Ask the Universe what you want

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Develop a relationship with the Universe 2 You must define your intention 3 Visualize what you want 4 Remember to thank and ask 5 Now let go and open 6 Trust in Divine time

This is a message from Tanaaz. The universe has very powerful laws and one of them is the law of attraction that is founded on the basis that those who are equal tend to be attracted in the sense that your daily experiences and everything that is aligned with Your vibrations will be attracted to you.

The people and the experiences that come to you and that you live do not do it at random, come to fulfill a mission with you, to be your teacher according to the moment that you are living in your conscience. By being aware of this, you can work on changing your energies in order to attract better experiences since this will be reflected in our environment.

Do not forget that we are the architects of our destiny and that allows us to create and manifest the events we want in our lives by making the requests we want to the universe. These tips that we give you below will help you create or manifest an event in your life, if you wish:

Develop a relationship with the Universe

To achieve a relationship with the universe, you must first believe in its power and in everything it is capable of achieving, sharpen your senses and ask for some signal. This is mainly done when we still do not know how the law of attraction of the universe works, with the first connections, however small they may be, you will understand.

You must define your intention

It is very important that before asking the universe, you previously define what your heart really wants and when you really know it, make your request ; otherwise it is very possible that you do not receive what you ask since the order may be surrounded by a lot of resistance or it is not quite honest.

Visualize what you want

You must visualize your request, as a wish already granted, concentrate with your eyes closed and look at yourself and enjoy yourself, allow yourself to feel, feel and fully enjoy what you had dreamed, express your satisfaction and gratitude to the universe for what has been granted. The stronger these feelings are, your request will be much stronger.

Remember to thank and ask

Just at that moment when you are experiencing as such if your desire has been fulfilled, it is when you must ask the universe what you want, but pay close attention to what I say: The first thing you are going to say to the universe is "thank you" as if Your wish has already been conceived. You should do it more or less like this: “I thank you Universe for ……”

Now let go and open

It is time to leave your desire in the hands of the universe, trust in its infinite power and way of doing things, you must not make any additional effort, nor enter into despair, on the contrary wait patiently and open your mind, sharpen your senses because the more you do it sooner and easier it will be for you to see how the universe works to give you what you want

Trust the Divine time

The fact that you have made a request to the universe does not mean that you will receive it when you want since another of the powerful laws of this one that is the “ Divine power ” comes into play; This means that whatever you have asked for or asked will be granted at the perfect time for it. In such a way that it is very important that you understand that after telling the Universe what you want, you must have the patience necessary to wait for the work as it always does to grant just at the moment you really need it.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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