the higher frequencies that are coming now.

It is a time to expand beyond the above limitations,

to understand and understand that they now have the great opportunity to experience life on Earth on a much larger scale than they ever dreamed possible. This is something that most of you still find difficult to understand and understand, that you are now the demonstrators! YOU can create a wonderful new reality for yourself, for your loved ones and, in doing so, for the world in general. You are the creators of patterns; You are the ones who are creating the new reality by being willing to expand beyond the previous limitations, to expand into new horizons following the internal impulses of your heart, doing what is coming towards you, being willing to follow and complete the projects.

Hilarion, ascended master bearer of the green ray.

We, from the spiritual realms of existence, can now communicate more easily with many, many of you, and those of you who are not accustomed to hearing and receiving our thoughts and communications, are finding that this is an amazing phenomenon. It's time! Veils have thinned. Now we can communicate in every moment. We can answer your questions as they arise in you. All they have to do is intend to do so and we are there to answer everything they want to know.

The ancient knowledge of previous civilizations poignantly hopes to be harnessed and returned to humanity in these present times. There is much that can come that will be of immense benefit to all who are lucky enough to seek this knowledge. When they see that this knowledge is available, they will immediately ensure that they benefit from it. Many of you are still standing between two worlds, with one foot in each, but this is becoming harder to sustain. As they get closer to the higher dimensions, they will naturally let go of everything that held them before.

You are moving forward, you are moving up, but in doing this you are discovering that you really do not have to go anywhere, do or be anything, that the answers come to you from within your own being. Each of you is your own guru, you are the ones who have all the answers within you; It's time to let those answers come up. You can do it by sitting in stillness and tranquility, without discomfort, by opening a clean page in a new notebook or newspaper and allowing words to flow through you. You can then leave this information aside for a later time, making sure to write down the date and you will see as time progresses that what you have been receiving is highly relevant, not only for you, but for humanity in general.

Then we ask you to consider sharing this information in the form of physical or electronic books, blog posts or whatever. Share what comes to you . You do not need to deliver everything that comes to you for free, because those who are obliged to make the effort of a small payment for the information that comes through you, invariably and inevitably value and appreciate more than those who are He has given freely. There are many people looking for information to find answers to their questions about why things in the world are happening as they are happening and this is where those of you who have prepared and shared are in a position to be of help to them.

This does not have to be a one-on-one personal help, because many of you, as is the case with our scribe, have become of service at higher levels and greater numbers of people, rather than working one-on-one with people and this is perfectly acceptable and perfectly good. It is about giving with joy, receiving with joy, sharing with joy, everything that comes through and through you. Each of you comes with a special gift to give to others, to share with others and it is up to each one to begin to appreciate those who also provide important information, knowledge and wisdom for these present times.

Each of these offerings is intertwined in the cosmic field of consciousness in golden threads, helping each person to collect from them the golden threads of truth for their own journey. Always look for the way in; This is where everything you have wanted and need to know lies: within your own being. You have all the answers within you, within your highest mind and Divine consciousness. They have the wealth of information to which all aspects of their Souls have contributed throughout the ages.

You, like the ancients, have experienced this world many, many times, in many different roles from the highest to the lowest. They chose the path of personal experience to be the masters of the challenges and obstacles that arise in the world of duality and have done so! Most of you have moved beyond that phase, now you are in the phase of the challenge of accepting yourself as masters of this world and of this reality, while They move towards the creation of the new world. All of you are doing this so well! They are letting go of the must a and I have to do so and just continue with joy what they are doing. If you feel joy and feel good continue, Dear ones!

If you are doing something that brings you back to the cycles that have worked before and that caused fear, doubt or low self-esteem, then quickly stop doing what you started doing. Redo anything you try with joy in your hearts. When they feel joy, all energies flow together and everything comes together with grace and ease. This is another barometer to measure how they are. Continue on this! Yes, your world is changing, your outside world. Your inner world is based on a solid foundation of the Spirit, of the Divine and this is what will always lead you to the new millennium.

We are always with you, it is easier for us now to come to you when you are invoked - and why is that? Because you are like great pillars of Light on your planet, that's why!

Until next month, be blessed!


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"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" Confucius

"Everything is fine and in perfect Divine order."

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