San Germain's heavenly message: The animal, plant and mineral kingdom will generate a great change in the human kingdom

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 The plan is that there is no plan 2 Why do we have to prove that all other kingdoms also help to express themselves, although in different ways, now and not before or after? 3 The greatest kingdom that exists in the world is the animal kingdom 4 Human beings are only generators of energy 5 The spiritual mission of each one in this world is to understand what you are

Hello dear brothers,

I speak to you, Saint Germain and I am here today to give you a quick message . I will speak of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom, of each of the kingdoms that are linked to the human kingdom with the purpose of generating a very significant change, which will give them the perfect opportunity for their development and evolution .

The plan is that there is no plan

The plan is that there is really no plan, since as you probably have felt and perceived around your entire planet, it seems that the rules are currently falling apart. Things that might seem quite logical before make no sense; what seemed to work perfectly in the past now doesn't work the same way.

And all this is because the rule is that there really are no rules, except for a single universal rule that is that it is possible to express yourself by revealing your true “I” through the experience of life . In this way they can call and attract their own essence to know what they are, since being in this world, their call can be based on two possibilities : 1 Do you want to be in my existential plane which was created by the “ source of everything ” And where can they own and control their conscience? Or do they want to get carried away by the mind of a creature because of the fear that infuses them with what they can find on the plane of existence ? At this point, the control of the call is of great importance, since the other kingdoms with which human beings are linked, understand what you say and want.

Today there are multiple kingdoms that decide how they will be after having contact with the earth, after going through this human experience that you are going through now and deciding how this set of experiences will continue to occur. At that point it is not about who will be safe and who will not, because it is something that several of you can imagine, however, the truth is that you are going through an era where each kingdom tries to prove to the human being that they are equal to he.

Why do we have to prove that all other kingdoms also help express themselves, albeit differently, now and not before or after?

The answer is simple and it is that since the human race began to sacrifice those kingdoms that are around them and use them for their own benefit without giving anything in return, they had the possibility of developing a deep awareness that gender It was believed that human beings were the Being the world's greatest, the Creator . They even began to think that his was the greatest and most powerful realm, however, it is not so.

The greatest kingdom that exists in the world is the animal kingdom

Actually, the greatest kingdom that exists in your world, turns out to be the animal kingdom, since it is this one who is in charge of directing your world, preserving its divine essence and expressing it together with its energy within the dimension in which it lives. And I do not speak only of a kingdom composed of about 7, 000 million, but of a much larger one, since there are hundreds of billions of insects, which, like people, have the capacity to generate a thought and consequently have an energy

This kingdom has been saved several times by races in quotes, they are not even aware or wonder about the life that exists on that plane of existence . Which means that many times, people forget their instincts and forget their DNA, they leave aside their essence when trying to mix, which causes them to forget that today the earth has begun to change .

That change that your world is presenting, is what generates that you, the human beings, no matter where they are on the planet, feel like a little child who is learning the most important thing in life, trying to understand who in reality They are. That is why each of the kingdoms is working to create a kind of base that serves the human race, to understand that each of them consists of generators of energy within the plane of existence in which they live together with others kingdoms

Human beings are only energy generators

Finally, I wish to invite each one of you, to whom this message arrives, to feel gratitude with each of the kingdoms with which you live within this world, I invite you to be in gratitude with each of the planes of existence that are part of those kingdoms. I say goodbye to all of you with love and leave you with Mary .

My beloved, Mary speaks to you, today I wish to speak to you about human relationships . Each person around you, with whom you share your life, is part of you and it is not possible to change to that other side of yourself, so that you can not change those around you . In this sense, I mean that you can't be what you want it to be, since you can only be what you really are.

That is why in wishing to generate a change in the people around them, many often say that the world would be much easier and happier, if each of those around them were like them; but wanting to want someone to " return" to the road, you are not having a proper attitude because there is no " right " way or a good way of doing things. All are travelers, who have not yet developed the bodily experience in this plane of existence to know what is the correct way to act of each person, they only know how you should act yourself, however and with the passage of time and when opening to change and to the truth, you can experience everything that the creator has planned for you.

And that is what the true meaning of all the spiritual teaching they receive throughout their life in this world is about understanding the other and not trying to change it, since each one advances towards the path that the Creator has established to a different rhythm

The spiritual mission of each one in this world is to understand what you are

Many people constantly ask themselves, who am I ? Where am I and where am I going? What is my purpose? Am I what I should be as a result of my spiritual teaching ? What am I doing? This is due to the energy flowing in you whose sole objective is to help you open yourself to the truth to know reality and finally know who you really are. So you can only change yourself, although this requires time, patience and above all a lot of work with yourself.

Saying goodbye to them, remember that the divine plan that governs the entire universe is perfect and will always reach where it should go.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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