Lord Maitreya Healing Program, by Qala Serenia Phoenix

Each of you is receiving healing at all levels of your being. Between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., 17 beings of Light, most archangels of the Pleiades, Sirius, and Andromeda, are currently healing any cracks in their body of light, which they can heal under the Law of Karma.

Know that it is your responsibility as a divine being, to recognize when your energies are out of balance and also to recognize those old energies retained within you, which are creating imbalance.

Know that unless you choose to be aware of this fact, you will be judging others or blaming them for it and then you will not be able to claim any of the old energy to be renewed through the power of love.

It is important that no matter what is happening in your life: Recognize that you on some level ... and it may be the level of unconsciousness ... created this in your life to learn from it.

Understand that the power to heal is within you, and can be found within you and in the choices you make in life, not in any other power, including that of Ascended Masters.

Know that thousands of Angels and Emissaries of Love are like your loving assistants throughout your day. These beings will guide you and heal any of your energy bodies, as you open to the being of love that you are on a very deep level, and will assist you in whatever way you can, in accordance with the universal Law.

Remember that only the great love you hold within is truly your own healer and teacher and that this love as you remember it will truly elevate you over the darkest times in your life. Only through this love, can you truly forgive everything that has happened in other times, that which karmically creates difficulties in your current life.

Those four keys, are the keys I give you to work with them every day while I come to you and ask you to take full responsibility for your life and through this choice you make, you will create yourself to claim your personal power from each situation on Earth that is holding your energy disconnected from your love and your heart.

Lord Maitreya


He asks them to practice them whenever they can.

Is forgiveness the love and acceptance of what it is, without judging it?

It is the paradox of knowledge that what has happened was not the true intention of being, but the knowledge that from a past or present action, one is partially responsible for this occurrence.

That this is done and can now be cured without putting guilt or judgment on oneself or others. With forgiveness comes the compassion that ultimately all men, women, children and beings, in their hearts truly desire only the best for all, and the knowledge that through the trauma of life, not everyone is connected to their own heart and love and therefore bad judgments manifest. To forgive is to love everything and not to put judgments or blame on anyone or themselves. This is what I ask you ...

Lord Maitreya

EASY PRACTICE DAILY 10 to 15 minutes each day of Forgiveness and Receptivity.

1.- Sit in the place of quieterness in your home. You can light a candle if you wish.

2.- Call on the name of Lord Maitreya and know that in doing so he will be with you and build a golden pillar of light around you.

3.- He will ask you to close your eyes and go inside to connect to the total part of yourself.

4.- He will ask you to go through the last 24 hours with your mind and forgive everything that has happened and that worries you. And that they offer any feeling or beliefs to Lord Maitreya, that which binds them and that they are not able to forgive from their heart. Then for a few minutes, stay as still as you can and focus on letting them go through your breath, while the violet and silver flames of divinity are lit through your body of energy.

5.- At this time you will be asked to give thanks for an aspect of your being and for the day. Somehow honor the day and themselves. This will allow more love to flow from your heart to you and your life. At this moment much Love and Light will begin to integrate through your body of energy

6.- The last step is to put your hands together forming a cup in front of you, to receive. At this time Lord Maitreya will give you back all the energy you transmuted and more from other times of healing life, in the form of a sacred gift. This gift is from the Shamballa Masters and is especially made for each of you.

It will come in 4 forms: They will be the following gifts: A ball of Love and Light A Scepter of Love and Light A Sword of Love and Light A Chalice of Love and Light. Whatever you receive, each gift will be encoded with specific energies perfect for you and your own growth and healing. DO NOT give this gift to anyone. Put it in your own heart because it has been specially designed just for you and will hold many keys to your openness towards the love you are, and it will not help any other.

Everyone will have their own gift. Inside it, there will be the DNA codes that each one needs for all the healing, transformation and karmic release of the next 24 to 72 hours. Know, that if it is in the form of a Chalice, it is a specific elixir to help them in their emotional growth.
If it is a Sword ... to help in your mental growth
If it is a scepter ... it is to help them in their spiritual growth.
If it is a Ball ... it is for its physical transformation, regeneration and healing.

Trust yourself, everyone will feel that the gift touched him.

They will receive a gift every day when doing their daily practice.

Many Blessings !!!

Qala Serenia Phoenix - Ascension Support Council for Education, Networking and Development: http://www.light-elixirs.com/

Translation: Odilia Rivera.

Understand that the power to heal is within you, and can be found within you and in the choices you make in life, not in any other power, including that of Ascended Masters.


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