Adama's Message: Gratitude is not about an emotion, but about a state of Consciousness

  • 2017

Greetings dear brothers,

We wish each of you the best during this period of gratitude and gratitude . Normally, most of you consider Thanksgiving to be a seasonal holiday; However, as with every existing thing, this day implies a much deeper spiritual reality, a reality of Love and Abundance. Being full of gratitude, either consciously or unconsciously, they have the opportunity to be fully aware; to have and understand the Truth that only manifests itself from abundance.

A large number of individuals around the world are currently experiencing different levels of lack. On several occasions we have mentioned that because of the true nature of human beings, you are all creators, although only a few have managed to realize it, by accepting and even believing it in a conscious way. At the moment when they declare themselves and those around them, their spirit, which is a translator of the conscience and the essence of everything, proceeds affectionately in order to provide them with those they need.

This state of consciousness consists in the essence through which peace is created, the authentic peace that takes place within the entire Universe

When most human beings achieve self-reliance within a unit, there will finally be a sense of fellowship between you, in addition to the lasting peace within that unit. Having reached this level of consciousness, you will have the ability to begin to really live, by perceiving that each one of the human beings has everything they need inside to help each other in order to know their authentic identity as self-sufficient individuals

At this point the temptation or need to see and / or forcibly possess another individual, somewhere and even the planet, is left aside, since they understand that everything they may need during their incarnation within this world, is already inside .

This truth is usually a bit more complicated or almost impossible to understand for those beings that exist fully within a three-dimensional belief system; however, assistance is fully available in each of the existing degrees of consciousness . However, three-dimensional solutions usually derive directly from the energy that emanates from separation and duality and, consequently, in certain cases these solutions may or may not work. Each of you, as awake beings who know the Truth, has the obligation to begin or at least strive, to incorporate into your daily lives all the principles of the Truth while your earthly brothers accept and understand it, with the so that they leave aside the easy and superficial things of this world, such as money and relationships.

Those spiritual truths that are behind money and relationships remain hidden behind great fear and inadequate programming.

Similarly, those beliefs that are deeply rooted in many of you remain alive and persist within your world causing the truth about money and relationships to not be easy to see, accept, understand and overcome .

However, by reaching this level of consciousness and knowing the Truth, you will have a great awareness about your I am, which will manifest both inside and outside, regardless of how obvious the need may be. True realization and not only intellectual knowledge about the I am, from the point of view of self-sufficiency, will provide them with the appropriate experiences or aspects whenever necessary, since their energy will be aligned with a fairly similar energy, which will allow even everyday, supposedly ordinary, human tasks to be carried out and have a totally harmonic energy and He will put aside the effort without meaning and frustrate him.

Gratitude is not about an emotion, but rather a state of Consciousness ; It consists of an aspect of Love that expresses itself naturally through the personal fulfillment of the I embody each of the Divine qualities that I want and need in my life: harmony, joy a, love, peace and fulfillment. In the moment in which the full realization of the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Consciousness is really achieved, as if each one of you were part of everything that exists, you will have a completely calm, soft awareness of gratitude. and above all, unbreakable.

In various parts of the world, Thanksgiving is usually especially festive; However, each individual who lives within this world, whether in this or another life, has the obligation to learn to live and experience their own Thanksgiving throughout the day, since that gratitude consists of a spiritual reality that is not possible to limit only to a specific date or season. A large part of you believe that Thanksgiving is a commercial and festive date, which is a platform used to sell and buy; However, they must understand that this is not the case, this date is a time to thank.

Stay strong and consciously trust your heart

That is why we invite you to put aside all the excitement and noise of the celebration, and open your conscience to finally have the realization of gratitude and understand that Thanksgiving is a date to recognize the source of infinite abundance that is find it available for each of you to understand and accept the "I am . "

We wish, dear brothers, to address the events that are taking place at this time, since daily it seems that the dawn brings with it a new aspect of a chaos that produces suffering and pain in human beings. It is also necessary to mention that there is a group of unenlightened individuals who manage to thrive in chaos, adding more pain whenever they have the opportunity through their actions and words.

Understand that you are traveling a long and extensive trip previously planned; since although several of you still think that the evolution of the world, which you call "change", is a future event, which will take place at the moment when the world is more stable and reaches a higher evolutionary level, but it's not like that; They are experiencing evolution and that change right now. The higher frequencies that come from the Light are currently manifesting and ending with those layers that make up the ancient beliefs of this world, and there are still many more things to come. Remember that Gaia is a living being, whose soul removes the remains of energy in order to prepare for his own ascension

Wake up, know and accept the Truth, but above all do not doubt what is granted and shown while you are on this trip.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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