Interview with Adelina del Álamo, from Saludade

  • 2017

Today we are going to talk with Adelina del Álamo, a woman we could consider as a Renaissance, since she has touched on various areas. Lawyer, has been an interior designer, her career has led her to holistic therapies .

Interview with Adelina del Álamo

Adeline, speaking of vocation, tell us briefly about yourself?

My journey is very varied, I have been able to explore my curiosities by listening to my intuition and my being has been evolving and growing in this life that I am experiencing getting to understand that the spiritual being is the eternal connoisseur, and that this experience here allows us to reconnect with our true being It is a thrilling experience and now I am at the moment of sharing the most mystical facet, and working on the energy field that mobilizes human beings to develop with a technique, I could say instantaneously, through energy empowerment.

What brings you to the field of alternative therapies?

Spirituality has always interested me, and the tests of life have prompted me to seek the meaning of things that happen to us . At a very young age my father died in a plane crash and this, of course, marked my life. I asked myself very deep questions very soon that they do not find an answer in the framework of everyday life, and I was lucky to find teachers in my family, and then outside it, teachers of yoga, shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine, Vaishnava philosophy of India, healing arts such as harmonic singing, devotional singing, and energy empowerment.

How do you end up in the world of holistic therapy and what does this vocation of yours really consist of?

At the time I started practicing yoga in 2003, my sister invited me to a shiatsu. I felt so wonderful the feelings of well-being and peace that I experienced, that I decided to learn this massage, I had to wait a year to start the training because the group was complete, but it marked me so much the experience that I waited patiently. It was there that I met my first teacher in energy techniques, Javier Santiuste, in Madrid. I spent six years with him as a student and attending his acupuncture consultation.

The wonderful thing about the MTC approach and the healing of the Niejing and Javier's schools is the humanistic part, which together with the technique of the energy channels and treatments of the MTC create a communication between patient and therapist in which a series takes place of exchanges that make changes in the person who leads them to find themselves better with healing results. I cannot consider it a vocation, but a path that I have to share with people who feel called to come to try this way to improve their health and emotional and spiritual well-being .

You have also trained in energy empowerment with Carlos de Diego. Tell us a little how was this experience.

This meeting took place in a special way and moment. There were certain situations that were preventing things from going as planned, which increasingly became absurd. Again my sister recommended that I try the Energy Empowerment, this technique that could unlock what was preventing things from happening as I wanted . I received a session and immediately began to change everything flowing. I wanted to understand what this method of energetic work consisted of, more subtle and related to quantum physics, which comes from the knowledge of Zen masters and the development of an intuitive language, leaving the mind, to reach the original cause of the problems or diseases, and getting to this unlock it freeing it from the part of guilt and suffering leaving it as knowledge and light to guide us and not block us anymore . It is an exciting technique and the results more!

In addition, you know the fields of acupuncture and moxibustion, which you studied at the Neijing Tian School. Could you tell our readers what these therapies consist of and what benefits they bring?

Yes, of course. In the Neijng school you learn the energy system of the body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and its functioning mechanisms to achieve an optimal state of health, both physical, emotional and spiritual. They emphasize the humanist side with the patient, as I mentioned before. It can be applied with several systems such as massage, acupuncture, and moxa, which is the application of heat on the acupuncture points of each particular treatment for the patient, being normal to make a combination of acupuncture and end with moxibustion to provide energy to the meridians, with heat being the means to achieve it.

In addition, you learned Shiatsu in Ling Tai with Javier Santiuste. Tell us, please, also from this experience.

Javier has been my great teacher, I have spent many hours of class, practice, retreats, we are friends and it is one of the greatest influences in my career in holistic therapies. Its neutral look gives you the freedom to listen to your intuition while you feel that you are accompanied with love . I am very grateful to Javier for his presence, his willingness to share, and accompany the processes. That has been the best lesson and example I have been able to receive from him.

Of course, in the field of acupuncture, he is an exceptional professional, and I have learned by his side to apply energy regulation treatments, and to deal with the many patients who during the years I have been with him has gone through his consultation.

And, in case anyone doubted your ability to adapt to all kinds of experiences, you are also specialized in vegan, alkaline, vegetarian and fasting detox nutrition, topics you met at CENAC. What can you contribute to our readers in this regard?

Diet is another tool to achieve our well-being, you are what you eat . I have been a vegetarian for more than 13 years, studying and experiencing the advantages and better habits related to food to obtain its best benefits. A vegetable-based diet is the best option for me to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a high energy level. Always following the advice of an expert, especially if you are beginning to make changes in habits, to establish and do well.

Undoubtedly, Adelina del Álamo is a restless woman in constant search of evolution and happiness. Where do you develop your work now and how can our readers locate you?

Now I live in Palma de Mallorca, where I have my consultation and I also travel frequently to Madrid, where I can make an appointment. By phone I also attend people who need energy empowerment in the event of a blockage and / or advice on different aspects of health such as Coach.

Thank you very much, Adelina, for your collaboration, and for sharing a little of your knowledge, wisdom and concerns with us. It has been a pleasure. Thank you very much and good luck.

Now, you know, if you need help from Adelina del Álamo, do not hesitate to contact her through her website,

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