Message Master Sananda: Period of ascent of self realization

  • 2018
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As you create an intention to follow and develop your spiritual path of awakening and remembering your truth , you will move through the levels and layers of ascension training . Each period of your ascension path will focus on different parts of your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your spiritual being, until you have a deeper understanding and knowledge of yourself .

Your ascension journey and the levels or periods of growth and awakening that you are living are unique to you and personal to the desires of your soul. Humanity as a collective will move through the layers and periods of awakening and growth of ascension, which will also influence your ascension path and your experiences.

Confirmation is always given by the divine

It is very likely to move beyond the lessons that humanity as a collective is exploring and embodying. However, this will influence you by focusing again on old wounds and habits that have been resolved but may require attention at a deeper level or simply ask you to confirm that the energies are no longer present in your being. Confirmation plays an important role in the ascension process . We often guide energies that have been resolved, healed or transformed to confirm the growth and understanding that has been achieved. It is also a way to ensure that all energies related to growth or prior awakening are balanced.

Confirmation is always given by the divine, evidence is often desired by lightworkers and is still difficult to perform or discover. Confirmation and evidence are not the same. The Creator always offers you confirmation of your evolution and appropriate ideas or paths, these are given by synchronized symbols and signs, as well as by your intuition. The evidence, if given, would take away his power and free will.

The challenges ahead

The ascension period that many light workers are experiencing is currently known as a stage of self-realization . It is true that each step of his ascent focuses on the self and the realization of the Creator. However, the energy flowing in the lightworkers at this time guides a deep and intense self-observation. The energies that are anchored are activating the lightworkers so that their separation from oneself and the Creator can emerge to be observed, liberated and healed.

Any belief in the separation of oneself or the Creator can be manifested by experiences of lack, suffering, pain, chaos, lack of support, lack of love, insecurity, rejection, etc. It can also lead to emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty, worry, depression, loss of a loved one, as well as lack experiences. of trust and faith . In these experiences of separation from the Creator or the self, you are invited to discover their truth. Under the experience there is a powerful change of life and a self-affirming realization that is waiting to be recognized.

An embodiment that will move you quickly on your spiritual path, allowing you to connect to new dimensions and know your truth with greater confidence. Under the experience there is a powerful change of life and a self-affirming realization that is waiting to be recognized. The challenge of this stage of his ascent is not how he could think to support how your aspects of separation from the Creator manifest themselves in his reality. The challenge is to understand and stay focused on your self-realization, understanding that there is a gem of accomplishment that hopes to emerge in any experience that seems to separate from the Creator and his divine being.

The purpose of this stage of spiritual growth is to remain observant instead of immersing yourself in any form of separation that manifests itself in various ways. Note that a deeper knowledge or understanding of yourself is emerging, which will create greater realization experiences, while also meaning that you will no longer experience the energy. a of the separation of your current situation with the Creator.

You can ask yourself two questions, these questions can be used in any situation, experience, emotion or form:

  • What form of separation from the Creator or am I energizing and manifesting myself now?
  • How can I dissolve the separation and realize my eternal infinite unity with the Creator in this situation?

These two questions will help you observe and realize your inner self and the core of any situation, instead of getting involved in the drama that takes you deeper into the experience of separation. n .

The blessings of self realization

The ascending energies that are pouring into the lightworkers who are ready to realize and see themselves through the eyes of truth will sustain them, support them and carry them with ease and perfection . You are fully compatible and guided in the domain of this ascent stage. This does not mean that challenges will arise, it simply means that you will be asked to observe your reactions and the energies or thoughts you choose to create.

A blessing of self-realization is that you are a tool, a habit and a model that allows you to move through your spiritual growth and your earthly reality with ease, joy and fulfillment.

An additional blessing of self-realization is that you will discover and form your own unique way of connecting within your being, recognizing the difference between truth, illusion and drama and learn how to heal and positively change your reality, so you can experience the realization. All wisdom, knowledge and understanding are in you. To say that we don't know what to do, where to start or how to flourish is an illusion in itself.

You have everything you need in yourself, you just have to be willing to observe and accept, as well as learn to heal and positively change your reality so you can experience the realization. All wisdom, knowledge and understanding are in you. To say that we don't know what to do, where to start or how to flourish is an illusion in itself . Self-acceptance is one of the best healers and a sure way to reveal your truth.

The keys to self realization

Step back and observe your inner feelings and thoughts, as well as the external manifestation of your reality. Ask yourself the two questions that I, Master Sananda, have given you to determine the separation of the Creator that is strengthening in you.

Consider how the central separation energy you have discovered has influenced your current situation and if you have created similar patterns in other areas of your reality. Try to discover as much as possible if the separation of the Creator you are reinforcing causes other patterns, habits, situations or experiences in your life. Realize that by healing the energy you know, other areas of your connected life will heal .

Calling the Ascension energies of self-realization and I, Master Sananda, and to support downloading into your being, fills you with light, love and healing vibrations. Imagine the core of the separation energy with the Creator that you have discovered as a symbol, in a certain part of your body or your being.

With all my love, the love of Master Sananda.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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