White Brotherhood Message: The Heart of Light and Healing

  • 2018

Dear souls,

Know that each of you has great healing powers, because in you there is love, it is your essence.

In the course of his incarnations many breaks and injuries can occur, both at the level of the physical body and at the level of the emotional body, in his memories and also in his mind . This damage or integrity is a source of discomfort, pain, of greater or lesser intensity.

The effect on your internal arrangements can vary and can range from a simple irritation to a total discouragement that completely immobilizes you on your spiritual journey, or it can produce great anger, which puts you in an attitude of revolt.

This type of reaction takes you away at least for a while, from your soul path, away from the virtues of the heart, from the virtues of the soul. In these situations, it is natural that you seek healing . But usually there is a lesson for your soul to draw from this experience.

Real healing, whether it frees you from a break that causes discomfort or pain, is what reconnects you to your true center. Often, this reconnection naturally and even completely will cure the break in the source of your pain or discomfort . But the disappearance of a physical injury, for example, will not be a total cure if it does not refocus on gratitude, respect, gratitude, unconditional love.

Sometimes it is part of the life scenario to treat a particular health problem or a particular emotional or psychological challenge. The healing process can be very long, or even the work of a lifetime, because he chose it that way, even if he doesn't remember it at the moment.

Acceptance and manifestation of the virtues of the soul, despite the limitations experienced is often the desired lesson in this type of situation.

However, many ailments of the body and the mind can heal as long as you can channel the energy of your soul's life to you. Divine love in essence, heals . By reconnecting to the source of love in you, through consciousness, through sincere intention, through the part of you that is already in this consciousness and just waiting to be more important and incarnate more in You, you multiply Your healing and self healing skills.

To call this energy within you make space within yourself and release, release discouragement and anger and find a clear inner horizon. Thus creative solutions can arise by inspiration, spontaneous improvements can occur. You can also get in touch by synchronicity, with people really able to help you. Love calls love, and love is healing.

Remember that true healing is not necessarily the disappearance of painful symptoms, but the awareness of the causes that led to the painful manifestation and then the reception and integration of these aspects of the history of your soul.

Then they release you internally and you find joy and inner peace, whether you feel pain in your body or not.

Regardless of the seriousness of your test, keep in your heart clarity about your true identity and keep in mind that any difficulty is temporary and does not affect your eternal being, even if this problem persists until the end of your current incarnation.

And it is that the human mind does not always have the ability to capture the utility or the deeper meaning of a situation.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Wizlove

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/le-coeur-de-lumiere-et-la-guerison/

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