Message Archangel Anael: Did you have to live on the judgment of others like me?

  • 2019

For a long time I felt really uncomfortable and at the beginning I only knew two mechanisms for not having to live this: I tried to please people fulfilling their expectations, but it really could not work for more than one person, since everyone has a different opinion. Besides, it made me unhappy because it wasn't really me. I tried to ignore people and their judgment, but I still felt their judgment and felt very bad inside me. As none of these approaches really helped me, I started searching to understand how people didn't seem to be affected by the judgment of others. What I discovered and that allowed me to free myself from the judgment of others and that there are three things to do so as not to be affected by the judgment of others.

The three steps to get rid of the judgment of others

The first thing is that when you feel the judgment of others, you are often in duality with this situation. You don't accept the situation, the trial. As long as you are in duality with the situation, as long as you do not accept that this person has a judgment towards you, the situation cannot change. To stop being duality, we must begin simply by admitting that you are duality, that you have difficulty accepting that this person has this judgment towards you and then say the verbal transformation process ( using the Alchemy energy of the heart ) as follows:

“I call all parts of my being that are in duality with that. (where "that" refers to your sense of judgment within you). I thank you for being here and welcome you. After using this process and possibly sometimes, you should feel better already. Now you should accept that the situation is as it is. The second thing that comes into play often is that when the person judges you, it hurts within you and you love the person.

The second step and according to the archangel Anael is to forgive this person

Why forgiveness? Forgiveness is a tick higher than non-duality . Forgiving is an act of love, it is to be able to love the person even if she judges you, even if she is wrong. But even if she judges you, you should be able to forgive that person. To do this, observe the person (in real life or in your mind) and take the time to realize that you are an incarnate divine being, just as you are an incarnate divine being.

Then you must understand that sometimes you have acted against love, listen to your mind, to others and that sometimes you have also hurt people, just as this person is hurting you today. When you can see that this person is like you, but differently, forgive him more easily, forgive his actions because you have also done the same with others . When he gets there he releases a second layer and feels even more free from judgment and the situation.

The third stage is the most liberating, but sometimes the most difficult . The third step is to recognize that if someone judges you and bothers you, chances are that in you there are parts of you that are making the same trial, or a similar trial and it hurts someone else to say out loud that judgment that you have about yourself but that you don't admit or what you can't even realize. So, if someone calls you lazy and bothers you, there is probably at least a small part of you that thinks of the same person as you and it hurts a lot. Another puts his finger on you and you say so.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Daniel Desjardins

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