Archangel Gabriel: Life is full of fears and fears. Accept them!

  • 2019

What do you know about your fears and your fears ? I invite you to listen to the Dear Arc Gabriel Angel in the message that we have replicated for you today. You are welcome!

Life is full of fears and fears. Put them on!

It takes courage to enter the highest expression of your life. Are you afraid of being judged if you advance in your truth? Are you afraid of taking power or having responsibilities ? Are you afraid of success and / or failure?

These are the most common fears that people experience when they consider accepting their authentic power and creating the life they really want.

We would like to address each of these fears individually.

Archangel Gabriel: These are the different fears that may appear

What do you know about your fears and your fears?

Fear of being judged:

Judgment or persecution for your truth has been used to keep people away from your true power for centuries.

This resulted in a very deep fear, we are here to tell you that you are in different times.

In fact, trying to be something you are not is much more likely to lead to bad judgment than to embrace your truth.

When you finally allow yourself to shine in your authenticity, you allow others to truly see you as you are and you will attract those who can appreciate you for what you really do. You will find others that match your vibration and will celebrate with you.

It is time to accept that times have changed and that it is not only safe, but also a priority of the soul to take a step forward as the divine countenance of the Source that it really is.

Fear of power :

If you are on your journey of enlightenment, you are an old soul. It means that you have had many, many experiences with power.

Your power has been used against you, you had power and you misused it because you didn't know how to use it.

Please listen to us when we say that you have explored this question for centuries, in preparation for the moment you are now.

If you are afraid of power, you have earned a healthy respect for it and are ready to move on and use it properly with your wisdom and awareness.

In fact, the opportunity to do so is what your soul desires, because finding your way and embracing true power is one of the main themes you are experiencing on the planet.

Fear of responsibility:

Many of you fear that if you change, you will have more responsibilities than you can assume. Some of you are already exhausted from having no space in love and service.

Let us tell you that your success does not need to increase the burden you carry . The fear of greater responsibility often comes from the martyred service paradigm.

We move to new life models that support a happy service. And what would happen if the highest expression of your life helped you help others and allowed you to honor yourself in a new and better way? What if it is not about carrying the burden for yourself and others, but to use the many supports that exist for you and others in the universe?

And yes, by accepting your true authentic power, do you encourage others to do the same so that they can take responsibility for themselves in any way, honor them and learn to shine and flourish?

Fear of success or failure:

Many of you, because you are aware and do not want to make mistakes, are reluctant to commit completely.

You have focused on good and bad ideas, success or failure, true or false, all of which comes from dualistic times. The energies you are developing now to simply see the value of the experience.

You will begin to see that each option has value and allows you to define yourself better and flourish continuously in the experiences that suit you and in the way you want to express yourself.

This new way of seeing things will free you to try many more things, be kind to yourself and understand that you can only make one conscious decision at a time, this will honor the continuous expansion that your soul seeks.

Author : Lurdes Sarmiento, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

Source : Channeled by Shelley Young

Original URL : Archange Gabriel Message Du 25 Ao t 2018

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