Interview Antonio Fernández, Reiki teacher

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Who is Antonio, Reiki teacher? 2 How did you get started in Reiki? 3 What do you like most about this technique? 4 How would you define Reiki? 5 What functions does Reiki currently perform? 6 Do you consider it applicable to animals, plants and even objects? 7 How would you explain to our readers what are the benefits of Reiki? 8 Would you recommend Reiki for children? 9 Do you believe in distance Reiki? 10 Would you recommend someone to start in Reiki? 11 How do you think a person can know if they have healing hands? 12 What do you think the future of this planet will be and how could Reiki improve the lives of those here? 13 How would you combine Reiki for any type of therapy?

Today we have the honor of speaking with Antonio Fernández, Reiki teacher and specialist in this and other forms of healing. In this questionnaire you will discover a person with wide concerns and a way of seeing the quite unique life that few leaves indifferent. Be that as it may, listening to you is always a pleasure and it has been good to give us a few words.

Who is Antonio, Reiki teacher?

A normal person with some concern that at one point decided to try various alternatives to the officers, by all known, and that is what led me to be a Reiki teacher.

For the rest, the way in which each individual uses and understands Reiki is something unique and singular that depends fundamentally on their experience and perspective of the phenomenon, in the same way as any other professional in medicine, education etc ... not all doctors are equal although they have received the same training, not all teachers are equal despite the same common denominator.

How did you get started in Reiki?

In my case in particular the truth is that I had always asked myself from the earliest childhood about things like healers and healing, although without a doubt the decisive step was when being next to a sick person gave me an inexplicable desire to put the hands on, which made me investigate the subject and discover today called Reiki.

What do you like most about this technique?

Well, in the first place I would not define it as a technique, although in many places today it is taught in this way, more than anything because it is a poor and limited perspective to define something unlimited such as energy and its possible uses. However, and without a doubt the aspect that would stand out most about Reiki is that it is a form of energy healing that has always been there since the beginning of humanity as an aspect and part of human nature. Then it is a way of knowing ourselves and our true nature and I think that is always interesting to explore.

How would you define Reiki?

Well, calling it energy healing, Reiki or any other denomination only tells us about different aspects of the phenomenon. In fact, the name Reiki comes from Japan, where he is now considered the father of Reiki (who did not discover or invent anything new, just accessed information that had always been there and that had already been used by various cultures and civilizations that preceded us). He created this way of understanding energy healing both in that for the less advanced students he had he created a series of symbols to apply in healing, given that by themselves they were incapable or less effective than others when it came to healing.

Today there is symbol-dependence in Reiki because it is taught with symbols giving them a crucial role when in reality they are not so. They are only a tool that is available to the less qualified in a natural way so that they are more effective in their sessions.

Therefore my definition of Reiki (understanding the method of ancestral healing and not what has been bequeathed to us since Japan in recent history) is a capacity for interaction with energy that allows us to adjust imbalances and therefore be able to heal.

What functions does Reiki currently perform?

Well, today it fulfills a function as an alternative therapy and / or complementary to conventional medicine, and that is what any professional will tell you, since for legal reasons nothing else can be said. Although it is thought and known, I therefore invite the reader to draw their own conclusions.

Do you consider it applicable to animals, plants and even objects?

Of course, everything is energy being that in that everything comes what you have described and anything else that can occur to you, such as the invisible, the intangible, the seemingly imperceptible ... etc.

How would you explain to our readers what are the benefits of Reiki?

Well, the first benefit is undoubtedly of mental openness, considering that in this option it is discovered that the world is not only what we are told, and that there are many things outside of what we know as common. Only likely to be useful.

Secondly, it should be noted that it is a non-aggressive or intrusive tool contrary to other methodologies practiced in other areas of health.

And thirdly, of course you could specify that it is quite comfortable and useful for self-healing, saving having to go to others, so it saves time in many cases and gives us Some self-sovereignty over our own health, although all this must be complemented by our conduct towards ourselves that must be respectful and healthy.

Would you recommend Reiki for children?

I am not the one to recommend anything to anyone, everyone who acts in accordance with their conscience, that is the important thing. Otherwise it can be applied in children as in anything else.

Do you believe in distance Reiki?

Strongly NO. I don't believe, believing is doubting. I think it 's similar to the expression I think that

that denotes not knowing, that is, if you believe something you do not know, things are only known when you experience them, and based on my experience I can say that distance Reiki works, it is a verifiable and experiential fact so it does not leave place to beliefs. They can only believe in it or not believe those who have not experienced.

Would you recommend someone to start in Reiki?

Well, I would suggest to anyone who asks questions and is curious about this that the subject is well informed and that if he considers so, he will launch it once the whole thing has been studied. It is not something to be taken lightly, since there is a lot of distortion and fraud within this world. In fact, today the original teachings have been so misrepresented that literally according to which school or line the symbols are teaching you is not because they do not look alike, but are literally opposed.

There are those who are dedicated to healing and those who are dedicated to creating blockages in patients and draining their energy. It is convenient to inform yourself very well and try to access the place or teacher where the original teachings are taught as closely as possible. For this there is something called lineages within Reiki, which is like a family tree that starts from the teacher Mikao Usui and reaches the teacher who teaches us. There it is better that there be as few people as possible between Master Usui and you, thereby reducing the possibility of distortion. For example, in the lineage I am in the 13th place, however there are others who are in the 46th place or even more. It is a bit like the broken phone game, in which the one at the end does not reach the beginning or by chance. So I suggest a lot of caution and information before launching.

How do you think a person can know if they have healing hands?

We all have that, and we should all know it like so many other things. Now, who also has that facet more empowered than the rest will undoubtedly feel, intuit, think or imagine something about it, it is only a matter of paying attention to these things and exploring them.

What do you think will be the future of this planet and how could Reiki improve the lives of those who are here?

The future is not written, but it does not look very good and I do not know if there will be such a future at least for humans unless we really change and soon . Now, if that change occurs, then Reiki could undoubtedly constitute a revolution as far as healing is concerned along with all other alternatives. That is to say, a true healer is not a doctor, nor a naturopath, nor a reikist etc ... A real healer must know and use all the knowledge about available healing and not restrict himself to an area or school of thought or perspective on health. In medicine, perhaps less pharmacology and more alternative therapies should be taught, to the physical-chemical study of diseases (conventional medicine), to add the study from the energy point of view, from the point of view of healing plants, etc ... say, integrate everything. The rest is propaganda and there is no better formula than the rest, as long as things are not done with that common sense and not only in the area of ​​healing but in all, we have no solution.

With what would you combine Reiki for any type of therapy?

With all the therapies available and for having, which are still tools at our disposal and thus with all the tools, apply the most appropriate in each case according to the particularity of the patient in question . It would be like having the complete toolkit, for example conventional medicine could be a screwdriver that I can remove and put screws, but when I have to cut a wire maybe it would be better to use a plier or a shear and do it with a screwdriver would be highly inefficient

This is Antonio Fernández, Reiki teacher who has accompanied us for a little while to leave us a small piece of his philosophy and worldview.

By Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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